Comfortably Nude: Maybe the Only Thing You Want

Only recently we’ve written down our own ideas about how nudity, nature, and spirituality are all linked. We’re pretty sure that the world’s first naturists would have been pretty proud of us if they had the chance to read it. It’s one theory of course and we certainly understand that some nudists or naturists thought that it was all a bunch of nonsense. In the end, naturism would probably not exist if someone took away the nudity. Sometimes it’s just that. The joy of being naked. The comfort of being nude.


Warning! The following news might be shocking!

We, Nick & Lins, Naked Wanderings, did not become naturists because of some ideologic idea… Sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it? Two promotors of naturism that claim that there was really no background in their move towards the nude life. In fact, this isn’t really news, we’ve already written about how we became naturists just because we had received a coupon. Nothing more, nothing less. It was one of those awkward moments that may seem like nothing special at the time but eventually appear to be life-changing. Anyway, it was just that. We had the chance to spend a day at a sauna complex for free and the fact that most of the good saunas in Belgium happen to be nude ones just tickled our interest a little more. There was no need to become closer to nature, no body issues we wanted to conquer and we really hadn’t ever thought about removing artificial boundaries between people. We were just going to relax for free. In the nude, with a bunch of nude people, we didn’t know.

Comfortably Nude: Maybe the Only Thing You Want

Were we naturists?

After our first visit to that sauna, several others followed. We started to get a taste of social nudity but not a single second we considered ourselves naturists. Or Nudists. Or whatever. We were just two people who enjoyed going to a nude sauna. A couple of years later we had our first “real” naturist experience when we visited a nude campground. Actually, it was a textile campground with a nude section but at the time we had no idea about the terminology. What we did know was that the nude part was called “naturist section”. Or something similar. From the moment we entered the gate, apparently we became naturists. We didn’t really care. We had found a quiet part on an otherwise very noisy campground. Because of our previous experiences at the sauna, being naked among others was not completely new to us. And again, just like that first time at the sauna, curiosity might also have been a deciding factor.


New Cambium intext 4
Years later, when we were at the International Naturist Congress in Lisbon we heard a statement that “naturism is a way of life, a mindset. No matter whether you’re clothed or not, you live the naturist lifestyle 24/7”. That weekend in Lisbon we understood what they were talking about (although we don’t 100% agree) because we have been blogging about the subject for several years and basically naturism (or nudism) has become our life. That first time at the naturist campground we had no clue about a naturist lifestyle. We did feel the grass between our toes and a fresh morning wind passing body parts it had never passed before. We did recognize the friendly and relaxed atmosphere. What we remembered most though was the comfort. Many of the burdens that come with camping just disappeared with that morning wind. Trying to keep our clothes and towel dry in a way to small shower cabin, trying to get dressed in a tent which doesn’t even allow you to sit on your knees… All gone.

Comfortably Nude: Maybe the Only Thing You Want

Comfort is king

Today, we dare to say that the comfort of being a naturist, although we had no clue what that name meant at the time, was what pulled us over the line to become one. In the naturist world… or let’s rephrase that to “in a conservative section of the naturist world”, it’s common to look down on the comfortable naturist. They don’t appreciate the values! They don’t know what it means to be a naturist! And bla bla bla. Those who just like to sunbathe in the nude or relax without clothes don’t understand what we represent! They are not real naturists!


Warning: The following news might be shocking.
In that case, we, Nick & Lins, Naked Wanderings, were not naturists. Or nudists or whatever. Today, many years later, we understand and agree with most of the “philosophy of naturism”. Although we don’t t feel like every aspect applies to us equally, we do think that naturism can help people in many different ways. Also those who are just looking for a more comfortable way to spend a sunny day.

Comfortably Nude: Maybe the Only Thing You Want

What’s in a name?

While the terms naturism and nudism have proved a great purpose to define what’s going on at certain campgrounds, clubs, or beaches, today they are sometimes casting a shadow over the naked people. All around the world we are seeing people who enjoy social nudity, for many different reasons of which comfort is often a returning one, but who don’t call themselves naturists. Because they don’t feel like they conform with the whole naturist philosophy. If we had known more about that naturist philosophy before we became naturists, the term might have scared us as well.


