Undress to destress

From time to time we talk about the psychological advantages of being a nudist. The most common way of nude exercise is of course naked pilates or nude yoga. This is also because body acceptance is a big thing these days, and that doesn’t come as a surprise. The more media and companies will tell us how to look, the more people will think that they can’t reach those standards and thus lose confidence in … Read more

Is our youth becoming more prudish?

Even though we are already in our thirties, we still like to think of ourselves as youth. But every now and then reality gives us a punch in the face and puts our feed back on the ground. Then we notice that youth isn’t exactly how we remember it. Last week we had one of those days that actually came quite as quite a shock. A documentary on the Dutch TV revealed that teenagers shower less and … Read more

Improve your body acceptance by going nude

You’re probably thinking “they must be joking” right? All your life you’ve been spending thousands of hours and dollars picking clothes that make you look thinner, hats that make you look larger, make-up to hide the wrinkles and jewellery to distract the attention from all the rest. Who knows, maybe you’ve even been to a doctor to have this or that corrected. And now Nick and Lins are telling you to leave all that behind… … Read more