How to Make Nudist Friends

Let’s start with saying what this blog post will not be about: online nudist friend finders. Some of these are certainly a good place to get in touch with other nudists, where you can chat about your life as a nudist and where you can share your nude vacation photos. Much better though is making new nudist friends in real life. And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today.


Especially for beginning nudists this might be an intimidating idea. It’s like going to a new school for the first time. You won’t know anyone and all the other kids will already have some friends. You imagine all those little heads turn towards you when you enter the playground. The boys checking you out, the girls giggling and the local bully getting ready to confiscate your lunch money.
As a little extra to this nightmare, this time at the nudist place you’ll be standing there butt naked. Oh the horror!


Back to reality. Just like at school it all sounds more scary than it actually is. Some people might have a look at you once you enter the place but soon they’ll continue doing whatever they were doing in the first place. There won’t be any giggling unless you forgot to take off your socks and the bully won’t pull you a wedgie because… well, there won’t be much to pull.
He might still take your lunch money though.

The Naked Chatty Guy

Just kidding about the bully of course, your chances of encountering a naked bully are really rare. Chances are quite high though that one of your first social encounters will be with the “Naked Chatty Guy” (we stole this term from Reddit because we just couldn’t think of a better description). The natural habitat of the Naked Chatty Guy is mostly at nude beaches but you can encounter him at nudist resorts as well. Although at nudist resorts we actually had more encounters with the Naked Chatty Woman. For the sake of simplicity in this blog post, please remember that the “Naked Chatty Guy” can be both male or female.


He is the friend of everybody (or so it seems) and the first person to walk up to you for a chat. While he’s giving inside info about where to find some shade, the weather forecast for the next couple of days and who’s the local weed dealer, he will be constantly waving to other people saying “Hi Bob!” and “You’re late today Sally!”.
Some people don’t like the Naked Chatty Guy because he often acts as if the beach is his own. But then again he’s always the person who will make sure that everything runs smoothly and that everyone is having a good time.


Anyway, if you came all by yourself and you want to make some new nudist friends, the Naked Chatty Guy is a good person to hang out with. He might be a bit annoying but one new friend is better than none and because he knows a lot of other people he might even introduce you to other (more interesting) nudists.

Making nudist friends as a couple vs as a single

Unfortunately there is a world of difference between making nudist friends as a couple and as a single. The main reason for this is that many nudists have gained a sixth sense for localising potential perverts (or think that they have gained one) and when they spot a single nudist some alarm bells start ringing. Especially if that single nudist happens to be a man.


Which brings us to another difference: single men vs single women. For single nudist women it’s often much easier to meet new people. What sometimes leads towards the other end of the spectrum where suddenly everyone becomes a Naked Chatty Guy. In our blog post about harassment of female nudists we’ve called this “micro harassment”. The main thing is: single women are less likely to be seen as a potential threat than single men.


New Cambium intext 4
For couples it’s most of the time very easy to meet other nudists. You have to act very weird or do some very inappropriate things as a couple before people will start seeing you as rotten apples.

Tips for finding new naked friends

You could of course place yourself down on the nude beach or next to the swimming pool and wait for the Naked Chatty Guy to show up, but here are some other tips that will make it a lot easier to meet fellow nudists:


Go over for a chat: Yep, simple as that. Small talk often works well at a nudist place and a simple introduction like “Hi, I’m Lins and it’s my first time at this place” can often result in a long conversation. Just make sure to pick a good moment. When people are busy putting up a tent or having a nap is often not such a moment.

Ask for something: If you’re not that good in small talk, you could always ask a question. “Where are the toilets?”, “What time does the bar open” or “Who’s the Naked Chatty Guy in this place?” are all good openers.

Join sports games: Nothing better to make new friends than to have them in your team. Check for any sports games that are happening and ask if you may join. Volleyball and petanque are very common at nude beaches and nudist resorts and some resorts offer lots of other sports options. Try to be honest about your league. If you say you’re a beginner at basketball and then slam dunk like Michael Jordan people may not immediately like you. Or vice versa.

Sing karaoke: There are only two places in the world were karaoke is still a big thing: Asia and nudist resorts (interestingly, we’ve never seen karaoke in a nudist resort in Asia). Joining a karaoke evening is a great way to meet new people. It doesn’t really matter if you can sing or not. In fact, we’re both horrible singers and one time after a little too many cocktails we decided to sing “Hotel California” by the Eagles. We hadn’t really considered the 2 minute guitar solo in that song though and we can now tell you: 2 minutes of nude air guitar is very long! The good thing was that everybody had laughed their ass off and congratulated us afterwards.

