10 Health Benefits of Naturist Camping

10 Health Benefits of Naturist Camping

We love camping in the buff. Camping on itself is already a great pastime, and we feel that doing so without clothes really adds a lot to the experience. Think about why you like camping. Because you like spending time in nature? Well, there’s probably no better way to connect with nature when there are no textile boundaries between yourself and the outdoors. Do you like spending your days in the campground’s swimming pool? Nothing … Read more

46 Things We've Learned at Naturist Campings in France

46 Things We’ve Learned at Naturist Campings in France

As you may remember, we have spent the last three months on our Epic nude road trip through France. We had been to naturist campings in France before, but then we mostly stayed in rental accommodations. This year, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to get back to basic and bring our own tent and our own gear.   It definitely was epic. We discovered so many great naturist campgrounds in France, we … Read more

The Game of Naturists: Petanque

Petanque: The Game of Naturists

We have joked a lot about petanque over the years, in our blog posts, and in real life. Through naturist history, the balls have become an essential part of being a naturist (pun intended). Every naturist resort we ever visited had at least one petanque court. Often several more. Petanque tournaments are always on the naturist calendar. It’s what naturists like to do, throw a couple of big balls towards a small ball.   We’ve … Read more

How to Have a Safe Naturist Road Trip during COVID-19

How to Have a Safe Naturist Road Trip during COVID-19

Meanwhile, we’re almost two weeks far in our Big Nude French Road Trip. The main reason why we decided to go on this naturist camping tour was of course COVID-19. We wanted the flexibility of traveling with our own transportation. Not having to rely on trains or planes, which can get canceled any minute. Camping also seemed like the safest option. We would be able to bring our own gear, sleep in our own tent, … Read more

Naturist Camping in Europe: 7 Things to Remember

Naturist Camping in Europe: 7 Things to Remember

Pretty much everyone who had planned a naturist vacation in Europe or is still hoping to plan one, is probably following the news carefully. Every country has meanwhile started its recovery plan, some are taking huge leaps while others keep going in baby steps. Countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece are happily reporting that they will receive tourists this summer. But other questions remain: Which borders will open up? Will my government allow me … Read more

8 Naturist Resorts that are perfect for first-time Naturists

8 Naturist Resorts that are Perfect for First-Time Naturists

When you want to try naturism for the first time, the absolute most important thing to consider is where you’re going to do that. Picking the right place is everything. More than once we’ve heard someone say “Oh you’re a naturist? We have been to Cap d’Agde once and it didn’t seem like something for us“. After which they give us a look that speaks volumes.   Unfortunately, we can’t tell you exactly which will … Read more

How to plan a naturist road trip through Europe

How to Plan a Naturist Road Trip through Europe

Europe is a paradise for naturist vacations. When we look at NUDE, for example, we notice that the large majority of nude vacation destinations can be found in Europe. In fact, even in just the south-western part of Europe. The continent has much more to offer to its visitors than just an abundance of naturist resorts and nude beaches. Within relatively short distances you can find yourself indulged by amazing art and culture, standing in … Read more

When Do You Get Nude at a Nudist Resort

When Do You Get Nude at a Nudist Resort?

This is one of the questions we often receive from first time nudists. They’ve decided to give social nudity a try, picked out a nudist resort which looks very nice and then start thinking about the most scary part of the whole experience: The point where they will have to undress. When exactly does that happen? From when are you supposed to be naked? Do you undress in the car, the moment you’ve passed the … Read more

The very best nude beach packing list

The Very Best Nude Beach Packing List

Summer is here, the temperatures are going up and the sun is out. You know what time it is. All winter you have been waiting for this moment. It’s time to hit the nude beach! Finally! Maybe you’re still checking out the best travel deals, maybe you have just been browsing through one of our Ultimate Naturist Destination Guides or maybe you’ve already decided on this year’s nude vacation spot. But there’s one thing you … Read more

Nudism and Naturism around the World: Africa, Asia and Oceania

Nudism and Naturism around the World: Africa, Asia and Oceania

This is the third and last part of our blog series about nudism and naturism around the world. In previous chapters, we’ve talked about naturism in Europe and nudism in the Americas. These are the regions where naturism and nudism are the most popular and we kept going on and on because the options are plenty.   Today will be a bit more difficult so we decided to merge three continents in this last part. … Read more