Why Generation Y will be Amazing Nudists

Remember the very first post on this blog? With all the naked traveling that we’ve been doing the last couple of months, we sometimes forget the main reason why we started Naked Wanderings. We were wondering what keeps teenagers, or actually people our age ( we still consider ourselves youth) from going nude. A question which we, after more than a year of blogging, still haven’t answered. We did what we could, we talked to people, gained a lot of ideas and shared them with you. We’ve blamed social media, the fashion industry and an upcoming feeling of prudery to be some of the reasons. But we still don’t get the complete image. Which means that our search is certainly not over yet.


While traveling around the world, we often get in touch with the typical “backpackers”. We used to be one of them when we were in our early twenties. We traveled the world for the first time, stood on our own feet, made our own decisions and got incredibly drunk. Now we still consider ourselves “one of them”, but somehow we are able to create a distance and see things from a perspective. In the end, we are children of the eighties, the average backpacker was born in the nineties, if not the nillies.


What’s generation Y?

People are divided into generations, which basically doesn’t mean anything at all except that they were influenced by different things. Our parents were baby-boomers, born in the positive rush after world war two. Then there was generation X, who questioned the whole “be happy with what you have and love each other” theory and figured that a decent job, a decent paycheck and a family with two children was the success formula for a good life. And then came generation Y, who reconsidered the whole “X-principle” and started wondering why they actually have to fit in at all.


Born in the mid-eighties, we consider ourselves borderline generations. Many of our friends fell for the whole study-buy a house-have a mortgage-marry-make some children way of life. Some of our other friends said “f*ck that!”, we don’t want to become a slave of the bank, the church or the government, we will find our own way in life. And they did. And so did we.


New Cambium intext 1
Generation Y asks questions about everything that has always been taken for granted.
“Do I really need to study to become successful?”
“Do I have to do a job I don’t really like just to have a solid income?”
“Why can’t I live with a couple of friends instead of a family?”
“Do I really need a mortgage?”
“Do I really want children?”
And some wonder “Do I really need to wear clothes?”

Why aren’t they all teenagers nudists then?

Other than asking themselves a lot of non-conformist questions, they also want to see answers. The generation Y is well prepared.
They want new things, they are very open to new experiments, but it has to lead somewhere. They want something new, something revolutionary and especially something where they can find their equals. Revolutionary ideas ask for equal minded people, for a platform where their thoughts can be put into actions. Unfortunately, nudist federations often don’t provide this platform. In many cases they are stuck to ancient values and rules with which the Y-generation is not comfortable.


So we see two possibilities. Either they will create their own movement, away from the nudist federations, a nudism 2.0 or maybe 3.0. Maybe it will be pure nudism, maybe it will be clothing optional or maybe it will be something completely different. We can’t tell. But there will be a difference, because nudist federations these days are very often managed by baby-boomers or gen-X, the people to whom this new generation is actually revolting (well, certainly not all nudist federations, we are very happy to see that new winds are blowing here and there. But they have some catching up to do).
The other possibility is, even worse, that they won’t question clothing anymore. That they will consider nudism as something for the “oldies”.

How to get generation Y on the nudist side?

We are certainly not the only ones who are asking the question why youth does not seem to be interested in nudism anymore. Nudist clubs see the average age of their members increasing and even Young Naturists America, a movement we loved, ceased to exist. This was a very sad day in 2017.
But we have to keep looking to the future, we have to attract Gen-Y because we know that they are open to naturism. But we have to get their interest.


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The big advantage of a Gen-Y is that they have the means, they don’t worry much about money, especially not about pensions our unemployment. They live today. They want to build a unique identity by doing things differently and they are following their curiosity. Instead of asking “why should I”, they will ask “why not?”. But they want to get something in return. Gen-Y is focusing on unique experiences and unique thoughts which will eventually improve their life quality.


So we need to make nudism unique again.
Nudism can be interpreted in many different ways and executed in many different forms and as far as we (who also like to call ourselves Gen-Y, remember?) are concerned, we are already sold.
But to gain the attention of the other Gen-Y’s, we need to get away from the old fashioned ideas and standards.
We are nudists because we like to be naked. And why we like it is different for every single member.


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14 thoughts on “Why Generation Y will be Amazing Nudists”

  1. By writing: “Our parents were baby-boomers … Then there was generation X” is becomes clear that the ‘lost generation’ is not only lost, but also forgotten: how sad.

