Review: Chan Resort in Pattaya, Thailand

Although we’ve had a wonderful time at Phuan Naturist Village, we can understand that if you want to spend your holidays in the middle of the action ( or in our case, blow a load of money on wine and delicious Belgian food at the amazing restaurant Patrick), you do want to stay in the center of Pattaya City. And that’s exactly where you’ll find Chan Resort.   Since as long as we have known, … Read more

Review: Phuan Naturist Village near Pattaya, Thailand

In a side road of the main motorway between Pattaya City and Sattahip, you will find the Phoenix Golf Club… Well, that’s pretty interesting if you’re into playing golf, but for us, this was only the sign to look at the other side of the road because according to our map this was where we should find Phuan Naturist Village, the latest addition to the growing list of resorts affiliated with Naturist Association Thailand.   … Read more

Review: Lemon Tree Naturist Resort in Phuket, Thailand

The next lap of our journey through Thailand brought us to the very south of the country. Much closer to the border with Malaysia than to the country’s capital we arrived at the semi-island Phuket. Little more than 13 years ago, Phuket among many other famous beach destinations in South-East Asia, unfortunately, made the world news because of the devastating results of the tsunami of December 26th, 2004.   Fortunately, today the only evidence of … Read more

Review : Barefeet Naturist Resort in Bangkok, Thailand

Finally. For a very long time, we had been looking forward to coming to Thailand, especially after our issues in finding a decent spot to get naked in other parts of Asia. This was going to be a country with opportunities for naturists, a country where we would be able to spend days and days in the nude. And Barefeet Resort would be our first step.   We had planned this thing well, we would … Read more

Getting naked in Bali

You probably thought we were crazy when you got the news that we were going to Bali. After spending a month complaining about the lack of nudist opportunities in Sri Lanka, we picked an Island in Muslim Indonesia as our next destination… Now we don’t have to tell you that in Indonesia nude beaches are nonexisting, so why Bali?   Bali isn’t exactly known as a nude vacation destination, but we had a very good … Read more

Review: Au Naturel resort in Tejakula, Bali

We like to save the best for last. After spending some naked time in a private villa and in a villa resort, we were very much looking forward to moving on to Au Naturel, the one and only couple-friendly (we have to add this because there are two other nudist resorts on the island which are men only) nudist resort in Bali.   As soon as we arrived we were approached by a gang of … Read more

Review: Amertha Bali Villas in Pemuteran, Bali

There are numerous private villas in Bali where you could get comfortably naked without having to fear that any unwanted visitor will walk up to you. Villa Rini is a great example. The big advantage of a private villa is of course the unlimited privacy as you’re basically at your own house.  But, although the villas often have a number of staff, there are still many things that you will have to arrange for yourself, … Read more

Review: Villa Rini in Ubud, Bali

Bali is one of the most popular tourist hot spots in Asia because of its year-round amazing weather, its thriving culture, its magnificent nature, and splendid beaches. And then we haven’t said anything yet about the food… Yummy! But yet many nudists tend to skip the island due to its lack of nudist resorts and nude beaches. Bali is governed under the Indonesian Muslim law, which means that public nudity is not something you like … Read more

Getting Naked in Sri Lanka

It’s that time of the year that people start dreaming about summer holidays, the days are short and rainy and snowy and your thoughts wind off to some exotic place. You took the world map, focused on the equator, and started looking for some tropical island. And your eye fell on that little place at the southern tip of India: Sri Lanka. You start thinking about the lush green forest and wild elephants and you … Read more

Review: Welikande Villas in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Although Sri Lanka has all the recipients for a perfect naturist holiday, the government and the culture are still not convinced. As we wrote earlier in our Brief History on Sri Lankan Nudity, we found out a bit too late that there were about zero opportunities for naturists on the exotic island. For us, it didn’t matter that much though. Having the naturist resorts presented to us on a golden plate, like in Europe, is … Read more