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By traveling the world permanently for the last years we have learned a lot. And we have made many mistakes. Mistakes in the form of way too expensive hotel rooms, flights, and taxi fares and mistakes that have cost us a lot of time.

With this page, we want to help you avoid making the same mistakes as we did. We are going to help you save a lot of time searching the internet for the best fares and show you how to find the best hotels, airlines, bus tickets, taxis and whatever else you need to make your next nude vacation a perfect one!

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Unfortunately, most nudist resorts are not (yet) available on the major booking sites. Have a look at our Destinations Page where you can find updated booking information about the places where we’ve been and if you’re lucky we even wrote an Ultimate Naturist Guide for the region you want to visit!
In any other case, the following websites will certainly help you on your way as well.

NUDE is the world’s most complete resource for nudist hotels, resorts, and campings. Enter your country or region of preference in the search bar and you’ll find an overview of the nudist opportunities. NUDE will also give an indication about which facilities are available and about how to contact the place. After your visit, you can put a review to help future visitors.

Our all-time favorite when it comes to getting the best hotel deals. has over 1 million properties to choose from, including hotels, apartments, B&B’s and we believe they list the most naturist resorts as well (although there are not many). You get free cancellation until a couple of days before arrival and the best price guarantee.

Agoda is one of the fastest growing online hotel platforms worldwide, listing over two million hotels and accommodations. It’s definitely worth checking if you’re looking for a place, especially because it gathers deals from different websites. Including

We find not as good as but they have the advantage that for every 9 nights you book you get the 10th night free (not on all accommodations though). We love free stuff and that’s why we check this website from time to time.

The world leader in private home and apartment rentals with about 2.5 million listings around the world. This is, in particular, an interesting option for the nudist traveler who doesn’t like to stay at nudist resorts. On Airbnb you can rent complete apartments and houses as small or large as you prefer where you can be comfortably naked in all privacy.

New on AirBnB? Use our coupon to get up to €50 discount on your next trip!


The days when we only flew with national airlines are long gone… It seems like almost every other day a new player appears on the flight market. Giving even better deals and sharper prices. Never before has it been so difficult to find the perfect flight deal. Even specialized companies like the below-mentioned websites struggle with this. But they will probably be the best you can find.

Important: Low-cost airlines are great when you travel light and short distances, but when you want to pick your seat, have luggage, or (for some reason) like airplane food they are often more expensive than others. Do check the airline’s policy on these things before making a booking!

Not the biggest player on the market, but often seems to find the best prices. They are the pioneers in virtual interlining (connecting flights from airlines that do not codeshare). With their unique algorithm, they are able to create combinations of flights, trains and buses, offering them in one single itinerary.

Skyscanner is the most famous website of its kind and one we use all the time. We can honestly say that for about 85% of the time they will give the best deal. Some other options we like are that they have the “Anywhere” option as a destination in case you want to surprise yourself (or you want the cheapest getaway ever) and that they allow you to search on flexible dates or even full months to find the best deals.

Less famous than and Skyscanner, but definitely worth a mention: JetRadar. They regularly give us the best deals and although the search options on the website are a bit limited, the app does a great job!

Train, Bus and Taxi

With the uprise of low-cost airlines during the last 10 years or so, overland traveling has become a rather expensive and often very time-consuming alternative. But low cost isn’t everything. As mentioned before, the final price can sometimes be more than double than what was advertised initially. And then we’re not even talking about the ecological footprint that comes with flying. So it’s a good idea to have a look into the following options as well.

When traveling through Europe, the train is often the most comfortable and very fast way to get from one city to another. But if you don’t plan this well, you can lose a lot of money on expensive train tickets. RailEurope compares schedules, fares, maps, and rail passes for over 50 different train companies across the European train networks.

The fun thing with Omio is that you don’t need to search on different websites for different types of public travel anymore. Omio does that for you. The site doesn’t just give you all the options to get to your destination via public transport, they also help you book all the tickets at once.

A popular booking engine for bus and train tickets in Europe is Trainline. They work with 210+ rail and coach companies to offer their customers travel to thousands of destinations in and across 45 countries. Trainline offers great prices and real-time travel info.

BusBud is the top resource for finding bus tickets in North America, South America, and Europe. They currently operate in 80 different countries and have more than 2 million routes. There’s no need to search the internet to find crappy bus line websites in some language you only half understand, no need to enter your credit card details in those crappy websites.

If you’re planning to travel around Europe on the cheap, you definitely want to look into FlixBus as well. They created the largest transport network in Europe, covering 26 countries and serving more than 60 million passengers.

Taxi & Airport Transfers

If you travel often, you definitely know the burden of arriving in some foreign airport after who knows how many hours on a plane. The only thing you want is to get straight to your hotel room for a shower and a drink. What you get instead is a lot of hustle. Trying to find the place where the buses leave or trying to find a taxi that won’t charge 10 times the normal fare. The most comfortable arrivals are when you have booked an airport transfer upfront. is one of the world leaders in bringing people comfortably from the airport to their hotel, or whichever place they have to be next. They help you organize transfers in transfers in 20 000 cities in 153 countries, with 165 types of vehicles ranging from economy shuttle buses to LUX cars, limousines and boats.