A couple of decades ago the only persons who were naked outside of the bathroom and bedroom were naturists. A very select group followed the same idea. Today, in 2019, only a certain percentage of those who practice social nudity in one way or another identify themselves as “naturists”. Some prefer the name “nudist”. Many prefer no name at all. Like not everyone who enjoys going to the movies now and they call themselves a “movie enthusiast” or “movie watcher”. They are just people who enjoy spending some time with a bunch of strangers watching a movie on the big screen.

Comfortably Nude: Maybe the Only Thing You Want

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Comfort in mind

People go to the movies because they want to see a new movie. But also, whether they realize it or not, because of the comfort of a movie theatre, the large screen, the comfy seats, the surround sound, the (or most of the) cell phones on airplane mode, no dishes to be done and nobody saying “could your please pause it for a second? I have to pee!”. While many aspiring naturists, just like ourselves, immediately recognized the physical advantages of spending time in the nude, the less touchable aspects were also there. Although maybe not immediately clear.


The lack of artificial boundaries with our fellow naked strangers or the more we became confident about ourselves was not something we felt from day one (or two or three). These were not our goals from the beginning to take the first steps into naturism. But eventually, those things stuck to us and made us feel more comfortable than those first nude steps into nature could ever have done. We still believe that the physical comfort convinced us after that first visit to the nude sauna and certainly after the first time at the nude campground. Physical comfort got us started into naturism, but without the mental comfort, we gained from the other aspects we may not have gotten so stuck to it.


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43 thoughts on “Comfortably Nude: Maybe the Only Thing You Want”

  1. I really enjoyed this article. My wife and I are amazed to see how big naturism is around the world. We would so love to live this way permanently, but living in South Africa has it`s limits.

    • It’s true that the naturist options in South Africa are quite limited. But we’ve seen pictures of some wonderful naturist resorts. Your country is certainly on our list op places where we want to experience naturism.

  2. An excellent and thought provoking article, as usual. Thanks.

    I tend to call myself a naturist or nudist pretty interchangeably, but really, perhaps like you, I’m not sure it really fits. However it does describe that fact that I like to be nude indoors or out, with or without other people around similarly (un)attired. As for the rest of what either of those words may mean, I’m not so sure. I’m not sure that I see it as a philosophy or even a lifestyle. I enjoy it. It’s not hurting anyone so why not. I don’t spend a lot of time trying to analyse exactly why I enjoy reading a book, or drinking a glass of wine. It’s enough that I do enjoy those things and the same is true of being nude.

    • I am the exact same. Use whatever label you want, I don’t care. I just enjoy being naked because it’s comfortable, and it feels good outdoors on a warm day. I do also feel the connection to nature and the removal of social boundaries, but I would still get naked even without those things because it simply feels nice relaxing without clothes. Except for providing warmth in the cold and protection against the elements in some situations, clothes are generally in the way, and are a waste of time, effort, and money. Can you imagine a world where you just wake up, get clean, and head out the door as you are? Imagine how much precious time we would save. Better yet, examine how much time and effort is wasted trying to artificially impress others with our clothing, and conforming to laws and dress codes.

      • Julie ,only those that have, are trying to impress others with clothing ,but u forgot to ad phones, cars, and other stuff as well ,that wont go away when ur naked.
        As for social boundaries, clotes dont make them, ppl do.Clotes dont have feelings.

  3. Interesting as always, but as i said before, in this case , i dont agree with that nudism naturism part.
    I dont know how you would call ur self, its ur call, u know ur self more then i do.
    But therms have to be and are or.. they would have to be specific ,if they are not, they are useless…
    These two words, if u look at them , have nothing in common.
    Nudism its self, nud/nude, says that its something nude, so i guess ppl named ,going to beaches and being totaly nude is nudism.
    Anyhow u look at it, its something nude.
    Naturism, i dunno why, but it totaly doesnt have to be connected with naked,cause it can be just connected with being in nature .. altho in some sence it does.
    Natur, aka nature, means ,natrual things, hence, being naked is natrual cause thats how u are born, so in that sence, it make sence to be nude.
    But also it makes sence for lots of other things, one of them is being in nature, not having much to do with artaficial things that arent natural, simply , living under the rules of nature. And that would mean ,well .. that would mean alots of things ,like living in a world/place where there arent artaficial regulations ,regulations connected to humans ,not things.
    Stone age? Anarchy? Call it whatever you want, but whatever is called naturism today, is really not real naturism, its something closest to it,but still its not it.
    Maybe we could call it , the conservative version , where u are in a fitting setting, like Bare Oaks where those ppl actually live there if i understand it right , its in nature, very close to the raw version of it, but still conservative on lots of things.
    Ya, maybe that kind of ,lets call it raw naturism, will never exist in 21th cent, altho it still maybe does like in the Amazon lets say , or some not capitalismED ,westernized ,modern laces and societies on the planet,only they arent even aware that its naturalism.. cause to them, that is normal.
    But it wont exist, cause we are not letting it, same way clotes became a norm, and many other things we are born with, and hence we take it as normal, cause thats how we grew up ,.. normal doesnt exist .. normal is only what u were taught to believe ,something that surrounds you, something u get to see every day , whlist anything else is crazy ,disgusting immoral, primitive.

