Our most memorable nude beaches around the world

Given our experience in travelling to naked places, we’re often being asked for “Best of” lists. What’s our favourite country? What’s our favourite resort? What’s our favourite nude beach? What’s our favourite brand of G-string to wear on the nude beach? Okay, that last question was just one dude. The thing is, it’s so very hard to give you an accurate answer because we don’t know anything about G-strings. And the other questions are even more difficult.


Everything depends on one or a few experiences, often not more than a couple of hours. There are so many factors that can influence whether or not we have a good time. There’s obviously the weather, there’s the crowd, there’s the scenery. Then there are also personal factors, did we have a good night’s sleep? Are we still hungover? Was there something wrong with yesterday’s seafood pasta? Did we apply sunscreen just a little too late? Trust us, when all the previous elements come together, you can put us in paradise and we’ll still say it sucks.


So here’s the deal, instead of trying to make a Top 10 list of our favourite nude beaches, we’ll start this blog post with an empty mind and just talk about the first nude beaches that come up. Eventually, these will be our most memorable experiences.



That one time… in Brazil

Before we started blogging, we had only been to a handful of nude beaches. Most of them were in Europe and not really of the kind worth mentioning. Small coves or rocky sections at the far end of a textile beach, where all the bathing suits give you “that look” when you walk past. Obviously, there was no Naked Wanderings back then to guide us along the way. From that time, one beach does immediately come to mind though: Massarandupio in Brazil.


We clearly remember how long and wide this beach was, and how warm the ocean water. Our only previous encounters with the Atlantic Ocean had been in France, where the water isn’t particularly shower temperature. We had totally underestimated the distance to the beach, so we ended up having to hitchhike and met a lovely couple with whom we’re still Facebook friends. Another reason why we remember this beach so clearly is because in the evening we accidentally ended up at a swingers party, which also was an ehm… unique experience.


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Lockdown in Zipolite

Over the last 6 years of continuous travelling, the most time we’ve spent in one place must be at Zipolite in Mexico. Partly because we got stuck there for three months during COVID, but also because we absolutely love this town. It’s just “our thing”. We love the beach bars, the people selling food and crafts on the beach, the general vibe that you can wear or not wear whatever you want without any judgment, and the friends we made in town over the years.


Similarly, we really like Linguizzetta Beach in Corsica, France. It’s a beautiful beach with several cool beach bars, but probably the main reason why it’s stuck in our heads is because one summer we had the chance to get a front-row camping spot at Bagheera Resort. We had been lucky because these spots are really hard to get. For days, it felt as if we just camped right on the beach. We saw every sunset and spent so many hours just looking at the beach and the sea.



Efforts are always worth it

We believe that if getting somewhere takes effort, it’s likely to be more memorable. A good example of this is Tayrona Nude Beach in Colombia. The beach is located inside a national park and takes a 3-hour hike through lush rainforest to get to. Because the trip was hard to do in one day, we slept in hammocks along the way. The second time we went to Tayrona, we took “our intern” for her first nude beach experience, yet another reason why the memory is so precious to us.


Also hard to get to was Cofete Beach in Fuerteventura, Spain. The 20-kilometre drive on a dirt road along the side of a mountain is not for the faint-hearted, but the first sight of the beach literally takes your breath away. Because it’s a huge beach and a long drive, it doesn’t get so many visitors and at the end of the day, most people leave. As we came with a van, we could camp right on the beach, which made the whole experience extraordinary.



Real-life influencers

We don’t really like the label “influencer”, because it has this undertone of unauthentic, self-indulgent, shallow Instagram babes, but sometimes we actually influence people, even in real life. One day, we went to the nude beach of Antiparos island in Greece. As it’s one of the only five official nude beaches in the country, we had high expectations, but once we got there we found everyone in bathing suits. Only in a far corner, full of rocks and an annoying current, the nude bathers resided.


We had only been running Naked Wanderings for a couple of months, but we felt some kind of responsibility. This whole beach was officially a nude beach. Someone had to take back what’s ours. So we went towards the centre of the crowds and got naked between the clothed. We expected complaints or harassment, but nobody seemed to care. Except when new people arrived at the beach, they didn’t walk all the way to the end but got naked near us.


Something similar happened on nude beaches in California and Portugal. These are often unofficial and don’t have signalisation, so many visitors don’t know exactly how to behave. At times, we arrived at such a beach and found several people clothed. Minutes after we’ve stripped down, everyone else did so as well.



When clothing-optional really works

California was also the first place where we visited clothing-optional hot springs. A local naturist group had invited us to Deep Creek, a hot spring located on the Pacific Crest hiking trail. The only visitors to this place are either naturists or hikers, both known for being rather open-minded. Some people were naked, others clothed, and all gathered together in harmony.


This was one of the first times we realised the benefits of clothing-optional when it comes to normalising nudity. Some naturists dream about a world where clothes are banned, but that’s never going to happen. One where the naked and the clothed can live together is a much more possible future. These ideas would later be confirmed in Zipolite, the Canary Islands, and only recently on Hanlan’s Point in Toronto, Canada.



Sometimes the best expectations are no expectations at all

From remote villages in Asia to deep in the Amazon jungle, everyone has heard of Cap d’Agde. It seems like the holy nude village that every naturist needs to visit at least once in their lives. It’s what Tomorrowland is to fans of dance music or Comic Con to Trekkies. We went to Cap d’Agde with the highest expectations and didn’t like the place one single bit. It was crowded, people were unfriendly, we were harassed and there was a certain sexual vibe, but of the sad kind.


When we recently told people that we would visit Haulover Beach in Florida, some of them warned us. They made it seem like the Cap d’Agde of the USA but with fewer Germans. We went with no expectations and had the best time. Of course, we went with friends who knew exactly where to take us. If we had gone on our own, we could have ended up somewhere beyond Lifeguard Tower 15 and have a similar experience as years before at Cap.


You can use this blog post to plan your upcoming naked vacations, but there’s no guarantee that your experience will be similar to ours. It’s all about what happens in the moment. You can’t control external factors like the weather and other people, but others you can, so be careful with alcohol and seafood pasta and make sure to apply your sunscreen in time!

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3 thoughts on “Our most memorable nude beaches around the world”

  1. My favourite top 3 naturist beaches are in order of preference:
    1. Maspalomas beach Gran Canaria – Fantastic beach set at the front of awesome dunes. The walk to the beach through the dunes is unforgettable.
    2. Orient Beach St. Martin – Still a lovely beach despite the demise of the Club Orient resort.
    3. Haulover beach Miami – Wonderful urban beach with great facilites. Hope the tower blocks don’t eventually reach this beach.


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