The Best Websites to Find Naturist Resorts and Nude Beaches

We are regularly asked for a complete overview of all the naturist places in a certain country or region, or even in the world. This is something that this website is indeed lacking. That’s not because we never thought about it, or because we are too lazy to create this, but rather because we don’t think this fits within the concept of Naked Wanderings. The core of our website is still a blog in which we talk about our personal experiences. And that’s how we want this site to be, a place where all the information is first-hand.


Luckily, there are quite some places on the web where you can find information about naturist destinations. Some are better known and more complete than others. What follows is an overview of the websites that we use for researching our naturist trips.



Our Naturist Destinations Page

Although we don’t provide overviews of every naturist spot out there, we did visit quite a lot of naturist resorts and beaches during the last few years. On our Naturist Destinations page, you get an overview per country of all the places that we visited, complete with reviews and stories about our personal experiences.


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The only place on this website where you do find complete overviews for certain countries is in our Naturist Guides section. Here you can buy guides that give you a complete overview of everything there is to know about naturism in several countries.


Naturist Directory

This is one of the longest-lasting directory websites for naturism worldwide. You’ll find overviews of naturist resorts, clubs, and beaches, organised by country or sometimes even by region. The lists are not always complete and sometimes a bit outdated (you’ll find resorts that are long gone and might miss some newer resorts), but overall you’ll get a very good overview of what certain countries have to offer to the naturist traveller.


NUDE – Nudist’s Ultimate Destination Explorer

NUDE is one of the most complete directory websites when it comes to naturist resorts around the world. With the search function, you can find places in very specific regions and you can choose to only search for certain types of resorts (e.g. Campsites, hotels, B&Bs, etc). For each resort, you’ll find a lot of practical information like address, phone and website, and an overview of the facilities. Also interesting are the visitor reviews, where you can read the experiences of previous visitors to the resort.




GetNakedGermany is a German naturist association that strives for more acceptance of social nudity. A while ago, we already published an interview with the founder of the association, but this time we’re going to focus on a very specific part of their website: Their Naktivity Map. On this map, you will find lots of naturist places worldwide, including resorts, beaches, nude spa centres, and so on. This map is very complete, especially for Europe. This is one of the very few websites that provide a decent map of nude beaches.


Maestra Banner

Le Naturisme

With only 332 resorts and 338 spa centres (at the time of writing), we definitely can’t say that this website provides a very complete overview. Nevertheless, we do like to use this website from time to time in combination with other websites because it provides a very simple and easy-to-use interface. Just click on a country and you’ll get a map and a simple list. Another plus for this website is that it comes in 3 languages: English, French, and Dutch.



When it comes to user-friendliness, this website is quite behind on the previous mentioned. The search function and the filters are difficult to use and don’t always give the correct info, and the maps for certain countries can be so full that they are really hard to navigate. This being said, Blootkompas does have some interesting advantages too. For one, that it is very complete (especially for Europe) and frequently updated, so you won’t find a lot of outdated info.


Another advantage is that it shows many different types of naturist places, including resorts, saunas, beaches, and swimming pools. The reason why we personally like to use Blootkompas is that it has many user reviews. These provide a lot of additional information and very accurate ratings. The website is available in 4 languages: English, Dutch, French, and German, but beware, the search function only works in Dutch. For example, if you want to search for places in the USA, you have to type “Verenigde Staten” and not “United States” or “USA”. The information on the maps is only in Dutch too.




Federation websites

If you have already decided in which country you’re planning to have your next nakation, the websites of the local naturist federations often also provide good overviews. For example this very complete map on the website of the French Naturist Federation. It has to be said that some federations offer much more complete overviews than others and that they use different criteria. For example, the website of AANR (USA) will only show you the resorts that are affiliated with the association. The website of the Spanish Naturist Federation, on the other hand, has an excellent map for finding nude beaches, but only lists very few resorts.


Location dependent websites

For popular naturist destinations, you can sometimes find independent websites created by locals or by previous visitors. For the famous nudist beach town Zipolite on the Mexican coast, for example, there is the website that will give you a lot of information about the town, the best places to eat and drink, how to get there, and an overview of all the nudist accommodations.