    • You have to keep in mind that the term “naturism” was invented at a time when social nudity was really NOT DONE. Maybe one of the reasons why they chose this term was because they didn’t want to attract a lot of attention by calling it something nudity related?
      We’re just guessing.

      What’s “real naturism” anyway? It’s a question that is very often discussed. And you’re absolutely right if you refer to naturism as how it was started back in the day. Few people still do that.
      But is it worth comparing to something more than a century ago? People move on and so do lifestyles.
      Few people practice yoga like it originated in India.
      What’s real Christianity like it started 2000 years ago? It certainly didn’t include so many beautiful churches.
      What’s real Italian food? It can’t be pasta in tomato sauce because the tomato came to Europe from Mexico a couple of centuries ago.

      On the contrary, we believe that lifestyles can only keep existing through time if they are adaptable to the current needs and wishes.

      Oh and you can’t actually live at Bare Oaks in the sense that you can’t officially put your address there. You can in Cap d’Agde though 🙂

      • When i said Bare Oaks , ment on the owners, not guests.
        I mean i dunno if they live there 365 cause its in Canada, i mean even then they can but cant be nude, but the point is, they can ,if they arent.
        Hence off subject, but maybe not, eventho ill never see either Bare or Cap, cause i aint a nudie nor do i have to money to go there, but if i could ,out of 10 times id choose Cap 9 ,cause eventho Bare looks way more closer to nature/naturism cause of its location and surrounding, i just couldnt nor id want to have those tons of crazy rules obeyed , id literaly feel like im jail ,being watched by 1000 guards that cannot wait for me to make a bad move..

        As for the other, well .. about the lifestyles existing trough time if they are adaptable to current needs .. i mean no offence but ..wth does that mean?
        Who is the one`s` ,that are deciding what are the current needs ,and what or who gives them that right? You see .. now that would be a subject of real freedom, not being naked.
        Thats my point.
        If we always have to “addopt” things to something ,then those things dont really exist.
        And again, why do we have to addopt? I mean to whom are we addopting something , and cause of who?
        The majority perhaps cause thats democratic?
        If so, you know about the story of 2 wolves and 1 sheep voting on whats for dinner?.. id hardly call that freedom of choice.
        And addopting to current needs or trends or whatevers, is pretty much like that story.

        • There will always be people who evolve, people who adapt and people who don’t want to adapt. That’s just the way it goes. If it wasn’t like that, maybe wearing clothes had never really caught on and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

          • Maybe ,but u can still wear any kind of clotes u want right? Of course, some modest person made it up for an ex. that u cannot go into a bank, at least here, in shorts or slippers .. and stupid stuff like that.

          • And also this is nothing but the result of adaptations to certain norms. In Rio de Janeiro for example it’s perfectly normal to walk into a bank in shorts and flipflops 🙂

          • Yea but my point is, that who makes these things up and why?
            Who has that right and how come?… thats what i wanna say all this time …
            My guess is ppl wanna be “different” then others and that will make them stand out, regardless if that differentness will actually be a good thing, or become a new norm out of nothing.. and of course, that someone will make lots of $$$ out of it..
            Thats the thing that i dont like, ppl keep changing things and when u look at it, today , a sertan thing has literally nothing in common with the original one, yet it still has the same name… to me thats stupid ..
            If you want to umm.. like lets say have another racing car series.. dont call it Formula!! ! Formula already exists .. call it differently ,dont hijack the name ,its called stealing…
            And maybe the worst thing.. if things evolve, if once one thing was conisdered as ok ,why isnt it now? And the other way around.. humans were humans before, same as now, so why was something once good and now its bad,and the other way aroud..
            See.. untill things like this are at affect ,the word freedom will be the most hypocrite word ever.
            Of course, this is more of a general statemant about things ,then just about this topic.
            And thats why i also dont like this “thing” we got going on this planet in these few decades, that every country ,every place, every nation ,every culture , has to be the same, look the same, think the same, eat the same, drink the same, love the same, live under the same rules, morals, systems …

          • We certainly get your point and we see 2 main reasons.
            Marketing wise it’s much more interesting to change an existing term than to launch a new one. When you say Formula, millions of people know what you’re talking about. It would cost lots of time and effort to implement a new term, not to mention its risk of failing.