      • Apparently this whole generationsystem is somewhat artificial. It seems that after WWII generations have become shorter and shorter. And especially those of us who were born near the end of one generation and the beginning of another, often don’t feel they belong to either one. Hence the ‘invention’ of new in-between generations, the lost generation (from about 1953-55 up to about 1965-67) being one of them. Still the fact remains that such dividing of people merely by the time they were born is inappropriate. In social studies it may be useful, but in human relations I think that it has very little meaning. I’ld prefer people showing more interest in each other and each other’s life and background no matter what age one is. That may sound a bit like the old naturist ideals, but in fact it is timeless and could work out pretty well as long as we don’t put it into a system of rules and regulations.

        • Aha, now we understand completely what you’re saying. According to the “official” division, baby-boomers are post-WW2 until 1965 en from then until 1980 it’s generation X. But those are long periods and a lot of things happened.
          And in the end those are just words, ways to categorise people. We call ourselves “borderline generations”, although being born in the eighties, we would clearly be generation Y as well.
          But we were born in a small village in Belgium where the traditions and customs taught to us were quite different than if we’d been born in for example Paris of New York. And even then, our values would still mostly depend on our family and friends.

          But you can’t deny that the categorisation in generations makes some sense, some points come out clearly when you look at the average persons born during those years, although it certainly doesn’t mean that everyone thinks the same. That was never the case and will never be (we hope…)

          We could have called this post “Why we think that many people born between the early eighties and the end nineties will be amazing nudists”… But that would be a crappy title 🙂

          • Indeed, there is nothing wrong with the actual title of your interesting post.
            In the 20 post-war years the world changed enormously in many ways (political, social, cultural etc.). Many late baby-boomers (according to the official division) entered, after finishing their studies, the labour market in a period of high unemployment. Little wonder they consider themselves as an in-between generation.

  2. Interesting post,tho as most things in life, things are relative.
    We can talk about these generations and thats fine, nothing wrong with it . I guess i would be the X one, but tbh idgaf lol , thats just me.
    As far as describing the generations, as i said its a relative thing ,what i mean is that it doesnt apply equaly to every part of the planet.
    And about the care free attidude of the Y one, im not so sure about it tbh, i see ,more then ever, ppl wanting to get the highest educations ,and i think they doo think of the future ,even more then any generation ,thats why they dont want kids or not right away as the older gens did.
    Thats the way i see it.

  3. Great post. There are definitely challenges to having nudism appeal to a younger generation. Generation Y we want thing instantly. Unless you live in a nudist community or in the middle of nowhere, you have to go out and find that place. Most of those places, especially in the United States are expensive. Generation Y is into their technologies which aren’t a welcome site at those places. Hanging out in a sauna doesn’t like one of a young person’s ideal weekend.

    I think there is a false sense of freedom with being a nudist. Sure, it feels great not having to deal with clothes rubbing against your skin or your pants pushing in on you. You can only practice nudism in places that allow it or in the privacy of your shelter. It’s something that is hard to be open about with family and friends.

    I think we just need to keep pushing forth the benefits of getting naked. Show that it’s natural and debunk the assumptions that it’s sexual.

  4. It’s an ongoing thing, isn’t it, this imbalance between nudism and clothism (sic?). Especially when talking about actual young people (kids-teens), the very concept can seem almost outrageous. And yet, we all know that kids are the most natural nudists around, if left to their own ways. So, where do we lose them?

    Me, I’m finding it incredibly easy to share with anyone my enjoyment of naturism. As I get older, any such social inhibitions just drop away. All I did was be comfortable with myself and my intentions! No special trick. And I find that lots of folks seem not only ok with the concept, but most with whom I’ve chatted have tried it out to some degree. It’s pretty cool.

    Maybe the slowed trend is an extension of other areas in modern life: lots of people are stirred by issues and policies, but always, only a fraction of those get out and vote. For nudism, really, all it usually takes is convincing someone to try it once and note how it feels to have sun or water on your entire skin. I’m ok with conservatism, I just don’t understand anymore where that takes such an inconsistent hold on lives.

    Also, though I read up on nudist stuff, I didn’t know that Young Naturists America had folded. Wow. That’s really sad.

