Nudism and Naturism around the World: Africa, Asia and Oceania

Nudism and Naturism around the World: Africa, Asia and Oceania

This is the third and last part of our blog series about nudism and naturism around the world. In previous chapters, we’ve talked about naturism in Europe and nudism in the Americas. These are the regions where naturism and nudism are the most popular and we kept going on and on because the options are plenty.   Today will be a bit more difficult so we decided to merge three continents in this last part. … Read more

Nudism and Naturism around the World: Europe

Nudism and Naturism around the World: Europe

While diving into all the content of our website for blog posts which we could include in our brand new Extended Versions of our Naturist Guides, we stumbled upon several forgotten ones from the early days. One of the first blog posts we ever published was called “Something about Cultural Differences“ in which we talked about nudism in different cultures around the world.   When we were reading that post again we felt that something … Read more

Nude home parties

Nude Home Parties

Where do you start with nudism? The nude beach or a nudist resort is obviously the most common answer but they do not necessarily reflect the truth. Most often, nudism is something that starts at home. The reason why people tend to name certain social nudist places as their first “nude experience” is just because often home nudism is not really seen like nudism at all. When people asked us in the past about when … Read more

12 + 1 Nude Events You Don’t Want To Miss In 2019

More and more we’re starting to think that nude events might be the key to a bright future for nudism. Especially the younger generation nudists want to get from behind the fences of the naturist clubs and resorts and do something fun, something spectacular. Luckily the options for amazing nude events seem to be larger than ever before. There are naked bike rides, nudist games, nude contests, nude cruises, nude festivals, nude tournaments, you named … Read more

What if you don't like nudist resorts

What If You Don’t Like Nudist Resorts

We just love nudist resorts. They’ve practically been our home for more than a year and a half now and even before our big journey, they were our favorite getaways. Personally, if we get the choice between a nudist place or a textile one, we’ll always pick the nudist resort. For the obvious reason that we can be naked without someone complaining (or having the police chase our naked behinds) but also because we like … Read more

10 Cool nude events for the summer

Spring is about to come to town, which is the perfect timing to start dreaming about the summer. What are your plans for this year? Camping in Croatia? Some beautiful resorts in Greece? Or maybe somewhere a bit further like Bangkok for example? All wonderful ideas and great plans for a great nude summer holiday! But if you want to do something really extraordinary this year, why not visit a nude festival, a great skinny … Read more

The Ultimate Nudist’s Bucket List

The time of new year’s resolutions is already behind us, resolutions we’ve managed to fail to achieve within the first week. Well, that’s how it goes every year. Time to get back to what really matters: Getting naked! If you check out other people’s  bucket lists (one Google search will give you about 28 million examples) it’s quite striking how many have added “visiting a nude beach” to their list. If everyone decides to do … Read more