            The second one is that evolution often happens in mini steps. Add one new rule to Formula, should we call it differently? When we add one rule at a time, when is the point that it becomes a different thing?
            This is what happened to naturism. It used to be very strict with a defined set of rules including no smoking, no drugs, no meat, etc. In the late sixties, the no drugs rule became a bit difficult, later the no meat rule got away, then the no smoking, meanwhile people had become naturists for other reasons than just the health aspect and so on.

            We don’t know everything about the “original” naturism but since it was started in the early 20th century there could even have been a rule that naturists shouldn’t drive anything that doesn’t run on manpower.
            But even without such an imaginary rule, we doubt that naturism would still exist if we kept all the ancient principles.

          • I get what ur saying about marketing, and Formula but then, wheres the honestly? The truth? The real thing? Its all fake, not real, not free ,not honest.
            Generaly i get what ur saying but again .. being at a place like Bare Oaks, Cap, those $$$$ resorts of few u guys were at, at my local beach here where u hopp off after work for 30mins .. (yea believe it or not ,we have one here , i think i told u about it in mail back then) , or in some woods i saw a video about ,looked like an 80s or 90s video ,looked like a VHS to me, where literally even the house was made out of wood ,like a 3house or something, a family living there, now .. i just simply cannot put all of these options under the same name .. i just cannot.
            Indycar is racing, Nascar is racin, F1 is racin, F2 is racin, MotoGP is racing, but they are all so different that the only common thing is the driving, everything else is totaly different, and has nothing in common with the other… and thats why they have different names…

          • This is becoming a very philosophical discussion… what is the truth?
            We don’t think that any of the early naturists are still alive, so they can’t tell us. What we know is what a few of them have written down. Basically, their perception. Are we sure that several of the others didn’t just enjoy the nudity for a sake of comfort but just never wrote about it or even didn’t tell anyone? We are not.

            Maybe we should do what happened in music and make differences between 60s rock, 70s rock, 80s rock, classic rock, hip hop, dance, R&B, techno,… In the end it comes down to the exact same thing: people producing melodies out of instruments. But along the way they created different genres.
            We could probably also say that there are 20s naturists, 60s naturists and 21st century naturists. But the question is: is that really necessary?

  4. I really like being naked but the question why? What I feel is pretty sexy and that’s pretty fun. At the same time, I understand that naturism does not involve sex with nudity and actually even negates sex in public. It is certainly understandable and agreed that performing sexual acts in public is quite obscene. But when I’m just hugging my wife or even touching one naked, I feel happy and sexy and it makes my penis stand up and then it’s even more fun. So what do you say I should avoid embracing my wife in public or hide all this interest? But I think that’s a completely natural thing, do not you think so? So come tell me where the border between what is positive and negative or what is permissible and what is forbidden?

    • Many naturists will probably disagree with us saying the following, but frankly we don’t really care whether you gain some sexual pleasure from being socially nude or not. The border is that you shouldn’t share your pleasure with others.
      Even though an erection is a very natural thing, it indicates that there’s something sexual going on in your head. Because naturism is about non-sexual nudity, it’s better to follow the etiquette and put a towel around you or go cool down in the swimming pool. If you really can’t hug your wife without getting aroused, then you probably want to keep the hugging for the bedroom.

      If the sexual pleasure comes from the fact that there are others/strangers around, a naturist place is not where you want to be. There are much better places for that.

      • I prefer not to stick to concepts that do not connect together like naturism and sex. These are two words with quite deep meaning but also very restrictive. I think that a man who walks naked in front of other naked people has given himself an indescribable freedom against a certain kind of common public norm of being with clothes on all the meaning that comes out of it. But taking freedom from one side and imposing restrictions on the other does not go together. When you are free, then there are no limits to freedom as long as you do not harm others. As for erection, it is not necessarily related to the nude, because it is more strange to see an erection from the pants, and it is certainly not natural… But a naked man must be very natural, and he also enjoys a pass. In general I think I have the right to think and feel what I want. This is a natural and legitimate right and if it has a natural external effect of the body should accept it with love just like getting naked body. Let us return to the concept of naturism for a moment – this concept should also be upgraded after we all know the real freedom that people feel and take on these sites and stop pretending it is not so!

