10 Cool nude events for the summer

Spring is about to come to town, which is the perfect timing to start dreaming about the summer.
What are your plans for this year? Camping in Croatia? Some beautiful resorts in Greece? Or maybe somewhere a bit further like Bangkok for example? All wonderful ideas and great plans for a great nude summer holiday!
But if you want to do something really extraordinary this year, why not visit a nude festival, a great skinny dip or a body painting contest? Here are some of the options!


UPDATE: Make sure to check out the event list for 2020!


The Great British Skinny Dip

In case you’ve missed the Sydney Skinny earlier this month, you get another chance to get naked in the water among loads of like-minded participants. The cool thing about The great British Skinnydip is that it takes place at several different locations in the UK, so you can pick the venue which suits you best. You can even attend several different skinny-dips because the event runs throughout a whole month. Whether you’re a professional swimmer, a real polar bear or someone who only puts a toe in the sea and then relaxes on the beach for the rest of the day, The Great British Skinny Dip might just be the event you’ve been waiting for.
WHEN: September 2018
MORE INFO: http://greatbritishskinnydip.co.uk

Roskilde naked run

Many nudist resorts and clubs organise naked running contests these days, but the one at Roskilde in Denmark is “slightly” different than the rest. The Roskilde Festival is one of Europe’s most popular music festivals with names like Nine Inch Nails and My Bloody Valentine headlining this summer. In 1999 the Roskilde Festival Radio organised a naked running contest where the winning male and female contestant won a free ticket for the next year’s festival. The popularity of this run has grown over the years and now it became a mandatory part of each edition of the festival. Get ready to get muddy!
WHEN: 30 June – 7 July 2018
MORE INFO: https://www.roskilde-festival.dk


New Cambium intext 2


At Roskilde only the run is supposed to be naked, although after 10 PM several female visitors have been spotted flashing their breasts to gain the attention of James Hettfield or Jay-Z. If you really want to relax in the nude while watching a nice band playing, Nudestock at Tiger Mountain Naturist Park in Issaquah, Washington might be a better option. A bunch of local bands play rock and blues music while you’re having a dip in the pool or getting a nice tan… Life can be great.
WHEN: 25 August 2018
MORE INFO: http://www.tigermtnudists.com/event/nudestock-2018/


Back on the other side of the Atlantic there’s Nudefest organized by British Naturism. Seven days of camping in the nude and participating in craft sessions, yoga sessions, drum workshops, 5k runs, fishing contests, quizzes, clay pigeon shootings and many other activities while listening to live music and sipping a local ale.
Nudefest takes place at the Thorney Lakes park in Somerset, which is only a short ride from Bristol international airport.
WHEN: 9 July – 16 July 2018
MORE INFO: http://www.bn.org.uk/community/calendar/event/3733-nudefest-2018/


World Bodypainting Festival

Every year in July the town Klagenfurt am Wörthersee in Austria is transformed to the town of the living paintings. National and international music bands are giving the best of themselves on stage, but most visitors are here of course to see the art rather than to hear it. Check out the work of the world’s most famous body painters, show off your own talent at one of the workshops or let yourself be converted into a tiger, a snake or Darth Vader. Expect a magical wonderland with painted bodies, fire-breathers and burlesque dancers. An event not to miss this summer!
WHEN: 12 July – 14 July 2018
MORE INFO: https://bodypainting-festival.com/en/

Jazz & Real Ale festival

More cultural pleasure can be found this summer at the Jazz & Real Ale festival organised by The Naturist Foundation in Orpington, UK. The combination of dreamy jazz music, a couple of ice-cold beers and a bunch of naked people is always a formula for success. This year will already be the eleventh edition of the festival, if you haven’t been there yet, maybe this year you’ll find a blank spot in your agenda for the end of June.
WHEN: 21 June – 24 June 2018
MORE INFO: https://www.naturistfoundation.org/the-naturist-foundation-jazz-real-ale-festival/


