Nude Home Parties

Where do you start with nudism?
The nude beach or a nudist resort is obviously the most common answer but they do not necessarily reflect the truth. Most often, nudism is something that starts at home. The reason why people tend to name certain social nudist places as their first “nude experience” is just because often home nudism is not really seen like nudism at all. When people asked us in the past about when and where we had become nudists, we would have answered “around 2010 at camping Bleesbruck in Luxembourg“.


Now we know that this isn’t exactly true. Ever since the day we left the metaphorical nest (being our parent’s house) we did spend a lot of time in the nude. We slept nude, we walked from the bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen for a midnight snack in the nude. On lazy Sundays, we often didn’t wear many clothes either. We were nudists without even ever considering the term.


Home nudism is underestimated

Our steps into social nudism all happened somehow by accident. If we hadn’t gotten that coupon which led us straight to a nude sauna and if the textile part of that campground in Luxembourg hadn’t been so full and loud, chances are that we would never have discovered the fabulous nudist lifestyle. It’s very likely that our nudism would have stayed between the four walls of our apartment.


There are many statistics about the number of nudists per region or country. In western countries like most of Europe and the USA, this number tends to be around 5% of the population. Which isn’t much. If you’d count the number of people who sleep with a teddy bear, who eat hamburgers every day of the week, or who think that the world is flat, it’s likely that they could outnumber the nudists.


This is mainly because even though many people like to spend some time in the nude, they don’t necessarily consider themselves nudists or naturists. Many people enjoy nudity at home but don’t feel any need to be naked around strangers. Some live in countries where social nudism just does not exist or is even illegal. And many others have concerns about nudist places or gave it a try but didn’t like nudist resorts. They like to be nude in their house and garden. But maybe it would be better if it was shared with some others.

Nude Home Parties

The story of a home nudist…

We can’t relate to this but we have a friend who knows all about it. If you’ve been following Naked Wanderings for a while or if you’re active in online nudism the name will certainly ring a bell: Attila Deak. Indeed, the guy who was waiting for us at Toronto airport some months ago with a bouquet of flowers and a big balloon.


New Cambium intext 2
Attila was a home nudist in his apartment in some place with a funny name, which currently escapes us, in the outskirts of Toronto. Although being nude at home is quite fun, he felt like he wanted something more. Luckily, Toronto is not the worst place in the world when it comes to nudist opportunities. It’s not exactly like the Netherlands or France but nude swim events or volleyball tournaments are organized once in a while. Probably because Canada’s most famous nudist resort, Bare Oaks, is just nearby.


So Attila went to those events. Being a talkative guy with a great sense of humor and a funny accent (he’s European) it didn’t take long for him to meet interesting other nudists. He made good friends who he wished to see more often than the Toronto nudist event schedule permitted. Being a home nudist as well, the link was obvious. He invited them into his home.

Nude Home Parties

… who started his own nudist home parties …

Attila proved to be the best host ever. His first nudist guests were a couple he had met at one of the nude swims and over wine and snacks, the question arose about who else could join their little home nudist club. The idea came up to start a Toronto nudist Facebook group. From that moment he became the organizer of nudist home parties in his own apartment on the outskirts of Toronto.


Inviting people you’ve already met is one thing, inviting strangers is something completely else. Just like every nudist place, Attila had to set rules. Rules that had to be simple but strict. The following was added to the invitations:

1. All guests have to change into their Eve or Adam costume at arrival. There will be a designated room for that.

2. Nudism is not sexual, so sexual activities will not happen at these parties. Neither will it be discussed.

3. Everyone is kindly asked to bring food and/or beverages.

4. If the food needs any preparation, everyone is kindly asked to help a hand.

5. There will be no overnight staying.

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6. Those who are new to nudism are allowed to remain dressed at the first event.


Rules that are simple and strict but turned out to be perfect. Even rule number six, when people decided to remain clothed at first they felt so awkward being the only ones not nude that they quickly undressed anyway. The only rule to which Attila ever had to make exceptions was number 5. Some people don’t know their limits when it comes to alcohol consumption and he just could not let them drive home after the party.

Nude Cruise on Lake Ontario 2018

… and became a top promotor of nudism in Canada

When we’re talking about Attila’s home parties, don’t expect huge raves with hundreds of participants. He would probably have liked this but his apartment was not the perfect place for that. Instead, there were 5 or 10 or 15 people enjoying social nudity and each other’s company. There was music, some were watching a game on TV, some were preparing salads in the kitchen, some were barbecuing on the balcony (a top floor balcony where it’s perfectly possible to be nude. We know from experience). A home party just like all others, except that everyone is naked. When the food is ready, everyone gets together to fill their stomachs, and later there would be nude darts games, chatting, or watching the end of that game on TV.


It didn’t stop with those home parties. Attila’s Facebook group kept growing and soon he started inviting people for other events outside of his home. We are the perfect proof of that. While we were staying at his place, Attila took us to both Ponderosa resort and Bare Oaks. But not only that, the main reason why he invited us was to participate in his Home Party Master Piece: A Nude cruise on Lake Ontario.
What started as a fun nude gathering with a couple of nudists he met at a swim event turned into the first Canadian nude cruise. How cool is that?


Today, Attila doesn’t live anymore in the place with the funny name near Toronto so your chances to join one of his home parties are unfortunately gone. But you still have the chance to meet this wonderful guy in person! Attila keeps organizing gatherings in and around Toronto throughout the year, make sure to follow his Facebook group for the latest news.


