Awkward situations at the nudist resort

Yes, sometimes nudism can be a little awkward

We sometimes receive the question if we never find it awkward, the whole nudism thing. Because hey, you’re naked, the other people are naked, that must make for some embarrassing moments. We understand the way of thinking because it comes from a person who has never been socially nude before. For them every nude moment outside of the bedroom or bathroom which includes other persons must be something unexpected. Something embarrassing. And our answer to … Read more

How to handle the taboo around naturism?

I’m sorry but we couldn’t find a conclusive answer to this question. Maybe you do? Anyway, what we can give you is a kind of an analysis of the situation and we’ll see where we get from there…   As a human, we don’t like to be judged. And why do you get judged? Because you’re doing something that’s not mainstream. And people love to judge… So if you’re doing something uncommon, you don’t talk … Read more

The Misconceptions of Naturism

In our previous post So what about nudism, we have given you an introduction about naturism and its variations. By looking at the history of nudism we hope that we’ve been able to show you how it grew from a need to connect with nature and as a reaction to conformism.   Even though naturism as we know it exists for more than a century and is, especially in Europe, widely accepted, there are still some … Read more

So what about nudism?

When we started considering ourselves naturists, we kinda wondered what the other terms actually meant. In the beginning, we thought nudism was actually a negative synonym for naturism. Like when you’re in favour of it, you call it naturism, if you’re against you call it nudism. Just like that. But then we noticed other terms: social nudity, nude recreation,… What about that?   We decided to do some research, which we would like to share … Read more