Why Generation Y will be Amazing Nudists

Remember the very first post on this blog? With all the naked traveling that we’ve been doing the last couple of months, we sometimes forget the main reason why we started Naked Wanderings. We were wondering what keeps teenagers, or actually people our age ( we still consider ourselves youth) from going nude. A question which we, after more than a year of blogging, still haven’t answered. We did what we could, we talked to … Read more

Why we think naturist federations should change their strategies

We like to see ourselves as revolutionary nudists. We try to spread the idea that naturism is not just something for a bunch of grannies who stopped caring about their body image ages ago but that it can be fun for anyone, no matter age, colour, shape or religion. As long as you’re willing to look outside the old “naturist box”. In several of our previous blog posts we’ve blamed the naturist federations for maintaining that … Read more

Why we need more naked beach parties

Many established naturist organizations, nudist clubs and nude resorts are seeing black snow at the moment. The average age of their members is increasing and they struggle to attract new, younger naturists. So they came to a conclusion: Youth is not interested in naturism anymore. They have become prudes, they are too much focused on the beauty descriptions from the fashion industry or they are just too busy with their work, social lives and families. … Read more

Why nudism and feminism go hand in hand

Some time ago we noticed that our website was being picked up on social media by several feminist action groups. We didn’t pay too much attention to that at the moment because we like to think that everything we write is women friendly. But somewhere in the back of our heads this realization got stuck and from time to time we wondered, how does feminism benefit from nudism? Naked protests have always been a good … Read more

Nudism 2.0

During the last weeks we’ve been talking about what will become of nudism in The future of nudism part one and part two. Shortly summarized, we think that nudism “as we know it” will eventually disappear and make place for a newer kind of nudism, Nudism 2.0 if you want. This new kind of nudism will focus much more on what the younger generation wants. Less jeu de boule tournaments, less swim evenings and less … Read more

The future of nudism – Part two: The possibilities

Last week we tried to build a general idea about what nudism is today and what is necessary to secure our future. Even though those were just our ideas, many of them have been proven and we strongly believe that there’s a beautiful future ahead for nudism. Last week were the facts, mixed with our own opinions, but let’s now focus on the future. In this article we’ll talk about our beliefs, hopes and dreams.   Robert … Read more

The future of nudism – Part one: The facts

We think a lot about what the future will have to offer for us nudists. And it’s a hard nut to crack, but that’s probably always the case with the future. But we can’t resist from trying to build our opinion about it, which of course we happily share with you.   We already covered a bit of our musings about the future in the article Is clothing optional the new nudism, on which we received … Read more