Getting naked in Thailand: A Top Naturist Destination for 2020

Thailand has been a famous tourist destination for decades. The mix of year-round great temperatures, blinding white beaches, incredible fauna and flora, and delicious food attracts millions of holidaymakers every year. And yet, few know that naturism in Thailand has seen steady growth during the last years. At the moment the country already has a lot to offer for the naked traveler. With already eight naturist resorts in 2019, Thailand is number one in Asia when it comes to nude vacation options. The country can also easily beat the nudist options at any island in the Caribbean. And it’s a lot cheaper.


We have been thinking a lot about the right angle for this article. When we visited every naturist resort Thailand was home base to in 2018, at first we wanted to make a top 5. But that’s not as easy as it seems because every resort is so different that they almost become incomparable. So we’re going to tackle this in a different way… We’re going to take you on a naked trip around Thailand.



First stop: Naturism in Phuket

The international airport of Phuket has direct connections with several Asian cities, Australian cities, and even Dubai or Doha. If you’re coming from further away, you’re likely to have a stopover in Bangkok first but the connection times are often great. That makes Phuket an ideal first stop for your nude vacation in Thailand.


When we wrote the first version of this blog post in 2018, there was only one naturist resort in Phuket called Lemon Tree Resort. Unfortunately, this one closed permanently its doors for the nude traveler. The good news is that no less than three new naturist resorts have meanwhile opened their doors. Even for the visitor who enjoys spending days on a naturist beach Thailand has an opportunity right now.


The first new resort, Peace Blue Naiharn, already opened its doors at the end of 2018 and is owned by the previous managers of Lemon Tree Resort. The second newcomer on the Thailand naturist resorts list is Harmony, a bungalow resort in the south of Phuket island.


New Cambium intext 4
The cherry on the big Thai naturist cake however is Oriental Beach Village, by the same owner of the Oriental Village in Chiang Mai (see further). Other than an amazing naturist villa resort, Oriental Beach Village is also the only naturist resort in Thailand with its own private nude beach.
Fun activities in Phuket:

Oriental beach village in Phuket, THailand

The newest Thai naturist resort in Trang

At the time of writing, the newest naturist resort in Thailand is just receiving their first visitors. Gregers and Dao, owners of Barefeet Naturist Resort in Bangkok (see further) opened a second resort in the very south of Thailand. Beautifully called Barefeet Heaven Hill. We already know that the resort will be on a hill and that it will have the same atmosphere as the first Barefeet. Knowing Gregers and Dao, we’re absolutely sure that it will definitely be a piece of heaven as well.


Getting to Trang is about a 4-hour side trip if you’re already in Phuket. Another option would be with a domestic flight from Bangkok.

Barefeet Heaven Hill naturist resort in Trang, Thailand

Two Naturist Resorts in Pattaya

Phuket tends to get busy during high season and after those first days of getting used to the Thai weather, it’s time to have some more relaxing time. Get over to Phuan Naturist Resort just outside of Pattaya. One of the biggest resorts in the country lays in a relaxed neighborhood where you can optimize your tan even more and relax by the huge swimming pool, read a book or play some badminton or billiard. If you’re traveling with kids, this is also a perfect place to stay because of its size and its proximity to several water parks, a dolphin show, and other activities to keep the young ones busy.

And then it’s time to hit the nightlife, move your suitcases to Chan resort which is in the center of Pattaya city but still in a quiet street so your rest is secured. Get a couple of beers next to the pool in the afternoon and then investigate the nightlife at Walking Street for which the city is infamous. If go-go bars, clubs, and massages with happy endings are not your thing, the city still has quite a lot of decent restaurants and bars where you can enjoy a beer without a half-naked woman sitting on your lap.
Pattaya is something you have to experience, some stay for a couple of hours, others stay for years. In any case, you can always find refuge from the heath inside Chan resort and try to remember last night while further enjoying your nakation.
Fun activities in Pattaya:

TIP: Every last Sunday of the month, Naturist Association Thailand arranges a day trip to an island where you can be naked on the beach and in the sea. We’ve been there and we can very much recommend it. Transportation goes from Barefeet Naturist Resort in Bangkok, but if you don’t like waking up at 6 am, you’re better off to leave from one of both resorts in Pattaya.


Unlimited naturism in Chiang Mai

Thailand is praised for its beaches and its nightlife, but we believe that the north of the country is even more impressive. Beautiful villages, cities, and ancient temples can be found together with amazing nature around the Chiang Mai / Chiang Rai area. Our advice would be to set up base in Chiang Mai, because… indeed… There is a naturist resort.


Make sure that you have a fixed plan if you really want to explore the area because The Oriental Village has been known to suck its visitors up and not let them go. Many of the others we’ve met there never left the place during their whole stay. The combination of several facilities, a great restaurant, amazing relax areas and the enormous openness of the resort (there are no walls!) makes it an amazing place to relax. Google Images can show you what the area is about anyway, while you’re chilling naked next to the pool.
Fun activities in Chiang Mai:

Last stop: Naked in Bangkok

It’s almost time to go home, you’re completely relaxed, your skin is golden and you’ve gained a number of new naturist friends and memories that will last a lifetime. But there’s one place you still have to visit: Barefeet Naturist Resort in Bangkok.