Another example is Captain Barefoot’s Naturist Guide to the Greek Islands. On this website, you’ll literally find everything you need to know about nude beaches in Greece. This website has existed for a very long time, but since it’s updated by a dedicated community, the information keeps being accurate. This website was our naturist bible when we were in Greece.


Which website(s) do you use to research your naturist vacations? Let us know in the comments!

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25 thoughts on “The Best Websites to Find Naturist Resorts and Nude Beaches”

  1. Thanks. This is a brilliant collection of resources and I think armed with these most people should be able to find what they are looking for. I’m considering a camper can trip through France and down to Tuscany with my pet dog and was struggling to find naturist campsites that would accept pets, but some of these resources look like the ideal way to plan the trip with lots of good break points so we’re not on the road to long at a time.

    • Glad you find it helpful!
      It’s hard to find lists of places that allow pets, most of the time you’ll just have to dive into every single campsite website. We are being asked regularly about places that allow pets, and we regret that this has never been on our list of things to check when we visit resorts. As we don’t have pets, it’s just not something that comes to mind when we’re gathering information.

  2. Thanks. For anyone else looking for this I have found NUDE – Nudist’s Ultimate Destination Explorer to be an excellent resource as you can select from a number of filters among which is pets welcome. Their handy map view of results is also excellent because I can plan my general routes and the check out campsites close to that route to minimise detouring off from that route.

  3. There was an iPhone app called iSwimNude. It was the best I ever saw and it allowed users to add locations and descriptions. Does anyone know what happened to it? I still have it and I still update locations as I come across them.

    • That app is no longer available thru the Apple Store. I had it on my last phone and loved it but it never got updated. When my phone was recently stolen (at a public nude park ironically) and I got a replacement, I LOST Iswimnude because it was not available. I wish it came back or a similar app came out!!!

    • Do you mean Nudist compass? They have a website and an app.
      Since the app is only for Android, we couldn’t check it. And we didn’t list the website because you need to pay to see anything interesting (like a map).

        • Definitely, about 85% of people use android. But we only work with iPhones and we only share what we’ve personally experienced on this website. And obviously, we’re not going to buy a new phone just to check if we can add this app to a blog post. Nor are we going to pay for the app to test it fully.
          Did you ever have to pay to read our reviews?

          • You got the wrong information. Definitely not all our reviews have been part of a collaboration with a resort. And we bet that you can’t see the difference.
            Also important to mention is that even if the resort compensates some of our cost, they don’t influence what we write, don’t get to see the review up front, and can’t ask for any changes (unless there are actual mistakes).
            This type of collaboration is generally called a press trip and is very common in travel. Plenty of travel articles you find in online or offline media have been sponsored/compensated.

            Obviously, if we have to choose between a resort that compensates our costs or gives us a complimentary stay and a resort that doesn’t do those things, we will choose the first. We have to live as well and by reducing our costs we can travel more.

            It’s quite insulting how you keep trying to picture us as frauds. If we would only write good things about resorts that pay us to do so, we’re sure that Naked Wanderings wouldn’t exist anymore.

          • The global market share figures, which agree more or less with your 85% figure, are misleading.

            iOS devices (iPhones) are much more expensive than phones that use the Android operating system. Large parts of the world such as Asia and Africa are much poorer than America and Western Europe, and their populations are huge. That’s why globally Android had by far the largest share.

            But, if you look at it by country, in the USA iOS has the biggest share with circa 60%. The UK is roughly the same, also around 60% and so is Japan, with over 60%. In western Europe, it’s more like 50/50, varying from country to country.

            In the US, UK and Western Europe, it is those with less disposable income that are most likely to have Android phones, and they are probably, therefore, least likely to be able to travel to naturist venues or resorts.

            I personally would therefore lean towards iOS if doing both is not an option.

  4. I’ve never seen a review on here that seemed to be influenced by free stays etc. I think all the reviews seem very fair and even handed irrespective of whether there was an element of compensation like a free stay. Plus you always point out when you have received a free stay so readers can make up their own mind if it was perhaps influenced.

