9 Naturist Resorts in Asia are Waiting for You

During the last decade, Asia has been the next continent where naturism has really been getting a foot on the ground. First in Thailand and Bali, but now also in the Philippines, naturist resorts have been opening their doors. A blessing for local naturists, who now don’t have to cross the globe anymore for their naturist vacations. But also great for foreign travelers. Next to the Caribbean, there is definitely another great region with perfect naturist weather year-round.


COVID Notice
Just as naturism in Asia started booming, the COVID virus interrupted traveling. At the time of writing, holidays to these countries are still difficult (if not impossible), but we are sure that soon naturist vacations in Asia will flourish once again.
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Naturist resorts in Thailand

Although several naturist resorts had to close down in Thailand due to the COVID-pandemic and the lack of international guests, the country is still the number one destination in Asia for a naturist vacation. The following resorts will definitely welcome you, and it’s probable that others will open up in the next years.


Barefeet Naturist Resort in Bangkok

For many naturist travelers to Thailand, Barefeet Naturist Resort is their first stop because it’s located in the country’s capital Bangkok at less than an hour’s drive from both international airports. Barefeet is a small guesthouse with only a handful of rooms, but the resort does have a large pool, sauna, and hot tub. The perfect place to get rid of your jet lag and to discover bustling Bangkok. The owners Dao and Gregers are known for their work for the Thai naturist federation, and probably even more for their legendary hospitality.



9 Naturist Resorts in Asia are Waiting for You
Barefeet Naturist Resort

Chan Resort in Pattaya

Another long-lasting name in Thai naturism is Chan Resort. A hotel-style resort with rooms around a large swimming pool. Pattaya is known as a party city, but that’s something you’ll barely notice during your stay. Chan is an oasis of peace in a frantic city. Yet, the beaches and party streets are just a short ride away.



9 Naturist Resorts in Asia are Waiting for You
Chan Resort

Peace Blue Naiharn in Phuket

If you have been on a naturist vacation in Thailand before, you may already have met the owners of Peace Blue Naiharn. They used to manage the former Lemon Tree Resort but decided to go their own way and open one of the most trendy naturist resorts in Asia. Peace Blue Naiharn has a large pool and garden, a sauna, a massage service, and a rooftop restaurant.



9 Naturist Resorts in Asia are Waiting for You
Peace Blue Naiharn

Oriental Beach Village in Phuket

One of the most popular and beautiful naturist resorts in Thailand, The Oriental Village in Chiang Mai, has unfortunately closed its doors. But the good news is that the owner moved to the south of the country to start an even more wonderful place. Oriental Beach Village is located in Ko Kho Khao, a barely inhabited region north of Phuket. Greenery is all around, and this is also the only naturist resort in Asia with a private nude beach.




Harmony Resort in Phuket

This is the latest addition to the list of naturist resorts in Thailand. Harmony is a bungalow resort with lots of nature, a large swimming pool, and also a volleyball and badminton court. The non-nude beaches of Phuket are just a couple of minutes away.



Maestra Banner
9 Naturist Resorts in Asia are Waiting for You
Harmony Resort

Dragonfly Naturist Village in Pattaya

Didn’t we say in the introduction that new naturist resorts might open soon? Well, the first will be Dragonfly Naturist Village near Pattaya. Not much is known yet about the resort, except that it will open in the spring of 2021. When it does, it will be the largest naturist resort in Thailand with 10 000 square meters of land, a large swimming pool, a lake, and a jogging trail. The resort will be managed by Jai and Bruce, former managers of the recently closed Phuan Naturist Village.



9 Naturist Resorts in Asia are Waiting for You
Dragonfly Naturist Village

Naturist resorts in Bali

While Thailand is definitely the most known naturist destination in Asia, the first naturist resort in the continent actually opened in Bali.


Bali Au Naturel

With a long-standing reputation, Bali Au Naturel is definitely one of the most popular naturist resorts in Asia. The large seaside resort provides two swimming pools, a sauna, a restaurant, and lots of tropical nature to its guests. The region is one of the few places on the island that’s not yet overrun by tourism and gives an insight into the “true Bali”.



