When the whole world knew that we are nudists

People become nudists in many different ways. Some were born in a nudist family, some were talked into it by a friend or partner, some saw the light after a nightly skinny dip or (like ourselves) after visiting a spa and some just followed their curiosity. Many of the first times end with a consensus: Let’s not tell anyone.   Our first time wasn’t any different, we didn’t have any friends or family of whom … Read more

The virtual Nudist

With the uprise of the internet almost all facets of life have moved to the online world, and the nudie life is not an exception. But what can you expect from online nudism? Is it worth it? Is it safe? We’ll try to give you a couple of answers.   It is important that we make the difference between passive online nudism and active online nudism. With passive online nudism we mean using the internet … Read more

What’s this all about?

We have been wondering how to start this blog… Should there be an introduction or should we dive right in? On one hand, the last thing we wanted was some “Hello World” post saying “Hi! Welcome to our blog! We’re not sure where this going yet so We’re writing this lame message“. On the other hand, We think some explanation could be interesting. Just to give you an idea about what you will find here, why … Read more