    I do think you try to see the best in all the places you review rather than focus on the negative, but I think that’s good because just because you don’t like somewhere doesn’t mean everyone else would be the same.

    • Thanks Stephen! The main reason why we are reluctant to write negative things is because we are very aware that our experience is just a snapshot. We rarely stay more than a couple of days at the same resort. This doesn’t give us enough time to figure out the underlying reasons of whatever may have appeared as negative to us.

      For example, if the toilet block is not clean during our stay, we can’t know whether this is always the case or not. Maybe the responsible staff member just got ill, maybe they miscalculated the workload at that moment, maybe there are other guests who keep making a huge mess,… So it would feel unfair to picture that resort as the one with the dirty toilets.

  5. I am sorry that you find my post insulting. Sometimes the truth hurts.
    Your reviews are worthless because somehow they are paid for.
    Never is there anything negative in your reviews. Why is that? Be it that all the resorts you visit are 100 % perfect?
    I have spoken to several owners of naturist places and they all told me the same: you don’t visit if it’s not free for you.
    One example: you go to Fuerteventura, write about your trip and don’t mention not even one of the naturist hotels. You even missed out on the best naturist beaches.
    Worthless. Useless. The truth.

    • Once again, you got false information.
      But we don’t think that we owe you an explanation. If you think that our blogs are worthless, fine. Do yourself a favour and read other websites instead.

  6. As you are indicating that I am insulting you and that I don’t write the truth, let me ask you three questions:
    1) Do you know or have you heard of any naturist hotels on Fuerteventura? (A simple search on Google helps!)
    2) Why did you not mention one of them in your report about the island?
    3) Why did you not mention any of the best known naturist beaches of Fuerteventura and wrote about the lesser known (and by far uglier) beaches of the island?
    For us it’s easy to know the answers:
    1) Of course you do.
    2) They did not want to co-operate with you.
    3) Maybe because the best beaches are more easily accessed from the hotels you did not want to mention because they were not willing to invite and/or pay you.
    We are curious about your answers.

    • Of course, we know about naturist hotels on Fuerteventura. One of them is even a long-time partner of ours where we could actually have stayed for free if we wanted to.

      But that is not what this project was about. We went to Lanzarote and Fuerteventura because we wanted to make a video series about van life on two islands where wild camping is allowed and where nudity is accepted on the majority of the beaches. We understand that there may be confusion because we make a lot of content about naturist hotels and campsites, but this project was specifically meant to be about non-private naturist options on the Canary Islands (which can greatly be enjoyed while staying in a van).
      The only time when we did stay in other accommodation than our van was in Charco del Palo because we did want to experience staying in the naturist village and there weren’t any decent camping spots inside the village.

      As you can see in the first video of the series (, we ran into practical problems with the van just a day before we would arrive in the Canary Islands. Long story short, of the 22 days that we would be on the islands, we would only be able to spend 9 days on Fuerteventura (the much larger island of the two). 9 days is definitely not enough to explore an island this size (while meanwhile creating videos, writing blogs, etc). So we had to make choices. As this visit to the Canaries was a last-minute decision and we didn’t have much time to research, we very much relied on tips from our followers for this. If you had sent us your favourite beaches on the island, we might have visited those as well.

      We only wrote one blog post about our experiences on both islands (, in which we also explain the above. We explain that this is a camping trip and that we did not do a lot of research. So we don’t think that you can accuse us of giving false or incomplete information. You could say that the title “Naturism on Lanzarote and Fuerteventura” is misleading, but those who read the post will quickly realise that this is just our personal experience from camping for a couple of weeks on the islands.

      You have to keep in mind that Naked Wanderings is not a directory website. Our goal is not to list every single naturist venue. Instead, Naked Wanderings is a blog on which we talk about our personal experiences only.

    • Yes, and the Dutch version is really good but the English version not so much. And since our whole website is in English, we didn’t include it.

      • ahh oké, I didn`t know because I read the Dutch reviews indeed.
        We already been to 3 campsites picked out of these reviews and the next one is coming up. In juni we go to Domaine Naturiste de Chaudeau.

        ps. take care os yourself !!!!!


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