10 Naturist campsites in France that are VERY popular among families

10 Naturist campsites in France that are VERY popular among families

The summer months have finally arrived in the northern hemisphere and many European naturists are looking forward to their well-deserved nakation. Maybe you have already arrived at some tropical destination. Or maybe you’re reading this blog post while stuck in one of those infamous traffic jams on the “Route du Soleil”.   A question we really get a lot is which naturist campsite in France would be best to visit as a family. Because travelling … Read more

Naturist Talks: Interviews with naturists and nudists

Naturists Share their Best Newbie Tips

When we wrote a blog post about our first time naked in public a while ago, it occurred to us how long this has actually been. Meanwhile, there’s so much time and experience between those first scary steps into naturism and where we are today, that we wonder if we are actually still a reliable source of information for those who want to try naturism today or tomorrow.   For a long time, we have … Read more

Family Naturism: Let's Just All Get Naked

Nudist Families: Let’s Just All Get Naked

We are always surprised when we receive the question of whether naturism can be practiced with the whole family. For us, family naturism has always seemed a very normal thing. Although neither of us was born in a naturist family. Yet there seem to be many doubts about this. We are asked whether we find it okay that a child sees nude adults and whether nude kids won’t attract people with wrong intentions. Some adults … Read more

Why do teenagers turn away from nudism and is that such a big deal

Why do teenagers turn away from nudism and is that such a big deal?

Toddlers are born naturists and not only literally (although they’re obviously delivered naked). In fact, they might well be the most genuine kind of naturist there is, they don’t even question their nudity. Most of them will question clothes though and if they see an opportunity to get rid of them they’ll often take advantage of that. Our memory doesn’t go that far back, but we would like to remember the day when being nude … Read more

9 tips for First Time Family Nudists

We talked before about the nudist women, the nudist men, and the nudist couples, but what with the kids? Well, we don’t have any of those, so sorry, we can’t help you. End of the shortest blog post ever. No, really, we get a lot of questions about family nudism and we’ve done a lot of research about having nudist children. We also had the opportunity to talk with plenty of nudist families about how … Read more

Is a Naked Child a Happier One?

This is probably the most discussed topic when it comes to nudism, among nudists and even more among textiles. Every nudist blogger around has at some point written an article about family nudism and nudism with children. Now that the nudist lifestyle appears in the news now and then, even the regular media starts talking about it. Is it okay to introduce your children into the nudism? Is it okay to let your children run around … Read more

Is our youth becoming more prudish?

Even though we are already in our thirties, we still like to think of ourselves as youth. But every now and then reality gives us a punch in the face and puts our feed back on the ground. Then we notice that youth isn’t exactly how we remember it. Last week we had one of those days that actually came quite as quite a shock. A documentary on the Dutch TV revealed that teenagers shower less and … Read more