The virtual Nudist

With the uprise of the internet almost all facets of life have moved to the online world, and the nudie life is not an exception. But what can you expect from online nudism? Is it worth it? Is it safe?
We’ll try to give you a couple of answers.


It is important that we make the difference between passive online nudism and active online nudism.
With passive online nudism we mean using the internet as a reference. Whether you’re looking for information about nudist events, the opening hours of your local spa or the nudist habits in Papua New Guinea, you’ll find it on the internet.
Active online nudism means participating in discussions on social media or forums, finding friends on The Nook or Truenudists or having online chats.


The Federations
Every country where naturism is legally allowed has their naturist federation. The websites of these federations are often a great resource for local info about the official nudist organisations and activities.
The downside of these websites is that the information they provide is often limited to the connected organisations and clubs and if this is your only reference, you could be missing out on a lot of the fun.
Every federation is different of course, but for example the Belgian Naturist Federation (BFN) doesn’t provide any info about the WNBR, even though there is one in Brussels… A missed opportunity…
To find your local federation, check out: INF-FNI


virtual_nudist1The Bloggers
Yes, that’s us!
On nudist blogs you can find a wide range of information, often with a personal touch, or even personal stories only. It often takes some time to figure out what you can find on which blog. Take Naked Wanderings for example. Sometimes we write about our personal experiences, but most of the time we try to provide general information with a personal touch.
Sometimes we receive complaints that the information we provide is incomplete.
Most of the time they are right.
We don’t check every fact we mention but we also never claim to be the holders of the holy truth. It’s not that we’re telling lies, but for example our post about cultural differences provides very little information about Afrika. That’s not because there’s no nudism in Africa, it’s just that we don’t know anything about it.
But enough about us, here are some blogs that we follow:


Clothes Free Life: Calling this place a blog is probably an understatement. It’s the encyclopedia of nudism. Everything you ever wanted to know about nudism, you can find it here.


Bare Thoughts: This one is probably the exact opposite than Clothes Free Life. It’s very personal. Harmen and Santana tell you everything about their naked life, if you’ve read two or three of their posts it feels like you’ve known them forever.


Tha Naked I: You might remember him from one of our Naturist Talks. He’s a blogger, an artist, a model, a hiker, a musician, a Swede and lots of other things, all in the buff. And a guy who does a lot, writes about a lot. You’ll find all kinds of topics on his blog.


Nu et heureux: Don’t let the French name scare you, they also write in English. Their topics are quite similar to ours and are also both informational and personal.


New Cambium intext 4
Socks Off: Another very personal blog where you follow the adventures of Emma James. The number of posts is quite limited, about one per month. Actually, Emma’s social media profiles are much more interesting (sorry Emma!)


Needless to say that there are plenty of other good blogs, feel free to put your favourites in the comments.


The Social Media
Everyone is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social network these days, and the opportunities for nudists seem to be growing. We think for example of hashtag nudism on twitter, the /r/nudism board on reddit or the many nudist groups on Facebook (including our own of course).


You may have noticed that we reached the border between passive and active online nudism here. Many will use social media just to keep up with the nudie news or to follow ongoing discussions, many others will actively participate in those discussions and provide their viewers with links, photos, videos or whatever they can digitalise.


Most social media have however an anti-nudity policy. Well actually they call it “anti sexual content” but we all know they just mean everything that includes an image of a breast, a vagina or a penis. Twitter was the last one that allowed nudity but it’s now also changing. If you want to read more about this, check out this post on clothesfreelife.


If you are posting stories or photos of yourself on social media, remember this: The second you post something online, it’s online forever. Even when you change your mind after a minute, there’s always a chance that someone copied it, saved it or took a screenshot.
We don’t want to scare you, just remember.
And frankly, we do that too. At the bottom of most of our posts you’ll see that the images are not our own. There is a huge amount of nudist related images on the internet and we can always find some that fit with our subject. If we would have to take all the photos ourselves, we would never be able to create one post per week.