        • Ha erections… We’ve probably talked about this subject a million times before. And you’re absolutely right. It is something natural. So is having sex by the way, humans are pretty much the only animal which isn’t having sex in front of their children. And this is exactly where the line is drawn in naturism/nudism.

          Yes, naturism is about the natural state of the body, but it’s also about non-sexual nudity. Since an erection is seen as something sexual it should be handled discretely at a naturist place.
          We often compare it with farting. A fart is also a very natural thing and if you let one fly and take a couple of steps back, few people will mention it. Even if you’d just plainly ignore it.
          But if you’re all like “Hey guys, did you smell THAT?” or if you shoot one after the other, you shouldn’t be surprised that nobody will like you anymore. The same thing with erections. If it happens and you handle it discretely, nothing will happen. But don’t be too proud of it and if it happens every 10 minutes, a naturist place is probably not your best environment.

          • I love the comparison. But it is important to note that there are several cultures that say good health after farting or belching. As crude as it sounds. But it’s natural … Perhaps among the naturist it’s a more sensitive subject …

  5. Good article. I have never felt “comfortable” with the “Philosophy of Naturism” but I do feel comfortable with wandering about naked. I like to drive naked because clothing in a car gets squished up in my crotch and becomes uncomfortable. I like to walk or hike naked because covering isn’t as comfortable as my skin. I am comfortable meeting foolish clothed people on trails or wherever I go and won’t be arrested. The only thing I’m not comfortable about being naked is fear of being arrested. Our nudist organizations need to take that one on head first. We have a fundamental human right to control our own bodies and to choose for ourselves whether or not to be covered.

    • In Spain and the UK nudity is already recognised as a human right. The problem is that first there have to be a couple of court cases before action is taken.
      And few of us like to stand in front of the judge hoping for a positive answer…

    • Let’s say you’re in some place and you’re completely lost. The battery of your phone died and you have no idea about how to get where you wanted to go. There are 3 people in the street: a guy in a fancy Armani suit, a surfer dude in board shorts and a hobo who has been wearing the same clothes for who knows how long…
      Who will be the first you’re going to ask for directions?
      Will it really be the person closest to you? Will you really make no difference depending on their looks?

      We’re not saying that by taking away the clothes ALL social boundaries will disappear. We specifically picked 3 men in this example because there’s of course a difference between men and women for example.
      But people do make a lot of choices based on how others are dressed.

      • Like you said it’s people who make assumptions about other people. Humble men can wear suits. Surfers can be good people. We can have pity on the poor. Clothes aren’t the problem. People are.

      • It’s not more important than my family and friends. My wife is ok with me being naked. Maybe she would become comfortable if she got used to it.

        • Exactly and that is your choice.
          We’ve met people who ended their relation because their partner was not into nudism, but those are few. It’s always best to find a middle way in which everyone is happy.

          • My wife has no problem with my nudism. I’m naked pretty much all the time at home. She has a problem with her own body ( with scares From some surgeries) so she is not comfortable being naked. Although she has participated some. Only other family that has been around me is my youngest daughter which was only because I didn’t know she was around. But I have explained to her it would happen so she knows of my life style.

          • It’s proven that nudism helps conquering body issues. But sometimes people have already learned to live with their flaws and the covering of them. Who are we to judge? There is no right or wrong in this.
            The fact that your wife at least gave nudism a try is certainly a big and respectable step. Many others wouldn’t.

            It’s great that you can talk with your daughter about this, maybe one day she’ll step in your footsteps.

  6. A lovely article. I share your feelings that the best thing about social nudity is just the comfort of it. I love to be naked when that is the obvious thing to be. When it is hot and sunny, I want to take all my clothes off, not just some of them. When I go swimming, well nudity is simply obvious. Most of all, I love to sail my boat naked when it is hot. No need to worry about getting splashed. Want to swim? Just anchor and jump in. I used to wrap a towel around me when there were other boats nearby, but I don’t bother much now. No one seems to mind, and what if they do anyway.
    Enjoy your naked travels and keep telling us about them. If you are ever in Poole Harbour in the south of England and it is hot and sunny, I am the skinny naked guy in the blue sailing boat. Welcome aboard!

