The Best Clothing-Optional Honeymoon Destinations

Any vacation is better when you can spend some time without clothes, but a honeymoon is a whole other category. It’s the time to celebrate that the two of you became one YOU, and why on earth would you want to do this with clothes on? It’s often said that spending time naked together creates a special bond. Is that not exactly what you want after the rings have been exchanged?


With more than 1500 destinations around the world where clothes are just an option, the choice for a perfect nude honeymoon is large. Yet, some places fit better than others. Personally, we’re not married. If that day ever comes, this is the list of places we’re likely to be picking from.



Caribbean vibes

Let’s start with the obvious, if there is a number one honeymoon destination, it’s definitely the Caribbean. We bet that you can already imagine yourselves sipping cocktails on a beach bed, watching the sun go down. Unfortunately, the nude options in the Caribbean aren’t plenty. Our recommendation would be Saint Martin, with an abundance of nude beaches and a true Caribbean vibe. To spend the night, we’d pick The Paradise Peak, an upscale boutique hotel that is known for its personal service. For an occasion like this, we’re sure that Tess and Hugh can make things happen.


Technically not the Caribbean, but well worth a mention here is Zipolite. The famous nude town in Mexico. With a choice of more than 15 clothing-optional hotels in all different price ranges, Zipolite is a possibility for everyone. Think fresh seafood and colourful cocktails on the beach, the sound of lounge music in the backdrop, while the waves crash in front of your feet. Hotel Nude is also known to host nude weddings, in case getting married once isn’t enough.


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Cruising away

We recently read that there are people who live on cruise ships. We’re not talking about the staff here, but actual guests who whenever they finish one cruise, just board another one. For the large majority though, a cruise is rather a once-in-a-lifetime experience and typically something you do as a honeymoon.


The Big Nude Boat of Bare Necessities doesn’t need an introduction, for almost 35 years they have been bringing naked people around the Caribbean. Since recently, they expanded their reach towards the Mediterranean and soon you can be cruising over the Great Barrier Reef as well.


If you prefer a more personal approach, Katarina Lines uses smaller ships for their naked cruises around the Croatian islands.



Going Wild

Honestly, is a honeymoon really successful if you haven’t seen a lion chase a zebra? We would say that SunEden resort in South Africa has the potential to be an ideal nude honeymoon destination, with its abundance of nature and great rental villas, but there is a downside. The restaurant is only open during weekends, so throughout the week, you’d have to cook your own food. And if there’s one thing you don’t want to do on holiday…


Maestra Banner
Luckily, there’s a workaround. Joxilox Tours, which is based in SunEden, offers tailormade nude trips and the owners can make a lot of things happen. You might get a jealous look or two from a kitchen window while you’re sipping champagne and eating lobster on your terrace. Do you think that impalas eat lobster? It’s up to you to find out.


If your idea of a perfect honeymoon is to really rough it, we have something very wild for you. In Australia, it’s possible to camp all alone on a private island. Not much luxury here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have lobster. It’s not for everybody, but it’s 100% guaranteed to create lots of lifelong memories.


One more. Thailand has become a tourist magnet and unless you want to spend your time among people who wear white socks in sandals, it may not be the best destination for you. EXCEPT… We found an island that’s still off the tourist radar. It’s called Ko Kho Khao and it’s home to Oriental Beach Village. A unique naturist resort that offers luxury accommodations and is home to the only nude beach in Asia.



The Cradle of Nude Vacations

Truth to be said, Europe will probably not be our own honeymoon destination, but that’s only because we are Europeans and it would feel as if we’re just staying in our backyard. Still, Europe is home to more than 70% of the world’s nude resorts, so the options are pretty much endless and it’s hard to pick favourites. But we’ll try.


Bagheera Resort in Corsica has several newly renovated seafront villas. Decorated in a warm bohemian style. And their restaurant offers the best food on the island. Right next door is Riva Bella, renowned for its wellness facilities. Is a massage every day too much? Nah, it’s your honeymoon! Koversada in Croatia can be added to this list as well, with seafront accommodations that look like hotel rooms but without that annoying hotel.


If you prefer a personal approach or if you have a wishlist that can’t be fulfilled by the larger resorts, we have two more tips for you. Grottamiranda in the southern tip of Italy offers quality accommodations that are very locally themed. Their new wellness facilities will make sure that you can stay totally relaxed.


Then there is Domaine de la Quiquier. Located in the south of France on what’s likely the largest naturist domain in Europe. Yet, this guesthouse only counts five rooms. Staying at the authentic mas feels like being catapulted to a century ago, but with all the modern technology to keep you cosy and entertained. Everything at “La Quiquier” can be organised on request, making sure that you have the perfect honeymoon.


Did you already have a clothing-optional honeymoon or are you organising one? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. For those who also want to marry nude: at the Italian island Sardinia it is possible to marry officially while being naked, at the Benas nude beach close to San Vero Milis.

    • it appeared in the newspapers right after we wrote this blog post… Otherwise it would definitely have been in it 😀


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