Naturists Share their Best Newbie Tips

When we wrote a blog post about our first time naked in public a while ago, it occurred to us how long this has actually been. Meanwhile, there’s so much time and experience between those first scary steps into naturism and where we are today, that we wonder if we are actually still a reliable source of information for those who want to try naturism today or tomorrow.


For a long time, we have run an interview series on Naked Wanderings called The Naturist Talks. We interviewed naturists from around the world about their experiences, and one of the questions was if they had any tips for first-time naturists. We have re-read many of those interviews and made a compilation of the best tips from naturists around the world.

The Naturist Talks: Lofty from South Africa

Don’t overthink it

Many of these tips are easier to say than do, we are well aware of that. And especially this one. When you are about to experience something that far out of your comfort zone as going naked among others, how can you NOT think about it? The problem is, there is no way that you can imagine how it will be unless you’ve tried it, so there is basically no way to create a truthful image in your head about how it’s going to be.


As Raven phrased it: “I worked myself up so much over the years and it wasn’t until I just let go of all the worry that I took the plunge and it was one of the best things I did for myself”.


And Raven is definitely not the only one who thinks so:
Sam and Aleah: “It is literally ALL in your head. The anxiety you feel will literally melt away after you’ve been at a naturist resort or nude beach for just a short time.”.


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Nicole: “go into it with an open mind and do not put too much pressure on yourself and it will go well.”.


Chris and Rhonda: “Forget what you may have heard about it, and just try it!”.


If you really can’t stop thinking about it, maybe you want to follow Anna‘s advice and think “What’s the worst thing that can happen?”. Really, what is the worst thing? Knowing that you can turn around to leave at any point.

Naturist Talks: Scott and Julie from the USA

Don’t worry about your body

One of the biggest concerns that aspiring naturists have is that they worry about not having the perfect body. It takes a naturist to realize that there’s no such thing as a “perfect body”, or that actually everyone has a perfect body. Depending on how you look at it. As Chris and Guido said: “We are all the same: normal, skinny, fat, ugly, beautiful, you have to be happy with the body that is given to you!”.


We heard the same from Raven: “Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes and learning that and accepting yourself for who you are, is such an amazing thing!”


And also H and D stressed the importance of this tip: “It is your body, feel proud about it and true naturist people would never judge or stare at other naturists.”

The Naturist Talks: Angela and Carles from Spain

Do try this at home

It’s not a necessity to throw yourself into the deep cold water just like that. Feeling comfortable while being naked is an important part of naturism and this is actually something you can practice at home. As Ana said: “Spend time at home without clothes. Do your usual daily routine. You will notice that you don’t notice you’re naked.”


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Chris and Rhonda give this tip too: “Try it at home. Don’t dress immediately after a shower. Maybe strip down while cleaning the house.”.


And also Angela and Carles agree: “One way to start is to get naked at home, to be naked all day to see how you feel…It is important to accept your body, once you have, it will be easier for you. Be yourself and enjoy.”

Naturist Talks: Sam and Aleah from the USA - Our Natural Blog

Pick a good place

Your first naturist experience is very important because based on that you will decide whether naturism is something for you or not. Unfortunately, for the large majority of first-timers who had a negative first-time experience, it had nothing to do with themselves but everything with the location or with the other people. This is why we often advise people to have their first experience in a private resort rather than at a nude beach. There are plenty of magnificent nude beaches around the world, but some are not that good. And we definitely don’t want you to pick one of the latter.


As Peter and Kim said: “Pick a family-oriented venue and perhaps go during a quieter time if possible, such as during the week, as it will feel a lot less daunting.”.


Cho and Tee agree and give some additional helpful advice: “Our advice is to go to naturist resorts. Please check the reviews on TripAdvisor or Naked Wanderings website before you book your holiday.”.


And so does Georgina: “Attend an organized event by a recognized organization. Do your research.”.

The Naturist Talks: Nick from the UK


Take a friend

Every experience is better when shared, and naturism is definitely not an exception. Especially if you’re unsure, worried, or concerned about what will happen, it could be a good idea to bring a friend who can support you. It’s great to have a friend who has already tried naturism before, but that is not a necessity. Even if you have to support each other, it’s much better than going alone.


As Kim and Peter said, taking a friend also “makes it harder to back out”. Also Alberto agrees that “if you have a partner or friends to share the experience with… It’s the best!”.

The Naturist Talks: James from France

The others are nude too!

In our blog post about our first time naked in public, we talked about the “spotlight effect”. Shortly summarized, this is a term in psychology that explains that it is a human thing to believe that we are more noticed than we actually are. Do you recognize that feeling that all eyes are on you, but when you look around, no eyes really are? This typically happens when you feel vulnerable and your first time naked among others is quite a vulnerable state.


One thing to remember is that it’s not because it’s your first time, it’s everyone else’s first time too. On the contrary, most others will have seen many other naturists before and your nudity is very normal to them. Or as Leanne said: “Always remember, the others are nude too! It’s no big deal.”.

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6 thoughts on “Naturists Share their Best Newbie Tips”

  1. I have two answers to the question, “What’s the worst thing that can happen?” My answers are (1) bad weather and (2) sunburn.

    Having a positive experience the first time is likely the best predictor of whether you’ll want to try it again. And there’s probably no activity that is more weather-dependent than being naked outdoors. So my first tip is to check the weather forecast. Sure, this is important for any outdoor activity, but it’s doubly important when you’re going to be naked. There’s nothing like good naturist weather — warm, not too windy, at least some sunshine — to make for a good naturist outing. If the forecast is lousy, then don’t go. You won’t enjoy it, and you’re likely to come away saying to yourself, “That wasn’t as much fun as I thought it would be.” If the weather forecast is questionable, go do something else and try for another day.

    My second tip is to apply lots of sunscreen and reapply frequently — especially in those sensitive areas that aren’t usually exposed to sunlight. I’m constantly amazed at how often newbies get sunburned. It’s a classic rookie mistake, and one that can ruin the experience. Remember, nothing hurts more than pain.


    • Two great tips!
      The weather is indeed very important. If you spend an afternoon freezing to death, you’ll probably not like naturism all that much.
      And yes, we’ve also seen the tomato butts. And not just the butts. In one of our videos (, someone gave “put sunscreen on your breasts” as her number one tip!

    • Not going if the weather is not good enough is an option, right. But if you go, don’t feel obliged to get naked. Reading a book on the beach with some clothes on is still an enjoyable moment. And with some luck you can remove them if there is a moment of sunshine.

  2. I’m a 54 year old male lives in Queensland Australia new Brisbane I just want to know that is there any clubs or resorts around south east Queensland to go and visit thanks


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