  7. Always thoughtful and well written. I share the comfort of nudity, both physical and psychological. Up to a point that it has become my new normal over the years. I still love clothes, but have limited their numbers to the one I really love, following the mantra of minimalism. Now, nudism, naturism, naturalism, FKK, etc. are just labels, like the one you find on clothes. Do label define clothes, no, they are just a way to provide information. I do not like labeling people, however, because the terms exits, there are nudists who are not naturists and the opposite is true too, I believe. However, when you embrace the comfort of nudity, I believe you can be labeled nudist! I am a nudist at heart because nudity is my first choice when acceptable and is my most comfortable outfit. I love nature, so I could be called a naturist, but nature can be harsh, and it’s not only nice bees, green grass and blue sky, however, we need to do everything that we can to protect it because we just need it to live. So in that sense, I am a naturist. Bottom line and beyond words, social nudity, a.k.a. naturism, is IMHO the best possible lifestyle when temperatures allow full nudity, and I just love it!

    Thank you Nick&Lin for keeping the nudist flag high!

    • Another issue we have with the terminology is that it’s not universally equal. In Belgium we called ourselves naturists, because the term nudist has a bit of an undertone which leans towards exhibitionism. In the USA on the other hand we were mostly nudists. Over there the nudists are the ones who visit clubs, resorts, campings, etc while the naturists are those who visit beaches, go on naked hikes or nude wild camping trips.
      But the best example to prove our point we found in Mexico. There people call themselves nudists because the term naturist has already been taken by the eco/health/organic movement. It’s pretty funny to see “naturist shops” though 🙂

      • I’ve done most of my naked living in the USA. My understanding of the difference between “nudism” and “naturism” is pretty much what Nick&Lins says. Nudists in the USA are pretty much those who visit clubs, resorts, cruises, etc., and enjoy rules about what you can and can’t do naked. Naturists are those who visit beaches, go on naked hikes on public lands, go on nude wild camping trips, or do naked bike rides through the center of the city. One term that I’ve seen recently for naturists is “free range nudism.”

        Even in the USA there is some overlap between the eco/health/organic movement or retired hippies, and naturists. Naturists want body freedom and other things as basic human rights everywhere, while nudists are content to go on vacation at a club once a year or on weekends. I’m not sure about the undertone of exhibitionism, but there sure are a lot of “nudists” who shave their pubic hair to display their genitals more prominently.

        • Thanks a lot for the info Bob!
          We follow a blog called The Free Range Naturist ( and they do pretty much what you describe. At the INF conference last year they spoke about “Wild Naturists” for those who are not members of an official federation. In the end… what’s in a term?

          We consider ourselves “globalists” in every aspect in life. We prefer to have a little of everything instead of everything of a little. Probably that’s why we identify with all of the terms and thus think they don’t make that much sense 🙂

      • Its funny, true that im new to the subject in general , but i have never heard of naturism till like a year or two ago when we “met” online here.
        I`ve only heard about the word nudism,and that made/kes sence cause of the the nude-ism .. i think i heard that long time ago , so when i was reading about the same subject but ppl used naturism instead of nudism i was like wtf?.. lol

  8. Two cents here.
    It is nothing more than a simple life pleasure. Whatever title or judgement you put on it is to you. For “us” it represents relaxation. No phone, no email, no clothes, nothing. That’s it. Simple life pleasure in a world of the opposite.

    Why? Why not? Against social norms? Sorry. Really simple stuff here. Too much of life living to others standards.

    Fortunately we are on the same page after pretty much everyone else’s experiences as ours. Try it and see. If it is for you great. If not, great!

    Really simple stuff. Really.

    • Some of the best proof of what you say can be found in Europe where thousands of people visit nude spa/wellness but don’t call themselves nudists. Mostly because they only do so for the relaxation aspect and don’t think that they are confirm with the other “nudist mindsets”.

  9. I really L<3<3<3VE being nekkid outdoors in nature and other place, but I have never actually thought of joining the movement…
    Maybe I should do that now.

  10. Another great article and many thoughtful comments. For myself, it’s simple. Clothes are a nuisance! Once accustomed to extended periods of nudity, becoming clothed again feels so unnatural. Sometimes we need clothes to deal with the weather, but otherwise it makes no sense. I’m always happier when nude.


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