The Ultimate Nudist’s Bucket List

The time of new year’s resolutions is already behind us, resolutions we’ve managed to fail to achieve within the first week. Well, that’s how it goes every year. Time to get back to what really matters: Getting naked! If you check out other people’s  bucket lists (one Google search will give you about 28 million examples) it’s quite striking how many have added “visiting a nude beach” to their list. If everyone decides to do … Read more

Is clothing optional the new nudism?

We like the sound of the words “clothing optional“. It has something gentle, something soft… Since many years, we (the nudists) have been pushed behind fences and in designated areas to experience our true selves. On the other hand, for first time nudists it was very intimidating. You were standing in front of a huge gate, not knowing who will be on the other side or what they are doing. The only thing you know … Read more

The virtual Nudist

With the uprise of the internet almost all facets of life have moved to the online world, and the nudie life is not an exception. But what can you expect from online nudism? Is it worth it? Is it safe? We’ll try to give you a couple of answers.   It is important that we make the difference between passive online nudism and active online nudism. With passive online nudism we mean using the internet … Read more

The Nudist’s Movie List

With winter kicking in quite hard, especially for us living in the northern hemisphere, the time has come to move our towels from the beach to the couch. So why not dive into the wonderful world of nudist movies? Before you get too comfortable, please know this: The list with the best nudist movies about nudist colonies, nude resorts, and the nudist family lifestyle is not huge. Actually, we could only find a handful of … Read more

Why are nudists such friendly people?

Do you remember your first impression of nudists? Chances are that it was something like “a bunch of naked people hiding behind a huge fence doing stuff the rest of the world shouldn’t see”. But what about your first impression of them at the moment that You became a nudist yourself? The word “relaxed” may come to mind or “polite” or “connected”. And probably also “friendly”. We’ve never met anyone coming back from their first … Read more

6 Things the nudist should always carry along

Nudism is all about freedom and relaxation. You don’t have to care about what to wear, no spare clothes to carry, no cell phones, nothing. Not a single worry in your mind. But before you step naked into your car there are a couple of things you better consider taking to your favourite nudist place.   Bring sunscreen to your nude spot Every naturist will tell you that there’s only one reason to wear clothes: … Read more

What’s with the whole nudism and sex thing?

It’s one of the most common misconceptions about naturism… We’re all perverts, loving to expose our “oh so holy” body parts to one another, having sex with everyone around, male, female it all doesn’t matter for us, threesomes, foursomes, fivesomes, huge orgies.   And the response of the naturist community is strict: “Nudity and sex are two totally different things!”   Of course we support the naturist community, but somehow we get the feeling that … Read more

The nudist dress code

Sounds strange doesn’t it? Now that you’ve been feeling free as a bird on the nudie beach, Nick and Lins suddenly start talking about dress codes… What’s that all about?   Nick hates dress codes, whenever we’re invited to a party or event that requires a dress code he’ll try to avoid going. There’s only one exception: the birthday suit. Did you notice the word “suit”? Well, many first time nudists have a lot of … Read more

How to tell your significant other?

We can consider ourselves lucky about this as we’ve discovered nudism together and we both enjoyed it equally. (if you want to know how, see here and here) But what if you’re already a nudist and your significant other isn’t? Or you’ve been wanting to give it a shot but you don’t know how to tell him/her?   The key to failure You know the saying “Throwing a kid into the water is the best way … Read more

Something about cultural differences

For this post we would really appreciate your input because we only have experience with naturist sites in Western Europe and Brazil. We’ve been doing some research on the internet but except for some formal websites it’s difficult to determine how people at the other end of the world look at naturism.   So from wherever you are, please let us know how/if naturism is appreciated in your environment. Is it legal? Is it something … Read more