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New to this website?
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What is this place? And who are Nick and Lins?
There are two places where you can find the who’s and what’s of this website:


You want to know more about Nick and Lins?
We like to tell our story through experiences, which we spread all over the site. In almost every blog post you will find some personal opinions or anecdotes.
If you came for the anecdotes, here’s how we rolled into nudism:


And here you’ll find some more experiences:


Are those experiences a reference for nudism in general?
Certainly not!
Nudism is a very broad term and people experience it in very different ways. Only reading our stories would be like only reading one page of a (very very thick) book.
Therefore, every week we let someone else do the talking in the form of an interview.
These interviews are called The Naturist Talks.


You came here looking for information?
Those personal stories are nice to read, but they don’t always answer your questions. If you’re looking for info about nudism or naturism, a good place to start is our FAQ .


However, many topics can’t be covered in a couple of sentences but require an actual blog post.
We cover a wide range of topics, some quite general:


But we’re not afraid to tackle the more “delicate” topics as well:

Sometimes we’re taking the more philosophical route, like in How nudism will save the world.

We even do a movie review from time to time…

Or a book review: The complete guide to nudism, naturism & nudists

And we’ve made some predictions about what we think the future will have to offer for nudism in

Are you researching for your next nakation?
Yes, also then you came to the right place! No matter whether you plan to go to let’s say Italy or Austria or anywhere else in the world, have a look at our Destinations page where you can find lots of insight info to help you get to the best nudist hangouts.
Maybe an even better overview of the places we’ve visited is our Nakation Map.

Even if you plan to go to places where it’s not possible to go publicly naked, we can give you some tips. For example in our article about what to do when nudism is not an option.

Other than that you can get a lot of travel tips like The do and don’ts on a nude beach, how to have a Nakation on a budget or How to pick the perfect nudist spot.

If you have no idea what to do with your free time, you could always tick something off from our Ultimate Nudist’s Bucket List.


How can you get in touch?
One of our biggest fears is that this website will be a one directional thing, so we love to hear from you!
If you have a question, doubt or suggestion, if you want to participate in The Naturist Talks or if you just want to say hello, don’t hesitate to contact us!
Or for the latest news you could subscribe to our newsletter.


We hope you have a great time on our site and that you keep coming back.
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NOTE: This page will be updated regularly. If you can’t find what you’re looking for today, come back tomorrow 🙂