Naturalis 2019: More Than Naturism and Yoga

Naturalis 2019: More Than Naturism and Yoga

We have to admit, the first moment when we walked into naturist campsite Quinta Do Maral was something many might call… ehm… a bit awkward. We had parked our car, walked to the reception, and in the distance, we spotted a group of about 25 naked people. Nothing particularly strange for a naturist place, except that all of them were in an intimate embrace.   There is a reason why we didn’t mention this in … Read more

Nudity, Nature and Spirituality: The obvious link

Nudity, Nature and Spirituality: The Obvious Link

Many naturists will tell you that their nude lifestyle means a lot more than just being naked. A lot of others will say that the nudity is pretty much the only important thing in naturism. These others are often called “nudists” although today in the 21st century both the terms “nudist” and “naturist” became very interchangeable. One can’t deny though that naturism includes the word nature and although while being naked you’re at your most … Read more

Why Naked Yoga is Conquering the World

Why Naked Yoga is Conquering the World

Somehow it seems like naked yoga or naked pilates are becoming a bit of a habit when we visit major cities in the world. Our most impressive naked workout and probably also the one we will remember for the rest of our lives is still our Naked in Motion class on the eleventh floor of a building in downtown Manhattan. A nude yoga class while you’re watching the sun setting over the New York skyline… … Read more

Naked in Motion

It’s early April and we find ourselves in a hotel room in Thailand. It’s already after ten pm, a time at which we normally prefer not to engage in any Skype calls anymore, but this time we happily made an exception. Skype rings a couple of times and the screen changes. On the other side of the line, we find Willow, who’s in New York City, about the other side of the world, and who … Read more

The link between naturism and yoga

Why do many naturists practice yoga and are many yogis interested in naturism? Well, that’s simple. Both lifestyles are for women who had their puberty in the late sixties, took way too much acid, engaged on a lifetime search for enlightenment and swore never to shave their armpits again. That’s it. End of story. At least, that’s what we thought until we became interested in those lifestyles.   Only recently we figured out that both … Read more

Our First Naked Pilates Class

We are promoters of the naturist lifestyle. All of you who have visited our website before already know that. We think that getting naked and enjoying social nudity has a lot to do with getting out of your comfort zone, especially in the beginning. It’s often pretty difficult to explain to someone how comfortable your non-comfort zone can actually be. Getting out of it is a bit difficult at the beginning and does require a … Read more