Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park near Toronto, Canada

Revisited: Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park near Toronto, Canada

Humans are social animals. Since the very beginning of our existence, we’ve been living in tribes and we are known to be at our best wherever our tribe is. As naturist bloggers, obviously our tribe consists of naturists and we should seek for them at naturist places. But one place is not the other. Meanwhile, we’ve gotten used to being recognised when we visit naturist resorts, but at Bare Oaks, it seemed like almost everyone … Read more

Casablanca Guest House in Zipolite, Mexico

Revisited: Casablanca Guest House in Zipolite, Mexico

For the 4th time in 6 years of continuous travelling, we made our way back to Zipolite. The small coastal town in Mexico that is home to the country’s only official nude beach. Only when we arrived there, we realised that we haven’t spent as much time in a single place as here. Not just in Zipolite, but in Casablanca Guest House.   Truth to be said, not all of that time was by choice. … Read more

Intima Clothing-Optional Resort in Tulum, Mexico

Revisited: Intima Clothing-Optional Resort in Tulum, Mexico

The last time we visited Intima Resort in Tulum was literally just weeks before COVID would shut down the world. It was one of the last nude resorts that we would visit for a long time to come. Obviously, we didn’t know that at the time. What we mostly remember are the very luxurious accommodations, the lovely swimming pool, and the fun atmosphere. More than three years later, we return to Mexico and we are … Read more

New Cambium in Dominican Republic

Review: New Cambium in Dominican Republic

What do you do when you found the perfect naturist resort and you don’t ever want to leave again? More and more resorts have started to offer the option to buy your own place at the domain or to rent a piece of land on a yearly basis where you can put down your camper or caravan. Your own place at a naturist resort, where you can come to live or that you can retreat … Read more

Dia al desnudo, Mexico's First public nudist event

Día al Desnudo: Mexico’s First Public Nudist Event

Angela de la Cruz Angela is a promotor of naturism and organiser of naturist events in Mexico. In this guest blog post, she will share her experiences at the “Día al Desnudo”, Mexico’s first public nudist event that happened in Guadalajara on July 2nd, 2022.     Back in 2020, Caro and I visited our friends Hector and Andrea at their home in Guadalajara to record some videos, and I remember that Héctor was talking … Read more

8 Worldwide Naturist Destinations for Foodies

8 Worldwide Naturist Destinations for Foodies

When we travel, we prefer to stay in resorts where we can spend at least some of our time without clothes. Not just because we love to be naked or because we find it more comfortable (and time-saving) not having to stand in front of a closet or backpack picking an outfit. Equally important, because we like naturists. We like the friendly social atmosphere that is so typical at naturist resorts.   Spending time at … Read more

8 Naturist Resorts in a Spectacular Natural Environment

8 Naturist Resorts in a Spectacular Natural Environment

Naturism and nature have been going hand in hand since the beginning of our wonderful lifestyle (sorry about the word choice, Dan). Today, the naturist travel industry has expanded to nude bed and breakfasts in the city and all-inclusive clothing-optional resorts in the Caribbean. But still, the very large majority of naturist places around the world can be found in a natural environment. Away from noise and emissions and close to the relaxing effect of … Read more

The Joy of Living Nude

The Joy of Living Nude

If we had to describe our lives and what we do, we would call ourselves full-time nudist travelers. Or maybe something more poetic like naked wanderers, nude nomads, clothes-free vagabonds, or bare tramps. If you’d be planning to start a blog about nudist traveling too, those are already some great ideas for your blog’s name.   Anyway, that’s what we do. We live a nomadic lifestyle, constantly wandering from one nudist place to another. Well, … Read more

Must-Visit Naturist Destinations for Every Month of the Year

Chances are that an invisible virus has seriously messed up your naturist travel plans for this summer. Maybe you were already on the lookout for a new destination, or for another travel period. It may not always seem like this, but in normal circumstances, it’s possible to get naked somewhere around the world at any given time. In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips for excellent naturist destinations for every month of the … Read more

Clothing Optional Resorts in Mexico's Riviera Maya

Clothing Optional Resorts in Mexico’s Riviera Maya

Whenever we think of the Caribbean, that famous Beach Boys song “Kokomo” comes to mind. In the course of the song, they pass through all these idyllic islands like Bermuda and Bahama (come on pretty mama) all the way to Martinique (that Montserrat Mystique). One place their cruise ship apparently didn’t set sail to was Mexico’s Riviera Maya. A long stretch of coastline that runs all the way from Cancun to the border of Belize. … Read more