Fantasy Fest

Although Fantasy Fest may technically not be a nudist event, we did believe that it’s worth a mention here. What started in 1978 as a parade organized by the Key West Business Guild to attract more tourists during the slow season has grown to a bacchanal out of proportion. Imagine Mardi Gras where women didn’t even bother to wear clothes anyway. Because nudity is technically not allowed, bodypainting is a must!
Head over to Key West, Florida this summer, paint the Naked Wanderings logo on your behind and enjoy the balls, the parade, the drag queen contents and the rivers of alcohol.
WHEN: 19 October – 28 October 2018
MORE INFO: http://www.fantasyfest.com

Maestra Banner


During most of the year, the Ponderosa Sun Club is just a regular nudist club in Roselawn, Indiana but two days every summer the place is converted into an Adult Festival. Strippers, pole dancers and porn stars from all over the state come to the club to entertain the visitors and to aim for titles as “Miss Nude Go-Go”, “Miss Nude Rising Star” or “Miss Nude Showstopper”. Whether this event will benefit the nudist society… we seriously doubt it. But if you like to spend your weekend days in a comfy chair while watching a naked woman hang upside down on a pole, this might be the place for you. But better not bring the kids.
WHEN: 21 July – 22 July 2018
MORE INFO: http://www.nudes-a-poppin.com


Burning Man

Does this event need any introduction? Maybe just in case for those living on Mars or in the far north of Sweden: Burning Man is a festival which takes place in Black Rock City, a town in the Nevada desert which only exists for one week per year. About 70 000 visitors flock together at the end of August in Black Rock City to celebrate the Burning Man Festival and to live in a place with no rules and no money. Pretty intriguing, isn’t it? Nudity is completely allowed during the whole event and therefore it’s on the bucket list of many nudists (and ours as well).
Be prepared when you go there, bring lots of food, water, and sunscreen!
WHEN: 26 August – 3 September 2018
MORE INFO: https://burningman.org

World Naked Bike Ride

Historians can’t agree on whether the first “real” World Naked Bike Ride was organized in either Vancouver, Canada or in Zaragoza, Spain. Frankly, we couldn’t care less. All we know if that it’s a huge event right now organized in more than 70 cities around the world. You don’t even have to travel far to attend one (except when you live on Mars or in the far north of Sweden). The setup is simple, take your bike out of the garage, take off your clothes and go for a nice naked ride through one of your favorite cities. The number of attendants differs a lot from place to place, so better check the website first if you like to know whether you’ll be surrounded by ten thousand other nudies or if it will be just you and aunt Betty.
WHEN: Throughout the whole year
MORE INFO: http://worldnakedbikeride.org


Have we given you some inspiration for an amazing summer? Or do you happen to know another amazing event we forgot about? Let us know!


Picture credit: The photos in this post are coming from Google and Twitter. If you find one of yourself and you don’t want it to be on our blog, let us know and we’ll remove it.


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16 thoughts on “10 Cool nude events for the summer”

  1. Nudes-a-Poppin’
    Thats interesting that they make a sex even at a nudist resort, a family resort if i understand it correctly , eventho its a separate event, i kinda remember a song that i would rename from Bon Jovi as .. You Give Nudism A Bad Name.
    I read about it on Wiki that they do that for $ to keep up the place but still .. its like being a prostitute ,dont matter if u do it jus once a year , u still did it.

    • Yeah, we had the same reaction when we saw this… But if it keeps them going and they make clear what it’s about, who are we to judge?

      • Yea ,but in that sence , ppl like me would say ..wait.. why do they have a sex party at a family nudist campground? It dont matter if its a separate even noted out whats it about ,thats not the point.
        Besides somebody has to judge, as in everything, im sure everyone will judge someone or something at least once.
        Just sounds strange to me that a family with kids will go there to hang out today ,knowing that yesterday there was a sex party going on and who knows what else at that same exact place/spot they`re at. Its almost like making a porn movie in a real school or a kindergarden..to me..
        Just sounds really odd.

  2. i thought only the running contest at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark allowed nudity people are allowed to be be naked or walk around nude everywhere i doubt i would interact with a clothed person while i’m naked (nude)

  3. Nudes a Poppin event should not have been included period. The list was obviously gathered together by non-nudists who know nothing about our nudist community and concepts.

  4. I for one am sick of Holier than Thou Nudists and their restrictive sense of what Nudism IS and CAN be! I moved to Pasco County Florida the #1 Per Capita Nudist Capital of the US! It’s sensual not sexual two prominent clubs here feature both Nudists and LIfestyle People (Caliente and Paradise Lakes) so spare me the Prudish discortations that only shrink the amount of nudists they keep the tent small when in point of fact it needs to be grown and the young need to be courted. But no one is doing that their instead preaching to the choir instead paying it forward.

