Is Home Nudism also a Form of Nudism?

Is Home Nudism also a Form of Nudism?

Some people prefer to spend a lot of time nude inside the house, alone or together with their partner or family. Other than that they don’t engage in any other form of social nudity. Are these home nudists also genuine nudists? It’s a question we’ve seen passing by a lot on the internet and the opinions tend to differ. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’re probably not surprised that we also have an opinion about the subject. And that we’ll happily share it with you.


We’ve also seen a somewhat opposite question passing by: Should a genuine nudist spend all possible time in the nude? Because our own homes are the best places to do our own thing, we could translate this to: Should a nudist spend all time at home in the nude?


Although the definitions of nudism and naturism say that it’s a social thing, we do believe that home nudism is certainly a legit form of nudism as well. Even when you don’t spend any time naked in any other place. Equally we think that nudists who frequent nudist resorts, clubs or nude beaches but wear clothes when they’re at home are certainly nudists as well.

Is Home Nudism also a Form of Nudism?

The forced home nudist

One reason why we believe that home nudism is certainly a form of nudism is because some people just don’t have the possibility to be nude in any other place. The best examples are those who live in countries where public nudity is forbidden. It’s not because you happen to be born in the Middle East or in large parts of Africa or Asia that you can’t be a nudist. Other than a state of dress, nudism is also a state of mind. This can’t be restricted by a location.


We don’t even have to search that far. Often our readers from the USA tell us that they can’t frequent a nudist resort because the nearest one is just too far away. Nudists living in Nebraska or North Dakota (among many others) have to spend a lot of time and gas money to get to a nudist resort.


Location is not the only reason why some nudists are forced into home nudism. There are certain social boundaries as well. What if your partner isn’t into nudism and doesn’t want you to visit public nudist places? Some nudists are already happy that their partner allows them to be naked around the house and don’t want to blow this up by asking for more.


Then there are religious factors. You may feel like the bible, torah, quran or whatever book you decide to follow is against public nudity, but maybe it says little about being nude on your own. Some home nudists don’t want to enjoy public nudity secretly, without the knowing of their families. For some it’s not physically possible to visit a nudist resort or it’s too expensive. Others are just scared to give social nudity a try. There are many reasons why people are forced into home nudism and we believe that all of them make perfect sense.

Is Home Nudism also a Form of Nudism?

Life of a nudist at home

The reason why home nudism isn’t always qualified as nudism is because some nudists believe that it’s all about the social factor. We’re not going to lie to you, for a long time we thought exactly the same thing. Only when we started to hear stories from home nudists, via our Naturist Talks series for example, we understood their reason and most of all the beauty of it.


Unlike what many think, home nudism does not have to mean something antisocial. By hearing the term, some immediately get a depressing image of a sad naked person behind a computer screen spending his or her evenings on nudist forums and chat boxes. Although these people certainly exist, the larger picture is much more bright. Many home nudists enjoy their time being nude at home alone or with their families doing all kinds of different things.


Nude cooking can be fun for example and it has a certain risk factor. Especially when you’re having bacon or doing a barbecue. Nude gardening has its own international day. Even reading a book or just relaxing in a chair is so much more comfortable if you don’t have any clothes on.
Something we also found out is that doing the chores we don’t really like to do, like washing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom actually become less of a burden when we could do them nude. And we didn’t have to worry about getting our clothes wet.

Is Home Nudism also a Form of Nudism?

Inviting naked friends

A problem arises when you really like social nudity but you can’t. For any of the reasons we mentioned earlier. When we were in Thailand for example, we’ve met several people from Malaysia. True nudists by heart who loved spending nude time with others. Unfortunately, visiting a nudist resort for them meant taking a plane to another country. They could do this once a year, maybe twice. Even if they would earn lots of money and be able to take that flight regularly, it would still mean that their nudist hours are not that much.


They could limit themselves to family home nudism while they’re back home, but a couple we met decided that the social factor was too important to ignore. So they figured, social nudity should not be limited to official nudist places and neither should home nudism be limited to just yourself and your partner or family. Long story short, they found some likeminded people in their city and started organising nude home parties. The depressing idea of the sad nude person behind a computer screen couldn’t be further away.

Is Home Nudism also a Form of Nudism?

Nudists living clothed at home

Which leaves us with the other question: Should every nudist also be a home nudist? Should every nudist spend as much time as possible in the nude? When we look at ourselves, we never tried to spend 100% of our time naked. When it comes to home nudism, we mostly aim for the most comfortable option. If we know that we’re not going to leave the house any time soon or if we want to relax and read a book or watch tv, there’s no way that we’ll keep our clothes on.

On the other hand, our wardrobe was certainly not at our front door. At a busy evening when we only had an hour between getting home from work and whatever else we had planned, we really weren’t going to take our clothes off. Only to have to put them on again soon after. It’s not that we hate being clothed that much. Even now we don’t have a home or a job anymore and when we, in between nudist spots, happen to stay at textile hotels or rental apartments we don’t undress if we know that we’ll be out again soon.

So some people might think that we’re not real nudists if we don’t spend all the possible time naked. And that’s allright. As long as we can do what makes us feel best. The same counts for all the home nudists. It doesn’t matter for which reason you keep your nudity in the safe environment of your own house. As long as it makes you feel good. And if you do feel the need for being more social, try to find yourself a couple of naked friends and have a good nude home party.

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23 thoughts on “Is Home Nudism also a Form of Nudism?