The joy of home nudism

“I know that out there are billions of home nudists, we should get them together even in small nudist gatherings like nude house parties. These gatherings are ideal for those living in places where nudism is not allowed by law, and hey … we all have curtains.” With these words, Attila concludes his story. There is nothing wrong with home nudism and being a home nudist doesn’t mean that it has to be just you. Attila keeps bringing nudists together and who knows what will happen after his second nude cruise?
The only thing we can say for sure is that we are happy that we’ve been part of it once and that we hope that one day we can join one of his projects again.


When we asked Attila for one tip for aspiring organizers for nude home parties he said: “Be innovative and introduce others to nudism!”. There you go. Now it’s up to you.


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Photo Credit: The photos in this blog post are property of Attila Deak and should not be duplicated without his approval.

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25 thoughts on “Nude Home Parties”

  1. Haven’t arranged anything on the scales as Attila but we have had a few gatherings at our home including Dinner evenings , Film nights and just general get together’s we both enjoy hosting from time to time its always great to see our friends and of course nude too.

  2. Great blog as always. I “discovered” nudism as a “home nudist”. Similar to your opening, I did not initially identify my always being around the house naked as “nudism” per se. However, it was not until later that I realized it was the same or similar as going to a nudist resort – just not as many people. LOL

    Living in the US, the southern part no less, limiting yourself to being a nudist only by attending nudist resorts/areas can get expensive and time consuming- as there is genetically considerable travel and expense involved to attend with great regularity.

    All the best and look forward to more.

    • That’s right, not everyone can afford a nakation … but, still there are many more options to socialize with other nudist friends and bring new ones along.

  3. Interesting article that resonates for me very much. I think I’ve always been a nudist deep down, but it’s only in the last few years, since visiting Koversada in Croatia, that my partner and I have fully embraced the clothes free lifestyle. We live on a large country property with no nearby neighbours, and in a warm country, so we rarely wear clothes. Only when it’s cold. We had a three day party recently with more than 40 guests, most who have never been nude in public before. After three days nearly everyone shed their clothes and their inhibitions. So many people seem keen to try naturism … all they need is the opportunity, and a safe environment.

  4. Hi. I live in Fareham (near Portsmouth, UK.) Nearest nudist facilities: Eastney (shingle beach at the “wrong” end of the seaside resort) and Meon Shore (unofficial, but accepted for years), Studland Bay (world famous) about 30 – 35 miles. Just wondering – I would be ideally placed to do the admin for a Solent Cruise (clothing optional, of course!!) from Portsmouth up and down the Solent and Spithead, passing the Isle of Wight…… any mileage in such an endeavour???

    • Thanks a lot for the info. We’re not really organisers of nudist events, but maybe it’s a good idea to send this to British Naturism?

  5. Have thought about hosting like a Nude New Years eve party , trying to finish up my basement with hot tub and sauna ….thought about maybe having karaoke to help pass the time till midnight .any other entertainment ideas ? BTW I do go to nude beach in the summer and have met lots of great people there …

  6. I would spply #6 as a rare exception. I would also add #7 to bring a towel on which to sit (and possibly light footwear depending on where people may need to walk). Add #8 that physical contact is limited to a handshake, even between significant others. And #9 all cell phones should be stored with removed clothing. This is a social event to socialize with other people. This also puts at ease those worried about an errant naked pic of them showing up online.

    • We completely agree with 7 and 9. We feel like 8 depends a bit on the group and the situation. Of course there shouldn’t be anything sexual but we’ve been to gatherings where most of the participants already know each other and where hugs for example are pretty common.

  7. “(Home) gatherings are ideal for those living in places where nudism is not allowed by law…” Unfortunately, there is a place where nudism is illegal even in the privacy of your own home. Where, you ask? North Korea? China? Syria? Somalia? Nope… Right in the heartland of the good ole U S of A. Under Arkansas statute 5-68-204, it is unlawful to practice nudism in your own house. In fact, it’s even a crime to “promote” or “advocate” nudism. The law allows opponents to say derogatory things about nudism, but it is illegal for a naturist to express a favorable opinion about the same topic. If this seems wrong to you, please visit for more details, then write letters to Arkansas’ elected representatives.

    • If there’s a will, there’s a way. We know of nudist home parties in countries like India and Malaysia, where social nudity is also very illegal.
      Nevertheless, it would be a good thing if Arkansas would loosen its laws around nudity. So we definitely support your cause.

  8. Living in South Florida. Retired Nurse and massage therapist. Looking to join a home nudist group. Especially people who love massages
    SteveCassidyRN LMT Reiki Master

  9. Hello, this is all new to me but I have sesrched for hlme gatherings/parties in vermont but it seems there isnt any. Do you know of any perhaps thrpugh connections? Thank you in advance.

  10. Thank you for any other informative website.
    Where else may just I get that kind of info written in such an ideal method?
    I have a undertaking that I’m simply now working on, and I’ve been on the look out for
    such information.

  11. I had some fun with this. I have had a few birthdaysuit parties on my birthday, back when I had time for such things and lots of friends who didn’t mind. They were clothing optional because I just want the freedom to be nude, not to deny anyone else the freedom to be clothed. People in various states of undress getting along without friction is a very good thing.


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