20 Worldwide nudist resorts on Booking.com

20 Worldwide nudist resorts on Booking.com

Finding a new nudist resort has for a long time been a pain in our naked behinds. We have to admit that we don’t just settle for the first option that comes in sight though. It must have a good atmosphere, a pool for our daily skinny dip, maybe a cool nude beach, and so on. You probably know what we’re talking about. This is OUR nude vacation and we want our nude resort to … Read more

Naturist Villages

Naturist Villages

It doesn’t matter whether we’re in a naturist resort in Thailand, at a gathering in Mexico or camping next to a lake in Canada. Whenever we start telling others about our journey to naturist places around the world there’s often someone who will ask whether we’ve been to Cap d’Agde. For many naturists, “Cap” has become a mythical place which they’ve put high on their bucket list to visit at least once in their lives. … Read more

Naked Wanderings: nudist travellers around the world

How we keep traveling the world without being millionaires

This is one of the most common questions we’ve been getting lately, both from our readers as from people we’ve been meeting along the way. How on earth have we been able to continue our nude travels for more than a year and how are we going to manage to stay alive for at least one more year? Many think that we are nude millionaires, that we have won the lottery or that we are … Read more

One year of Nakations

The Naked Truth: One Year of Nakations

Last week we’ve celebrated our one year “travelversary”… Indeed, for already more than a year you have been reading about our naked travels all over the world on this website. Pretty amazing, right? Well, at least it is to us. Time is going so fast, it seems like only yesterday when we stepped on that airplane in Brussels with a one way ticket to Croatia in our pockets. The very start of an epic adventure. … Read more

Finding a new nudist holiday spot

Nudists, in general, are pretty loyal beings, at every place we visit we meet people who are telling us that they have been coming there for years. It doesn’t matter whether it’s at a naturist campground, a nudist resort, a clothing-optional b&b, or any other nudist holiday destination. When nudists like a place, they keep coming back. One of the reasons is because we often meet other nudists at a place and we agree with … Read more

Naked Wanderings presents… NUDE!

UPDATE 2024: Unfortunately, after 5 beautiful years we’ve decided to put a hold on this project. It’s been fun, but we have other priorities now and just can’t put the time into NUDE that it deserves. Thanks everyone for your contributions, and, of course, there’s always Naked Wanderings and Destination Clothes Free to research your future travels.   During our travels around the world we meet a lot of other nudists and what kind of … Read more

6 Other Reasons to go on a Nude Holiday

The idea of being naked among others can be very scary, in fact, it’s the subject of many nightmares. Then why should you do that for something that should be relaxing, for something that should be fun, for those couple of weeks a year when you’re supposed to release all stress, for your holiday? We’ll tell you why!   As a reader of this blog, you already know about the joys of feeling the sun … Read more

Size does matter: Big vs small nudist camps

The difference in nudist campings is enormous, ranging from the small 10 spot campground which normally caters only to members and once in a while a guest to huge naturist villages like Cap d’agde in France. The choice can be difficult, which kind of nude camping to choose? Both types have of course their advantages and disadvantages, and what seems to be an advantage for one isn’t necessarily the same for someone else. To help … Read more

Naked Wanderings on the road

For those of you who are reading our monthly newsletter, this is already old news, but please do keep reading because we’ll go a bit more into detail here about our plans. For those of you who don’t read our newsletter: Shame on you! No, we’re kidding, we just want to announce some big news: Naked Wanderings went on the road!   What does this mean, on the road? Technically, it means that we’re not in … Read more

How to pick the perfect nudist spot?

We all share a common interest: The love for being nude and going on nude vacations. When someone pronounces the term “nudist” or “naturist” we think of those friendly naked people gathering around the swimming pool or in the woods in their birthday suit. Because we consider ourselves equals, outsiders easily tend to believe that we’re all the same. The same type of people with the same interests and the same things to say. But … Read more