  1. I have been nude for years at home always done the painting, ironing and house cleaning naked and yes I have fell into the big pots of paint lucky it was only emuision paint !

  2. In our opinion, certainly, home nudism is a form or foundation of nudism. Home nudism is where the majority of nudists get their start. As mentioned in the article, we were constricted as to where we could live our nudist lifestyle during our early years. Living in apartment buildings with little to no privacy, our nudism was restricted to the inside of our apartment.

    As we began looking for a home to live in, privacy in our backyard/garden was a high priority so we could take our nudism outside. When we purchased our first home and every home we’ve purchased afterwards, privacy in our backyard/garden from surrounding neighbors was paramount. We live naked outside as much as inside.

    Our beginning in a nudist lifestyle started inside our home and we are naked inside our home most of the time. We don’t have time to always enjoy social nudism at a club, resort or beach but that doesn’t make us any less a nudist than those that do.

  3. We find that doing things that we would have done clothed is far better when the clothes are not worn which brings so much more freedom plus helps to keep the body cooler, for me (Mark) i pref not to have clothes on and as soon as i get home they come off and i then can start to relax , done from decorating to working in the garage naked so much better. For my wife (Tracey) is she is not naked she will be topless at home .

  4. Who is not lucky enough to have nudist relatives who might have introduced them to nudism since the “dippers” world, they for sure starting nudism in the comfort or their home and later on comes the curiosity of social nudism if is possible and allowed in that specific country. Some of them open up their curiosity door on the word wide web where all kind of information is available especially from . I’m sure there are millions, if not even billions of home nudist who have to hear the word of nudism, social nudism in one way or another. All we have to do is to spread the word by many of us, older and experienced nudists, to help them open their curiosity door and guide them through.

    1. One of the corner stones of nudism is to be comfortable in your own nude body. We don’t believe that a social setting is necessary for this, but it certainly helps. Of course, the most easy and comfortable way is to start at your own home.

      1. Hi yes l started being naked at home but not be on a beach or a nudist holiday yet. Don’t think my wife would be happy about it she would go with me but she won’t go naked herself as she has her own body issues now she older. Saggy boobs’ are a tummy hangover witch she always concerned about.bye

        1. There are many “saggy boobs” at the nude beaches Peter, it might as well be your wife’s queue to give nudism a try and become more comfortable about her body.

          1. Maybe it’s Peter’s issues with how his wife looks that could be addressed. If she felt comfortable being nude in front of him, that could help her tremendously adapting to the lifestyle he finds so appealing.

    1. Exactly!! There is no such thing as a genuine nudist, IMHO. Folks can be nude whenever possible at home, on the beach, on the trails or at resorts. Whether full time or seldom it is all O.K. A side benefit is that even a part-time nudist will have a good attitude about it and others who participate in the nudist way of life.

  5. Like most guys here,I have been naked at home because of the reasons like expensive resorts,far away,my country rule n etc…I am really very keen to have social activities out there as a true Nudist..I am living in Malaysia.Can anyone help me to join the team or group.pls assist..I have many friends who want to be a part of Nudism..

  6. Home nudism and home nude party are the easiest way to enjoy nudism. If Mr. Jordon’s family like to practice full time nudism or nude family party can contact me by e mail Our family consists of me , husband , two teen children , my mother and my family friend, her husband, two teen children , her Father.

  7. If you enjoy being nude as much as possible, and not hung up or bothered by the lifestyle, then to me you are a nudist. I dont think the setting makes a difference? Saying a person is not a nudist unless they participate in the social aspect seems be counter to the nudism values and beliefs ok

  8. Sleeping nude is where it started for me. It then just increased to no clothing as the day(s) went on. My wife wasn’t very accepting at first but in time accepted my clothes free lifestyle. Yes, I do wear clothing at different times of the day like most nudists. The biggest difference is she refuses to go nude and I don’t believe she will ever change. I don’t have any intention of going to nude beaches, etc., without her. That’s why I’m a home nudist.

  9. I was created by a lesbian nudist mom indoor and now I live alone and naked at home I only use cloths to go to work and when I get back home I take all nude and I feel the difference beeing naked at home and beach when I go sometimes with nudists couples friends they are only friends who loves to be with me and now as I feel so free I am need to make friendship with nudists couples or women for help me naked at beach to socialize with nudists.
    And now naked and I took two days off to be naked at home and tomorrow I want to Go to the beach and pratica nudism

  10. I began home nudity when I was 14 and I would be home alone during the Summer months.
    After moving out I continued home nudity and am now 69 years old. My clothes come off as soon as I return home and stay off until I must leave the house. I keep a pair of gym shorts by my chair in case someone knocks son the door and keep privacy film on the lower portion of my windows as I love to see outside. Nudity is second nature to me. I wish clothing was optional everywhere in public. We can only dream!

  11. Being nude at home is probably how a lot of people get comfortable with themselves before venturing into more social settings.

  12. I think so, as long as you prefer nudity. Some don’t have the option outdoor unless if on holiday. I’m naked whenever I can, the Norwegian climate has it’s clear outdoor restrictions.

  13. I am always living nude on bedtime and first morning time, when I redy to go for work. My wife also love to be nude, but sometimes feel ashamed. We also take bath nakedly together with our small child . That’s not the problem, but problem is when someone came at our home, we are filling unprepared. How this will be manage….any idea. In India, we are used to see naked yogi (Hindu saint), naked imarse of Goddess, Naked poor people, but we are refuse to allow nudity in society, even in own 🏠. What a dual characteristics we belonging, I don’t know.

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