Full Frontal Nudity

Guys, here’s a nice experiment for your next Friday evening in the bar: Suddenly shove a picture of a full frontal nude picture of a woman under the eyes of the guy next to you. Well, you don’t actually have to try it, we all know what’s going to happen. Some will tell you about how they’ll go through the Kamasutra with her, some will pretend they didn’t see it and others will start giggling … Read more

Nudists, don’t run away!

We’ll sketch you a scene here: A beautiful Tuesday afternoon , there’s a beach on Antiparos, one of the amazing Cyclade islands in Greece. The sun is high in the sky, the water is in different shades of blue and the soft sands are calling to put down your towel. The reason why you picked this beach and not one of the many others on the island is because it’s one of the only official … Read more

What we learned from working in a clothing optional campground

One of the items high on our nudist bucket list was to experience living naked. Like really living, for days and weeks in a row not to wear any piece of clothing. It’s not easy unless you’re a multi-millionaire. Or if you work on a nudist campsite of course. That’s how we ended up 2 weeks helping out at clothing-optional eco campsite Full Monte in Montenegro. Since it was the first time that we actually … Read more

It’s okay to be insecure about your nudity

Nudism is good for your body and your mental state, trust us, you’ll love it! Look at us, we’re all naked, why aren’t you? Take the plunge, get naked! Nobody will look at you! There’s no need to be insecure, take those pants off!   We, the nudists, feel like being nude is the most normal thing to do. It’s our natural state of being, it’s how we were born. For us, nudity is nothing … Read more

Undress to destress

From time to time we talk about the psychological advantages of being a nudist. The most common way of nude exercise is of course naked pilates or nude yoga. This is also because body acceptance is a big thing these days, and that doesn’t come as a surprise. The more media and companies will tell us how to look, the more people will think that they can’t reach those standards and thus lose confidence in … Read more

Is our youth becoming more prudish?

Even though we are already in our thirties, we still like to think of ourselves as youth. But every now and then reality gives us a punch in the face and puts our feed back on the ground. Then we notice that youth isn’t exactly how we remember it. Last week we had one of those days that actually came quite as quite a shock. A documentary on the Dutch TV revealed that teenagers shower less and … Read more

Improve your body acceptance by going nude

You’re probably thinking “they must be joking” right? All your life you’ve been spending thousands of hours and dollars picking clothes that make you look thinner, hats that make you look larger, make-up to hide the wrinkles and jewellery to distract the attention from all the rest. Who knows, maybe you’ve even been to a doctor to have this or that corrected. And now Nick and Lins are telling you to leave all that behind… … Read more