Goodbye to the Lost Year, welcome 2021!

Goodbye to the Lost Year, Welcome 2021!

Be careful what you wish for, they said. Maybe we should have listened. If you asked us around this time last year what we hoped for 2020, we probably said something like “unique experiences and meeting interesting people”. And that was exactly what we got. Unfortunately, a global pandemic was not the kind of experience we had in mind. Neither were virologists the kind of people we were looking forward to meeting. At least not … Read more

Naked Wanderings - Happy Nude 2020!

Happy Nude 2020!

Oh what an amazing year was 2019! This is already the 4th time that we (as in Naked Wanderings) are wishing you a wonderful new year. This blog post is the 344th one on this website. And this is also our 3rd year of traveling. Meanwhile, it has become a bit of a tradition that in this first blog post of the new year we reflect on what’s behind us and try to have a … Read more

Naked Wanderings does Europe: A nude trip around Europe's best naturist places

Naked Wanderings does Europe (Again)

Today’s blog post will be slightly different than most others because our only purpose is to give you some great news about the future of Naked Wanderings. Are you excited? We certainly are!   So here goes: This summer we are going to…   Wait a minute, we need some drama here. Because we can’t put any sound in our blog posts (well technically we could but it would be very annoying) we want you … Read more

First Time Nudist: A Complete Guide

First Time Nudist: A Complete Guide

The big survey about naturism we’ve done a while ago showed us that the large majority, more than 60% of our participants, have started with nudism out of curiosity. A huge number. And it made us wonder… these people were curious and actually made the step to give social nudity a try. How many others are out there who haven’t taken the step yet?   From the messages that we receive on Facebook, Instagram, and … Read more

Introduce a friend to nudism

Introduce A Friend To Nudism

Let’s start this blog post with a question we’ve asked many times before… Why do so many nudist resorts fail to attract new members? Especially younger members? For the resorts it’s a big frustration because much of their income and their future are based on that. But also their members like to see a new face now and then and would love their naturist club to regain the vitality it had decades ago when there … Read more

Naked Wanderings looking back on 2018: An amazing naked year

Looking back on 2018: An amazing naked year

This is already the 3rd new year we’re celebrating on Naked Wanderings. In the last two years, we’ve expressed our wishes towards you and we were actually about to do the same this time when we noticed that what we want to wish you hasn’t really changed much. So we could write exactly the same thing again, maybe in some other words. Or you could just have a look at our wishes for 2017 and … Read more

Does naturism really provide freedom?

Via the a survey about naturism we’ve done some time ago, we asked more than 1000 naturists (or nudists as 35% of the participants prefer to call themselves) what naturism means to them. One of the most impressive numbers came from the question about what people see as the advantages of naturism. What they gain from it. More than 86% mentioned a “feeling of freedom”. The fact that naturists feel more free when they shed … Read more

My Naturism - a survey about nudism

What we learned from 1000 naturists

Lately we’ve been seeing several discussions pop up about what naturism really means and who’s a naturist and who isn’t. We’ve seen them in the comment sections of our blog posts, in Facebook groups and on online fora and we started wondering about this… In the past there was little room for discussion, either you were member of a naturist club and you were a real naturist or otherwise you were just that girl or … Read more

INF World Congress in Lisbon 2018

That time at the INF World Congress

More than often we have been aiming our arrows towards the INF-FNI (International Naturist Federation), we complained about their inability to modernise and worried about whether one day it will all fall apart. Most of all we wondered what they are actually doing for the naturists or naturism in general. Over the years we’ve sent them several e-mails to which we never received a response and so we just criticised them a little more. As … Read more

Dear Facebook, we thought we had friends

If you’ve ever tried to post nude photos on Facebook, you already know what we’re talking about. Social media censorship is a pain in the naked behind of all promotors of naturism because it became pretty much impossible to appear naked on Facebook. For us it’s not any different. Our hate-love relationship with Facebook is certainly not a secret… Well… love… Years ago we thought that Facebook was one of the best inventions after the … Read more