    • Just so you know, although YNA ceased to exist, Felicity is continuing her amazing work on her own blog: https://felicitysblog.com/

      Teenagers are extremely influential, they are looking for role models to show them the way. Especially when it comes down to what and what not to wear. We are very happy to see that with Naked Wanderings we are already reaching quite a young public, but we can’t call ourselves influencers. We just hope that someone will stand up and say “drop those tight jeans, those short skirts, those hippie or baggy pants and let’s not wear any pants at all!”

  5. I’m a member of the generation Y (born in 1992) and I am so interested in nudism. I really do hope that my generation puts nudism forward and to make it something common.

  6. Thanks Nick and Lins.

    I have given a lot of thought to the whole generation thing, and in doing so, I’m often led back to a statement that I heard/read someplace (sorry – no citation) that oppression inherently brings a sense of shared values and unified objectives. When you think of how naturism thrived under the shadows of the rise of the Third Reich (and how it has essentially declined as Germany reunited!) it seems to me there is a context for how American naturism evolved. “We will unite in this thing that is decidedly counter-culture and progressive.” As one who spends a lot of time in Europe and North America with college-aged humans, it seems to me that there are SO many value systems at play in 2018 that the simple act of pushing off against one set of values or another is almost impossible to define. Get naked. Wear clothes. Resist the political establishment or buy in? It’s all too overwhelming and devoid of any clearly defined value system.

    I just keep hoping for a place and time where a person can say, “I don’t want to wear clothes. Why is that a problem for you?” With the increasingly judgmental trends in the US, I fear the pendulum is swinging away from that ideal.

    Thanks again for your great work for the naturist cause.

    • No doubt for many people in history as well as today, naturism has been a middle finger towards society, the government or anyone who wants to oppose rules which we don’t agree with. You can make me pay taxes, you can make me follow your stupid laws, but you’ll never make me wear clothes.
      Interestingly, if you read about progress (no matter in which field), it always happened when times are bad. The most genius ideas and inventions came from horrible times. The current instability and everything that is happening in the world right now might be the perfect ground for new and different ideas. These could be ideal times for naturism to thrive.

  7. Everyone is searching for meaning in life. Whether we’re old or young or somewhere inbetween, what we want is happiness and fulfillment, something to make life worth living. I’m of the “lost” generation, born in 1965.
    I’ve researched many things quite extensively and I think found a lot of answers. I have found truth to be stranger than fiction at times in several areas. And better than our wildest imagination at times. Searching for and analyzing the validity of spiritual revelations, I’ve found what seems to prove out as truth, although it’s definitely not the most popular or well known because it steps on toes and makes religious officials very uncomfortable. It’s the direct line of revelation by dreams and visions starting in early times (prophecies of Daniel in the Bible being the most significant early ones) and following all the way down to current, comparing everything and seeing how the old prophecy was fulfilled through the ages and how the new builds on the old seamlessly. It all lines up and has to be the strait truth because it’s validated by fulfillment in actual historical record up to current times. (the full rundown of it all can be obtained in 5 books called the “conflict of the ages” series written by Ellen White in the 1800’s, and the current update coming through Ernie in his dreams posted at formypeople dot org) I have researched much in technical realms as well and found much valid info on little known oppressed technology that would have changed the world’s economic and energy structure, but canceled out of society by those who would loose massive wealth if it were implemented. As for general life policy; We can’t be happy by oppressing anyone else. If we make people around us happy it bounces back to make ourselves happy. But if anyone lives a selfish life it interrupts the happiness cycle. Jesus Christ demonstrated that principal in His life, and we are supposed to imitate it. There are lots of big and little things we have opportunity to make choices on that contribute or detract from our ultimate happiness and satisfaction with life. I’ve come to the conclusion that aiming to imitate the example of Christ in love for others is first, accept His provision for life and strive to bring myself into harmony with God’s law to obtain mental peace of mind, then aim for a lifestyle of naturist gardening in imitation of the original example we are given of the perfect lifestyle. That will give me the best physical health I could get in this world. Can’t be happy if I’m sick. That involves a lot of education on natural healing, health, and how mainline agriculture has been moving the wrong way to supply healthy food. Advancing research in natural nutrient dense soil fertility management, It also brings us to naturism. Adam and Eve style. Putting everything together to create an ideal lifestyle is challenging and I’m just getting started.


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