How to Become a Nudist Blogger

Some time ago we’ve told you how we have been able to travel continuously for more than a year and how this blog isn’t particularly covering any of our expenses. But don’t let that be a reason not to start your own blog. If you start a blog purely with the single purpose of making money from it, you’re very likely to fail anyway (unless you’re way better in business than we are). From our perspective, you start a blog because you have something to say. You like to share your ideas about nudism and you just don’t find the right platform to do so. Well, that’s how we started back in the day, remember our first blog post “What’s this all about?


Having a reason why to start a blog is pretty important. Of course, making a huge load of money might seem like a good reason, but it will rarely help you much further. You really need something to share, a message, opinion or guidance.
Money, prestige or fame will not be good motivators, certainly not as good as helping someone taking the first steps into nudism.


The standard nudist topics

We started Naked Wanderings from the question “Why aren’t more younger people interested in nudism?” and because the answers to that question which we found on the internet were merely disappointing (if not boring or very old fashioned).
If we can’t find what we’re looking for, we’ll write it ourselves. It has been our motivation from the beginning and it still is now. We wanted to show the world what nudism is all about through the eyes of the average thirty-something couple. Very few had ever done this before.

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Does that mean that there are no other nudist bloggers? Certainly not. Several have started a nudist blog in full enthusiasm, writing several blog posts per week about the standard topics that keep every aspiring nudist busy: nude beach etiquette, how to get started, the nudism and sex thing, nudity in art, the history of nudism, the single male policy and so on.
But then… they run out of inspiration. All the standard topics have been tackled. They go from three blog posts per week to one, to one every two weeks, to one per month until they see their audience decreasing and they think it’s not worth it anymore. Another good intention died.


If we would give you a list of nudist blogs that started during the last year but don’t exist anymore… Anyway, we’re not going to do that.
So here’s an important tip: Think long term before you start. What do you really want to tell the world? Search for an angle that applies to your own life. Nudism as a woman, being a closet nudist, family nudism, nudist hiking, naked yoga, whatever. Only when you’re really into it, you will be able to keep providing great content.

Get specific in your naturist subjects

It’s a general misunderstanding that the generic you keep your topic, the more content you can produce. As you’ve seen before, there are only so many topics you can write about when it comes to nudism and we don’t know if you’ve noticed it but the ones that are still standing are doing so because they give their own opinions. Which makes them specific again.
We probably don’t have to tell you that with Naked Wanderings we moved a lot towards nudist traveling. It’s a passion of ours so it makes it pretty easy to keep talking about. In the blogging world, they call this “finding your niche”.


Now you could say that it’s easy for us because we travel all the time… True, it helps a lot but it’s certainly not a necessity. Look at The meandering Naturist for example. Dan is not a fulltime traveler and yet he has been writing about nudist traveling for much longer than we have.
Other blogs that moved on to a certain niche are Socks Off where Emma writes about the nudist events she participates at, The Freerange Naturist are a couple who write about naked hiking in the USA and one of our favorites is The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society (what’s in a name?) who write about body freedom and equal rights from a nudist’s point of view.


Another thing is that it’s not because you’ve picked your niche that you have to stick with it for 100%. Of course, you can still write an article now and then about other topics. Look at us… We have a blog about nudist traveling and we just wrote an article about how to become a nudist blogger.

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It takes time to run a successful nudist blog

Not only to write blog posts but also to get known. Don’t get disappointed when you’re not skyrocketed into the blogging sphere from day one. Readers have to find you and learn to appreciate your writings.
There are a couple of shortcuts which we certainly don’t advise you but we think that we do have to mention them here. The worst thing is to start a Tumblr nudist picture blog. Find several hundreds of pictures of young female nude models and present them as nudists and for sure you’ll quickly gain an audience. But that’s certainly not the audience you want.


Another way is by sharing other people’s content. Although this is a very easy way to create lots of content with little effort, stealing is wrong. If you ever repost other people’s blog posts, make sure to only publish a snippet (one paragraph or so) and then add a link to the original.


If you really want to get known you’ll have to work for it. A good idea is to read a couple of things about SEO, this will help you to write posts that are easily picked up by search engines. But also this has a downside. If you write your posts completely according to the SEO rules, you’ll lose a lot of your originality. We believe that SEO is rather something to keep in the back of your head while you’re writing than a bible for bloggers.


Something else you’ll have to put some time in is social media. Get online, make yourself a Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and whatever account and share your writings with your friends. If they like it, they’ll share it as well and if they don’t like it they might give some valuable comments from which you can learn what you’re doing wrong.


There is lots of competition in the blogging world and many niches have gotten so over-saturated that the bloggers see each other as the enemy. Luckily this is not the case for nudist blogging. As far as we’re concerned, there are way too few nudists blogs. So if you feel like you have something to say, get yourself a WordPress account and help make this world a little bit more nude-friendly.

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6 thoughts on “How to Become a Nudist Blogger”

  1. Wow!! Thanks for the mention. I’m a big fan of your writing as well! In fact, you guys are our heroes!! ?

  2. Wife and i long time practicing nudists it is posted in our house so everyone knows. But we do answer the door clothed of course. Wr enjoy blogs very much and would like to start one of our own. Keep up the good work.

  3. I started my nude blog not only because I had something to say, but also because I had something to show. I loved to share it too – and so did my many followers. Love it. I have a lot of “follwers” (or fans, as I prefer to call them) and many of them even wants to be like me. So that’s the reason why I started to blog.
    Unfortunately it was taken down after a few years and 300,000 views, so that was kinda sad.

    Love your blog and your Facebook!


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