8 Naturist Resorts that are perfect for first-time Naturists

8 Naturist Resorts that are Perfect for First-Time Naturists

When you want to try naturism for the first time, the absolute most important thing to consider is where you’re going to do that. Picking the right place is everything. More than once we’ve heard someone say “Oh you’re a naturist? We have been to Cap d’Agde once and it didn’t seem like something for us“. After which they give us a look that speaks volumes.   Unfortunately, we can’t tell you exactly which will … Read more

The Most Economical Naturist Destinations around the World

The Most Economical Naturist Destinations around the World

We thought about using the words “cheapest naturist destinations” in the title of this blog post, but what is cheap? For those of you who are used to visiting all-inclusive clothing-optional resorts in the Caribbean, $250 a night might seem pretty cheap. While others who prefer camping holidays will find $50 quite expensive. Nevertheless, there are places in the world that tend to be more economical than the average naturist resort. If your upcoming travels … Read more

Celebrating Songkran the nudie way

Have you ever heard about Songkran? Well, don’t worry if you haven’t, until a month of two before we also had no idea what it is. Long story short, Songkran is the Thai new year. In fact, it used to be the Thai new year, because since 1940 the government has set the official new year’s date to the first of January, to be more aligned with the west. But yet Songkran is still celebrated … Read more

Getting naked in Thailand: A Top Naturist Destination for 2020

Thailand has been a famous tourist destination for decades. The mix of year-round great temperatures, blinding white beaches, incredible fauna and flora, and delicious food attracts millions of holidaymakers every year. And yet, few know that naturism in Thailand has seen steady growth during the last years. At the moment the country already has a lot to offer for the naked traveler. With already eight naturist resorts in 2019, Thailand is number one in Asia … Read more

Review: The Oriental Village in Chiang Mai, Thailand – CLOSED

When we walked through the gate of The Oriental Village, the only word that immediately came to mind was: “WOW”. What a beautiful place, something we could have never expected when the taxi driver dropped us off in front of the building at the end of the road. Maybe it was the tropical garden that did the trick or maybe it was the nice row of white cottages, but we felt that it was something … Read more

Review: Chan Resort in Pattaya, Thailand

Although we’ve had a wonderful time at Phuan Naturist Village, we can understand that if you want to spend your holidays in the middle of the action ( or in our case, blow a load of money on wine and delicious Belgian food at the amazing restaurant Patrick), you do want to stay in the center of Pattaya City. And that’s exactly where you’ll find Chan Resort.   Since as long as we have known, … Read more

Review: Phuan Naturist Village near Pattaya, Thailand

In a side road of the main motorway between Pattaya City and Sattahip, you will find the Phoenix Golf Club… Well, that’s pretty interesting if you’re into playing golf, but for us, this was only the sign to look at the other side of the road because according to our map this was where we should find Phuan Naturist Village, the latest addition to the growing list of resorts affiliated with Naturist Association Thailand.   … Read more

Review: Lemon Tree Naturist Resort in Phuket, Thailand

The next lap of our journey through Thailand brought us to the very south of the country. Much closer to the border with Malaysia than to the country’s capital we arrived at the semi-island Phuket. Little more than 13 years ago, Phuket among many other famous beach destinations in South-East Asia, unfortunately, made the world news because of the devastating results of the tsunami of December 26th, 2004.   Fortunately, today the only evidence of … Read more

Review : Barefeet Naturist Resort in Bangkok, Thailand

Finally. For a very long time, we had been looking forward to coming to Thailand, especially after our issues in finding a decent spot to get naked in other parts of Asia. This was going to be a country with opportunities for naturists, a country where we would be able to spend days and days in the nude. And Barefeet Resort would be our first step.   We had planned this thing well, we would … Read more