Talking about photos…
Sometimes we get the question why we don’t put naked pictures of ourselves on our social media accounts. When we ask where this question comes from the reply is “Well… because you’re a nudist”.
Some people are even more straight forward.
“So, you’re a nudist, show me your naked body then”.
It seems like some people don’t understand the idea (or let’s say our idea) of nudism. It’s not because we like to be nude and because we feel totally comfortable being nude in public that we are aching to show our naked bodies to everyone in the world.
Does that mean you will never get to see our beautiful naked bodies? Certainly not. If we think it has added value to a certain topic we won’t hesitate.


But we digress. Here are some social media accounts that we follow.


On Twitter:


Maestra Banner
On Facebook:


And of course /r/nudism on reddit.


The Nudist Friend Finders
We don’t know if there’s really a name for these sites, but you’ve probably seen them. The best way to describe them is like a dating site, but for nudists and without the purpose of finding a partner but rather to make friends.


We have mixed feelings when it comes to these sites. On one hand it’s a great way to meet like minded people from all over the world, but on the other hand, it’s a great way to meet dirty minded people from all over the world…
We believe that the anonymity provides great opportunities for closet nudists to talk about their lifestyle. We have been talking to several people from countries where social nudity is forbidden and the only option they have is to be nude at home and the only way to talk about it is online.


But that anonymity has its downside, there are many predators online who are putting up a fake identity so they can get in touch with people they’d otherwise not dare to approach or to ask things they would never dare to ask in real life.
One thing to keep in mind is that they often don’t spend a lot of time on building up their fake identity. Their profile contains little to no information, their photos often look like they have been picked straight from the internet and when they’re talking to you they won’t strike up hour long conversations.
If your conversation goes like:
“You alright?”
“Can I see you naked?”
You gotta know something is not right.


We don’t frequent these sites often, except for:


The Nook: Their design is pretty crappy, seriously, people from The Nook, if you’re reading this, your site looks like it could use some serious design changes. But they seem to have very few fake profiles, we don’t know how they do it because for a site like that it must be incredibly difficult, but yet they manage to keep the predators away. Congrats for that! Other than that they have quite a number of active users, mostly from Europe or the USA and we often find interesting conversations.


TrueNudists: This one is very professional and is very easy to get around, it has lots of users from everywhere in the world, but unfortunately they also have a lot of fake accounts. And only part of the website is free. We don’t like websites where you have to “pay to see more”, they should get the money from their advertisers, not from their users. But it’s very popular. If you want to get in touch with nudists from Paraguay, this is probably the only place you can find them.


The Chats and Cams
This is the creme de la creme of active online nudism, talking in real time with other nudists and with a webcam you can actually see each other. It’s like having a nice talk in the bar of a nudist camp except that you can have it from your own couch. Sounds perfect right?


It’s not hard to imagine that this is the creme de la creme for predators too. They can have dirty talks or actually see people naked in real time. They can even try to engage them in some kind of webcam sex.
And it’s sad to say, but we are an easy prey. In “textile” chat rooms it must be hard to convince people to take off their clothes, but we… we’re probably already naked the moment we turn on our cam.


When it comes to whether or not to trust someone in a chatroom or during a webcam session we can only advise you to trust your guts. if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t right.
If you have little trust in your guts, here are a couple of ways to identify people with wrong intentions:


  • If your chat partner keeps changing the subject to something sexual, it’s bad news.
  • If your chat partner asks to exchange nude pictures before exchanging any other info, bad news.
  • If your chat partner seems pushy to start using the cam, bad news.
  • If you agree to cam and the other side’s cam is suddenly broken, bad news.
  • Sometimes people will show you a video of someone behind a cam instead of themselves. This can be hard to recognise. A good tip here is to wave at your cam partner at the moment you turn on your cam. Someone real will wave back. It’s a reflex.
  • People with bad intentions will very often be impatient. They don’t want to spend much time with you if they think they can’t get you to do what they want. If you say you don’t want to cam nude the first time you meet someone and they’re cool with it and keep chatting, good news.


Don’t forget what we said before, anything you put online will stay online. Even live webcam video, there are plenty of tools to record them.
We rarely cam, especially not with people we don’t know in real life so we can’t give you much advice on good sites. Truenudists has a chat room with webcam option, and often skype sessions are initiated from those “friend finder sites”.


Are you running a blog?
Are you active on social media?
Or do you know any other good sites?
Let us know!