    • Thanks for the comment Jeff.
      Fifty years ago, the term “nudist” would apply on a selected bunch of people who came together somewhere in the woods or at secluded beach to practice non-sexual social nudity. Today, this term has gotten a lot broader and basically applies to anyone who likes to be naked. Therefor there are some subcategories. There’s the family friendly nudism, clothing optional, lifestyle nudism, gay nudism, whatever. It’s impossible to put these all in the same box, so rather than trying to claim the general term “nudism”, they should be using a sub-term.

  5. Yes but take a look at any movement it always happens when different factions under the same color of flag come together. Civil Rights, Gay Rights, Cannabis, Transgender and now is a perfect time to bring this forward as one thought details to be sorted out later. Every State could and should have a clothing optional beach and since we are in the mode of Wall building Maybe that would help silence the prudish naysayers who always speak from pseudo moral high ground in such loud tones. 8 foot high white opaque fence. Then we can use camera technology to show the pervs on the textile side peeking in not the other way around!

  6. For the best naked bike ride around, Portland is the place to be. They have thousands of participants. This year LA will be on June 23 in the AM.


    San Francisco is always having some kind of naked this or that. Probably the largest is the Bay to Breakers Fun Run. Nudity is allowed and every year a few hundred nudies mix in with the 50,000 or so other participants. It is a complete blast!


    World Nude Hiking Day is celebrated on the summer solstice. California is full of places you can hike nude (BLM land National Forest land) but check your local regulations first. In the Southern hemisphere, remember their solstice is 6 months out of synch with ours.


    World Naked Gardening day is a thing. Don’t know of any public gardens that allow this but it is meant to get people outdoors and active in the buff.


  7. Sad to see NATCON not listed. The Naturist event that is the biggest in Asia. This is the 8th year that NATCON is being held. Each year it keeps growing and from 3rd of May till the 5th 2019 We are expecting 150 attendees from over 12 countries around the World. All the information is at http://www.ThailandNaturist.com

    See ya there…

  8. I continue to enjoy your writing about places where you travel.
    Travelites Nudist Retreat in Hopkins, SC, USA is southeast and adjacent to Columbia, SC. Our tagline is arrive as a visitor, leave as a friend.
    Our Annual Carolina Splash is held over National Nude Weekend on a Saturday, This year it will be celebrated on 13 July; We wanted to stand out from the Annual TNS/AANR Skinnydip to see how many people can skinny dip at the same time. We have increased our numbers over the years. The last large gathering, we had 25 campers and RVs with 10 in the main building in air conditioning.
    We have a shade garden in the center of the circle drive with a colorful trellis, which I have been told is the perfect place if you’re not quite sure if you want to totally disrobe. It is also perfect for a naturist wedding.
    In addition to our 33x18Ft, 4ft deep pool where we hang one of our volleyball nets, the new frisbee golf course should be completed shortly. Five new flower gardens have been created, mostly with pollinator friendly plants. A new drive from the road leading up from the street to our main building with reserved disabled parking has been put in. The pool continues to be sparkling blue and relaxation continuing into the 8×8 hot tub/spa. We have a number of table games, and a dart board.
    There are a number of chaises with 3 to 4-pads. Sun umbrellas are available with SPF of 30 to 100. There is shade with a brand new 2-person hammock. We do not have staff addition to my husband and me. I do cook and serve American style breakfast for those who spend the night.

    We open daily @ 9:30 and really don’t close except for those days and times we have to return to the textile population for taking care of ourselves and shopping for the park as well as us. I-77 exit 9, east for 8 miles, turn right onto Horrell Hill Rd. and go exactly one mile on the right.

    All we ask is to have a phone call to your visit so we can have the welcome mat out. Adult beverages are allowed, but please no glass.
    We have the least expensive daily ground fees at $30 USD or less if you are affiliated with INF, TNS, or AANR. Being part of the whole helps to keep our way of living more viable.
    email is [email protected]. Our website is http://www.travelites.info that will bring you to our official website.


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