Another large agent for airport transfers is HolidayTaxis. They are an award-winning global ground transportation company offering airport transfers in over 21,000 resorts and cities in 133 countries worldwide. Great value and highly reliable, with vehicle types to suit every budget and party size, from shuttles to private taxis to large coaches.

Taxi drivers are infamous for ripping off tourists. It’s sad but true. They charge additional costs, take you for a tour around the city when your hotel is actually just around the corner and horror stories exist of people being robbed by their driver. Uber is the perfect solution to that. They are cheaper than a regular taxi and there isn’t even a physical exchange of money.

Car and RV Rental

Rental cars are a great way to spend much unnecessary money. Trust us, we’ve been there. Many travelers go to the websites of companies they know: Hertz, National, Alamo,… and book whatever is available. Just because they don’t know that there are other options. Lots of other options. Luckily there are websites that compare rental prices at different companies and show you the best deals.

Orbit Car Hire is a very young company and they are working very hard to become one of the top car rental websites. We’ve used them to book rental cars for a road trip through France and can definitely recommend them because of their great offer, easy to use website and excellent service!

Different websites work with different car rental companies and receive different deals. It’s sometimes hard to see the forest through the trees. We have done several tests with these websites for all around the world destinations and Economy Bookings overall gives great deals.

Hotwire also has some great car rental deals and came up as the cheapest option in North and South America. They also have a great rating system, make sure to have a look at these rates before making your reservation. only works together with the best rental car companies and therefore their prices are sometimes higher than Economy Bookings or Hotwire. Nevertheless, we have been able to find some great deals on this website.

Next in line is Auto Europe. Unlike the name suggests, they help you find excellent car rental deals all around the world, in more than 20 000 locations spread over 180 countries.

Outdoorsy is a new type of RV rental platform. Not only can you rent authentic RVs around the world, they also have the option to rent out your own RV during times when you don’t need it and while it’s sitting on your driveway anyway. Outdoorsy is safe, easy, fully insured, and has a great local selection. They are free to join and have no membership fees of any kind.

Travel Insurance & Help

What are the odds that something will happen during those couple of days or weeks that you’re on holiday? Very little, we know. But yet people get struck by lightning from time to time… what can we say? Sh*t happens. The last thing you want to do while you’re on holiday is to worry.

If you’re getting sick in India you don’t want a private hospital to be too expensive. You don’t want to get sick in the USA in any case without insurance. And if someone bumps into your rental car in Bangkok you don’t want to be listening to some Thai officials. You want someone else to take care of that. Here are the best ones to do so.

What started as a small insurance company for long term backpackers has grown to a big player on the market. World Nomads have a high emergency and health coverage for residents of more than 150 countries. What makes them very special among others is their very easy to use search engine, you can get a quote, even if you’re already traveling and book right there and now.

Allianz is probably the best-known travel insurance in the world and no doubt that it’s certainly one you can rely on. Millions of travelers that are currently exploring the world trust on one of the many Allianz plans. Get in touch with them to get the right plan for your trip.

Traveling by air is often the easiest and comfortable way to get from one place to another. Until something goes wrong. Airlines are infamous of not giving you all the options that you’re entitled to when your flight gets canceled or delayed. Luckily, AirHelp is here to handle the claim process for you. They have helped more than 10 million passengers understand their rights and receive ​compensation for delayed or canceled flights.

Similar to AirHelp, also the company Compensair can help you get compensation for delayed or canceled flights or for missed connections. They prepare all the necessary documents, submit the claim with the airline and take care of all the further communication with the airline to settle a case. With their easy form, it takes less than 2 minutes to find out whether you’re entitled to compensation.

Local Tours & Activities

People travel for many different reasons, some like to spend as much time as possible baking their naked butts at the beach or near the swimming pool, some only go to places where they can enjoy excellent food and others want to see as much as possible of the region they’re visiting.

Many hotels have their own tour desk and from our experience, we know that their tours are often not the cheapest around. It just takes a lot of time to find the best deal. But that doesn’t have to happen. Below websites give you some of the best tours and activities around the world. You can book directly on their website or take their prices back to your hotel to make the owner blush. That’s up to you.

We can go on and on about the options that Get Your Guide offers. Tours, cooking classes, skip the line tickets for events or shows, sightseeing buses, day cruises, you name it. Get Your Guide has options all around the world and can make the planning of your activities much easier.

Similar to Get Your Guide, Viator offers all kinds of different tours in places around the globe. Their search options will let you choose from different categories to find exactly what you’ve been looking for. Do make sure to read the comments of your preferred tour before booking because some of the companies they work with tend to be much better than others.

Big Bus Tours is the largest operator of open-top sightseeing tours worldwide, currently operating in 23 cities across the globe. The tours take in all the top sights of each city and you can hop-on and hop-off at major landmarks to explore in your own time. It’s an easy way to see a lot of a certain city in a limited amount of time and meanwhile, you can get off wherever you want for a drink on a sunny terrace.

If you like exploring a place in all freedom and without a guide, but you don’t feel much like walking or taking public transport, you’ll definitely like BikesBooking. They help you find the sharpest rental prices for bicycles, scooters, motorcycles and quad bikes in more than 2000 locations around the world.

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