9 Naturist Resorts in Asia are Waiting for You
Bali Au Naturel

Sunclad Villa

Not as much natural beauty in Sunclad Villa, but at an excellent location if you want to visit the tourist highlights and the popular beaches of Bali. Given its proximity to the international airport, Sunclad Villa is also recommended as a clothes-free transit place for your visit to Bali Au Naturel. The resort does have a small swimming pool.



9 Naturist Resorts in Asia are Waiting for You
Sunclad Villa

Naturist resorts in the Philippines

The Philippines are the next country in Asia where naturism is being embraced. Currently, there is only one small naturist resort, but we do hope that many others will follow soon!


JM Compound

A small guesthouse with only three guest rooms and a 12-meter long swimming pool. A nice home base for exploring the southern Philippines while also getting the opportunity to spend some of your time without clothes.



9 Naturist Resorts in Asia are Waiting for You
JM Compound


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13 thoughts on “9 Naturist Resorts in Asia are Waiting for You”

  1. Naturism in Thailand is simply a front for prostitution, which of course is more frictionless in Thailand.
    Look at the twitter, “Natural Village Pattaya”; the content that they retweet and promote and you will see lah. They will probably delete it now that I called them out.They hire ladies to peruse their facilities to cater to a certain image.
    This is not pure naturism.
    Gregers is complicit in it.

    • We’re not sure where you get that information or which proof you have, but we visited all naturist resorts in Thailand back in 2018 and found every single one of them genuine naturist. In fact, bringing in prostitutes is against the rules at these resorts, and honestly, there’s not really a need for putting up a facade for prostitution in the country.

    • I am a member of Naturist Association Thailand and frequent guest of their member resorts, and this is a spurious accusation. The resort owners have always emphasised naturism as being a non-sexual activity, and enforced the rules rigorously.

      “Natural Village Pattaya”’s marketing can be done better, but in no way lends credence to your allegations.

    • This is slanderous. Luckily nobody will believe that Naturist Association Thailand and the resorts under its registered trademark are “a front for prostitution.” The fact that a number of twitter accounts popular among sexually explicit twitter users have rushed to tweet from the pool side of the latest addition to the naturist resorts in Thailand does not make the association or the resorts a prostitution ring. All of them have, as far as I have cared to investigate, followed the rules of behavior of NAT and of the resort in question. Accusing me personally and by name of being “complicit” (= involved with others in an illegal activity or wrongdoing) could cost you dearly if I cared enough to file a police complaint against you. If you are who we think you are, we are truly sorry for you and your financial loss but it is Covid that is to blame for this, not the Naturist Association Thailand or the Thai naturist resorts.

    • I’m not sure that you have been visited at any naturist resort yet. Or you just wrote infront of your candle light. I’m open a naturist resort for 7 years. I never heard about it. If you are indult better talk or call us before spreading out this news. Do not try to burn our house and will be effective to your house too. and be real person Not “avatar”.

    • This is such an absurd acusation. From what you wrote, I don’t think you’ve never visited the place, but judging from a small screen in your hand and your narrow mind. Prostitutes are everywhere in the world, so to speak, legal and illegal, but it has nothing to do with naturism. There are different angles of naturism depending on individual perceptions of course but no naturists would ‘assume’ prostitute context. Too much obsessed with prostitution probably?

      • Dragonfly Naturist Village has never been a sexual place and never will be.

        A person does not invest over 60 million baht just to run such a place. If you investigate all of the swinger and sex places that try and front as Nudist or Naturist you will find that they are places that are rented.

        Dragonfly Naturist Village was a member of NAT at one time. Then Greger changed his mind or someone changed it for him

        Dragonfly Naturist Village is a member of AANR

  2. Olena
    If you have Facts, let us see or hear them.
    If your post is only Your Opinion, go take a nap.

    I have been a member of NAT for over 10 years. Not once in all that time has any member resort ever been less than perfect for families.

    You will always get some resort owners, who are not members of NAT, that allow negative and sexual things to happen. Can you imagine what happens in a private room in any Hilton?

  3. Dear Olena, your accusations are absolutely hilarious. Being a member of NAT and visiting naturist resorts in Thailand since 2011 the naturist community here can serve as an example for good naturist behavior worldwide. Really what you write is complete and utter nonsense. Shame on you

  4. All nonsense dreamt up by a lunatic. I’ve been to all the naturist resorts in Thailand. I’ve never seen a singe “dodgy” thing yet. What a nutter you are. Sod off.


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