Join group dinners: Many nude resorts, especially the smaller ones, often organise a nude lunch or dinner. For them it’s a great way to get the group together and for you it’s an even better way to meet new people. When we celebrated Christmas Eve in El Refugio last year there was a Japanese guy at our table who spoke little to no English. And yet we had (some kind of) a conversation.

Tips for making everyone think you’re a creep

Some people are just better at striking up a conversation than others. We met a guy on a nude beach the other day who after his first visit already knew the names of the bartender, the guy who sells sun beds, the lifeguards, the massage lady and half of the other people on the beach. It’s something we’re envious of. If you’re not that smooth talking or if you want to be left alone and make sure that even the Naked Chatty Guy doesn’t come over, here are some tips for how not to make new friends:

Maestra Banner


Be very pushy: Walk straight into someone’s comfort zone, stand very close to them, invite yourself into their tent, get a beer out of their fridge and say “Hey, I forgot my towel, you don’t mind if I place my sweaty butt on yours, do you?”

Lots of awkward staring: Pick out your new best friend on the nude beach and just start staring at him. When he looks your way, you nod. The second time he looks, you wink. And when he looks more times you just smile in a creepy way.

Take photos of others: Walk around with your phone in your hand and take photos of the scenery. Ask random nudists to pose for you. When people walk past you, you just follow them with your camera. This works like a charm, within minutes the whole place will think you’re a creep.

Say lots of sexist things: That game of basketball is the perfect place to do so. “Not bad for a woman” is a classic, “Be a good girl and get me a beer” also works great. Others include “I hope you have the brains because you sure don’t have the balls” and “You’re probably single, right?”.

Talk about other’s physical appearance: “You look great naked”, “your dick looks like the one of my ex”, “I love the way your boobs move when you throw a ball”, “I didn’t think you were that chubby”, “Wow guys, look at that girl’s butt!”, we can go on and on like this.


In the end, nudism is often also defined as “social nudity”. Meaning that it’s a social lifestyle and we can tell you that most nudists are very social beings. Remember our tips about how (and how not) to make new nudist friends and we’re sure you’ll have a great time.



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16 thoughts on “How to Make Nudist Friends”

  1. I think what you should emphasize but haven’t really mentioned is that if you’re a man on his own, you should expect to meet others like yourself. Don’t be pestering women or couples–you’ll end up in trouble! But finding other guys to talk to is entirely reasonable (no assumptions that anyone is or isn’t gay). If it’s a resort, you could start by asking at the office when you check in, “Is there a group of men here who’d welcome a newcomer?” or “Is there anyone here that you’d recommend to talk to about this place, or naturism generally?”

    Hopefully they’d link you up with someone who’d enhance your visit, and not point you at the Naked Chatty Guy!

    • Thanks for this comment John. We agree with you in a way but certainly not 100%. For the simple reason that we (a couple) have already met quite some single men at nudist places and we also don’t mind when a man starts talking to us. We don’t really make a difference.
      But we do agree that there is some kind of subtle barrier. Some things are more accepted from a couple than from a single, dirty jokes for example 🙂

  2. Our problem is we are family nudists. We find that a lot of people do not like kids at the pool. We would like to meet other family nudists and our child hangs around us. We are also older parents and get confused as grandparents. We are also AANR members.

  3. A good rule of thumb: Never, ever take anyone s photo without their permission. This goes for all tourist destinations from nude beaches to theme parks to UNESCO World Heritage sites but it s especially true when the subject of your photo is naked. Always ask explicitly if you may take a photo and make sure photography is even allowed where you are. (Many nudist beaches prohibit it.)

  4. We found one of the ways we’ve meet people was to go to venues other than beaches. Clubs in particular are good for this as they will ‘check you out’ and introduce you to their members. Sort of like chatty guy on steroids.

    The other place we’ve made friends with are the nude cruises we’ve done, we now travel the world catching up.

    The one thing that I’m not 100% sure I agree with is that it is made more difficult by the nudity aspect. Here’s an example. Go to your local park, leaving your dog at home, now make friends.

    See how easy that wasn’t.

    Ok so now think of a hobby or interest you have and go to a venue, in my case an amateur radio club, and say g’day.

    See how much simpler that was.

    Just as turning up at an amateur radio club automatically announces a shared interest turning up at a nudist venue similarly announces a similar value. This is the ice breaker that helps more than anything else.

  5. correct me if i’m wrong but i think what pornography is, is a personal choice, for example some people think naked people doing sexual things is porn, and some people just think naked people is porn. —- am i correct in what i say?


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