Maestra Banner
Bangkok is one of those huge Asian metropoles which certainly has a couple of interesting sights. It’s your last chance to take one of those jumping photos in front of a golden pagoda or to get drunk on cheap Thai beer at Khao San Road and sing “Wild thing! You make my heart something!” one last time in a karaoke bar where nobody knows you. Bangkok has incredibly great shopping as well, so it’s the perfect place to buy souvenirs for those at home. Or you could spend your last couple of days having great conversations with Gregers and Dao and the other guests at Barefeet Naturist Resort while promising yourself that the next time you’re in Thailand, you’re actually going to visit some things.
Because of its proximity to both the international and national airport of Bangkok, the great atmosphere at the resort, the nice hot tub, and so many other things, Barefeet is your ideal last stop.
Fun activities in Bangkok:

TIP: Naturist Association Thailand organizes a yearly event called NATCON which attracts more than a hundred participants. Visitors from all over the world get together to talk about naturism and engage in fun activities. The perfect occasion to make your naturist vacation more memorable than any other.


When & How

There’s not a bad time to go to Thailand, it never gets too cold to not be able to get naked, although in the north the temperatures do drop after sunset.
November to March are high season with more tourists and higher prices. July to October is low season because of the monsoons, but those aren’t more than occasional showers and could actually be welcoming during a hot day. The months in between are often the best to visit if you like to get away from the crowds but still want a great tan.


The easiest way to move from one naturist destination to another is to fly. There are a number of low-cost airlines in the country which will get you about anywhere for less than 50$. If you travel with hand luggage only, it’s often half that price.
If your budget is tighter, Thailand has a great bus system with lots of night buses and a train line which is a bit slower than the bus but more comfortable. The choice is yours!




Whether you’re planning to practice naturism in Thailand in every single resort or you just want to pick some of them and spend a longer time at those places, that’s completely up to you. Every naturist resort in Thailand is unique in its own way and is definitely worth your visit. If there’s one thing we want you to remember after reading this (pretty long) blog post, it’s that if the goal of your vacation is to get naked Thailand is definitely a destination you want to consider!


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20 thoughts on “Getting naked in Thailand: A Top Naturist Destination for 2020”

  1. I’ve travelled extensively throughout my life, but have not (yet) visited Thailand. As a nudist/Naturist your article really interested me and I hope to find the time and opportunity to follow up one or more of your suggestions. Many thanks.

    • Dear Brian,
      It would be a good thing to become a member of Naturist Association Thailand – yes, I am the chairman 🙂 – because you can join our beach trips and other events we may arrange throughout the year. Some of the resorts also ask you to be a member. Its’s free as long as you don’t want to join any of the stuff, we offer. When you want to join something, just pay the 800 THB annual membership fee together with the cost for the activity you would like to join.

  2. Hi,
    I’m a nudist n attending NATCON 2018 . Wud luv to stay back for a day or two after NATCON from 6th may. Which resort do you suggest n do we have to book in advance?

    • Hi Kiran,
      If you’re only staying for a day or two, it’s probably best to not go too far from Bangkok (you’ll be flying from Bangkok, right?). Barefeet is a good choice, it’s very close to the airport. Or both resorts in Pattaya are also not far away. if you’re single, Chan resort is probably a good option or if you prefer a more quiet atmosphere we would advise you Phuan Village. Check our reviews of those places for more info.
      We would certainly advise you to book in advance, we think that many participants will stay a couple of days longer.
      Have fun at NATCON!

    • we just arrived at Oriental Village in Chiang Mai and we stay here until the 15th. From the 16th to the 18th we’ll be at Barefeet in Bangkok and then we’re leaving Thailand

  3. Yes Thailand is a great place,with warm weather and friendly natives but if you are a naturist and on a budget your a bit out of luck with the existing resorts which are all around US$90 per night,considering there are heaps of hotels/hostels etc at US 20 per night and still no legal naturist beaches

    • Indeed, the Thai naturist resorts are not cheap, but on the other hand they do provide decent value as well and we don’t think they can/should be compared to a 20$ hotel. Even if they had been textile, their prices would still be pretty high. We don’t think that there is enough demand yet in Thailand for cheap naturist accommodation, but who knows later

  4. hi
    i am coming to Phuket on 01-11-18… i like nudity.. am male 40 from India.. am coming alone… give details about your resort and facilities.. am single.. . is there massages is available…

  5. A lot has happened and changed since this was written.
    Now there’s Dragonfly Naturist Village the biggest naturist location in Thailand or Asia. They are a member of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR).
    You can check them out at
    8×20 meter Swimming Pool
    65 x 14 meter Pond
    2 Billiards Tables
    Sauna-Steam Room
    3 hole Golf Putting Green
    Table Games
    Legal Drinks
    3 Hot tubs
    Bike Path
    Walking Path
    Office Space

  6. hi. wife & me planning to go to a nudist resort in Thailand where accomodation is near a nudist beach or a nudist beach resort with a family friendly environment as my teens & kids to tag along. please
    reecommend to which resort to stay.


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