La Plage Des Templiers in Ardèche, France: Review

Review: La Plage Des Templiers in Ardèche, France

There are more than 200 naturist campsites in France and every single one of them is unique. They all have their own atmosphere, their own nature, their own facilities and activities. Yet, when we walked through yet another row of pitches and past yet another jeu de boule court on our way to yet another swimming pool, we couldn’t stop thinking that we’d seen this many times before.   Have we been travelling too much … Read more

Review: Naturist Campsite Devèze in Gers

Review: Naturist Campsite Devèze in Gers

France is the world’s most visited country. Every year, millions of tourists head over to soak up the culture, drink the wine, explore nature, and visit the many naturist resorts. Although France is quite a large country, it’s interesting to see that most of these tourists tend to flock to the same regions. Even if you’ve never been to France, you may have heard of Dordogne, Provence, Côte d’Azur, and obviously Paris.   But France … Read more

Naturist campsite Les Fourneaux in Auvergne, France: Review

Review: Naturist campsite Les Fourneaux in Auvergne, France

We are regularly asked whether we never get bored of travelling in France. This is indeed the 4th summer in a row that we’re in this country and once again, we’ll be staying for several months. But getting bored is not something we’re afraid of. This country has so much to offer to both our naturist side and our traveller side. There are still many villages that we haven’t seen yet, wines we haven’t tasted … Read more

Review: Club du Soleil de Troyes in Aube, France

Review: Club du Soleil de Troyes in Aube, France

Several years ago, somewhere along the road, a very nice French couple had recommended the Club du Soleil de Troyes to us. This happened during happy hour at a naturist campsite, a situation in which recommendations tend to get forgotten as quickly as they are received. The thing was, they mentioned access to a natural river, and natural water is something we both enjoy much more than any given swimming pool. So the tip got … Read more

Dia al desnudo, Mexico's First public nudist event

Día al Desnudo: Mexico’s First Public Nudist Event

Angela de la Cruz Angela is a promotor of naturism and organiser of naturist events in Mexico. In this guest blog post, she will share her experiences at the “Día al Desnudo”, Mexico’s first public nudist event that happened in Guadalajara on July 2nd, 2022.     Back in 2020, Caro and I visited our friends Hector and Andrea at their home in Guadalajara to record some videos, and I remember that Héctor was talking … Read more

10 Naturist campsites in France that are VERY popular among families

10 Naturist campsites in France that are VERY popular among families

The summer months have finally arrived in the northern hemisphere and many European naturists are looking forward to their well-deserved nakation. Maybe you have already arrived at some tropical destination. Or maybe you’re reading this blog post while stuck in one of those infamous traffic jams on the “Route du Soleil”.   A question we really get a lot is which naturist campsite in France would be best to visit as a family. Because travelling … Read more

What do campsite stars mean in France

What do Campsite Stars mean in France?

This blog post has been made possible thanks to the sponsorship of France4Naturisme.   Over the years that we’ve been blogging about naturist destinations, some of you have asked us to put actual ratings in our blog posts. A scale from one to five or to ten. This would make it easier for you to pick out the best places in the world for your future naturist vacations. But the thing is, there’s never a … Read more

Tayrona National Park Colombia Nudist Beach

Tayrona National Park: Colombia’s Only Nude Beach

Nude beaches have the tendency to be hard to get to. You’ll rarely find them near very urban areas or where all the action is happening. Even if there’s a parking space, there might still be quite a hike to be done before you can finally take off your clothes. This does have its advantages though. This is one of the main reasons why nude beaches are rarely crowded, less polluted, and why they tend … Read more

12 Excellent European naturist resorts with a nude beach

12 Excellent European Naturist Resorts with a Nude Beach

What does your preferred naturist destination look like? Which feature does it need to have for you to consider visiting the place?   We’re not just asking you this, it’s a question we’ve been asking many naturists during our travels. The number one answer by far is that there has to be nature. The majority of the naturists we meet prefer greenery over concrete. Which didn’t exactly come as a surprise. Within nature, the choices … Read more

What can we learn from Latin American nudists?

What can we learn from Latin American nudists?

When you think about naturist destinations, countries like Colombia, Peru, or Bolivia probably aren’t the first that pop into mind. And if they do, it’s probably more in the sense of “Wouldn’t it be great if there was naturism in Ecuador?”. Well, we can tell you, there is. And not just in the aforementioned countries, but also in several other parts of Latin America.   Don’t expect Caribbean-style resorts or French-style village-sized campsites though. Naturism … Read more