Picture credit: Andy, Fabien, Roger and Twitter

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22 thoughts on “The virtual Nudist”

  1. As always, a nice post. Good run down of what’s out there. Among naturists the challenge is having to get through the plethora of sites labeling themselves as naturist that are far from it.

    My blog is still pretty young [email protected]. But I like to think it’s decent. Like some others you describe, personal stories, personal views, related informative articles, and some fun. To me, naturism is, at its most basic, fun. Naturist blogs should be too.

    Thanks for the nice post!

  2. I have been looking and looking and yes looking for a truenudist site most of the sites contain people who want sex it is so annoying. I’m tired of people wanting to see pictures of me naked. I’m just looking for some true nudists that feel the same way about nudity who enjoy talking about just regular everyday things and life.

  3. Wondering about something not mentioned in the article, is it better to be clothed or nude when visiting nudist web sites, blogs, etc.? 🙂

      • It definitely feels best to do all web surfing nude! On the other hand, when doing it from an office or public venue, nude could be considered rude.

  4. I have a blog that connects nudity with spirituality – the two are totally linked, for me. Everything, animal, vegetable and mineral, has a spirit and if we are lucky we can connect to the spirits of others – trees, stars, stones etc.. All these beings are naked. They are themselves, they are honest. To connect with them truly a person has to be naked too.
    It is called ‘The Church of the Great Bare’ at

  5. Great as always. I love reading your articles. And yes, I do have a blog and I am also now making videos to put on youtube. My blog is:
    My videos you can find by typing in “Bare Naked Nudist” on youtube. There are only two videos so far. And oh yeah, I’ve begun drawing a a series of cartoons called Nekkid Niki, about a nudist family that moves into a clothing optional community. You can find those cartoons on my blog as well. Also, tonight I’ll be going to my city’s (Tumwater, WA) city hall to ask them to change their lewd behavior law from including simple nudity and try to legalize public nudity…

  6. Thanks for the shout out and kind words. I hope we bloggers can collaborate more for the cause. We would have been happy to fill in some of the blanks for you on the history of naturism in Africa and among African Americans since we have written about it extensively.
    Look forward to see your posts

  7. I read that article with great pleasure because I also discovered some issues you mentioned (i.e. fake profiles). There is also a nudist network called They have a pretty strict policy to prevent fake profiles.

    I’m also running a small blog about nudism, barefoot living and male nudist issues. Sometimes I’m also writing about male sexuality issues. You can find it at . Some of the articles are still only available in German but I will post them in English as well when my time permits.

    I really enjoy reading your blog because I can get some really good ideas about nudist sites and other things.

  8. Thanks for the shout out. We have recently added community section with discussion boards, chat social networking and more. Thanks again keep up the good work.

  9. Just saw the mention (okay… just took 2 years…). Would you mind updating the URL to Thank you so much and thank you for your blog! Keep it up!

  10. Excellent post with good links and advice!

    “Are you running a blog?”
    Not a blog, per say, but I have a few pages on my personal Website,

    “Are you active on social media?”
    Yes, though not so much on FB or truenudists. I use and most often. isn’t much on discussion, but serves as a platform to share pictures of simple nudity in everyday situations. Likewise for YouTube where I have a few videos showing situations where clothing is either not necessary or makes no sense at all.

    Both MeWe and Flickr allow nudity (and more). The groups I joined are well moderated. YouTube allows simple nudity under certain conditions.

    I just recently started reading Twitter. I haven’t contributed anything yet – still exploring. Thanks for the hashtags.

  11. Hey there. Thanks for the interesting post.

    I noticed that the stock photos selected for this article, seem to only depict men of mid-older age with rounder bodies, and slim, young, ‘traditionally’ beautiful women. Any chance you’d consider balancing the content with some rounder women, older boobs, or conversely some younger, fitter men?

    Not trying to be petty. I just feel that it echoes an acceptance of which body types are ‘allowed’ or ‘presentable’; and doesn’t feel very welcoming for a questioning nudie who dosen’t see themselves represented.

    Thanks for your consideration, and for sharing the wealth of resources.

    • Thanks for pointing this out, we hadn’t really considered this.
      This is one of our older blog posts in which we had to rely on photos from other people. Since a couple of years we almost uniquely use photos of our own.


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