6 Other Reasons to go on a Nude Holiday

The idea of being naked among others can be very scary, in fact, it’s the subject of many nightmares. Then why should you do that for something that should be relaxing, for something that should be fun, for those couple of weeks a year when you’re supposed to release all stress, for your holiday?
We’ll tell you why!


As a reader of this blog, you already know about the joys of feeling the sun on your body and the grass between your toes. About waking up in the nude, having breakfast in the nude and hang around the rest of the day… in the nude.
You’ve already read about what nudism does to your body confidence, that it has nothing to do with sex and that it’s a pretty good education for your children.
You know all that, but you’re still not convinced. So here are some more reasons.

Try a nakation or nudist holiday

1. Do something different

We believe that in life, in the end, it will have been the experiences that made a difference. Not the amount of money on your account, not that 200 inch TV or that 5000 euro leather sofa. It’s about what you did, not about what you had.


That’s why we’re such big fans of doing something different once in a while, something new. When it comes to traveling, the options are unlimited. You could go paragliding over the Grand Canyon, diving with whale sharks in Honduras, become a pilgrim and walk to Santiago, climb a mountain or cross a desert. But sometimes it doesn’t have to be all that adventurous or dangerous or expensive. You could as well try a naked holiday.


In the past, nude vacations were only for campers. These days there are possibilities for everyone. If camping is not your thing, there are nudist resorts, nudist cruises, nudist B&B’s, whatever. Lots of places where one can be comfortably naked.


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2. You won’t become a nudist

The word nudist sometimes has a bit of an undertone, people like to put labels on others and just like “snob” or “backpacker” or “hippie”, “nudist” is one of those labels. Some people are proud of being one, others resent being called one.
Going on a nude vacation doesn’t really make you a nudist. There are loads of people who spend two weeks per year in a nudist resort and for the rest of the time only undress to take a shower. And that’s perfectly fine.


Going on a nude holiday is not something permanent, it’s not like a tattoo. It does happen that people don’t like to wander around naked (crazy, we know, but it really does) and it does happen that people keep feeling uncomfortable being naked among others. If you’d appear to be in such an unfortunate case, the only thing you have to do is pull your pants up, put on a shirt and leave. And that’s it. We’ll never talk about it again. But at least you’ve tried.

Try a nakation or nudist holiday

3. It doesn’t have to be far away

Well, if it’s your first time, you might want it to be a little bit far away because you don’t want to run into your neighbor, your uncle Danny or (oh the horror) your boss. And yes, them being there would mean that they’re also on a nakation and yes, you might get the chance to get to know them in another way, but no, it’s not something you want to happen. Understandable.


What we want to say here is that you don’t have to travel all the way to the Caribbean or Greece to be able to get your nude on. If you’re living in the US, Western Europe, Australia or New Zealand, you can easily find nudist resorts or camps in the neighboring countries or states and even if you’re from Asia you’ll probably find a cheap flight to Thailand or Bali. A quick Google search will help you a lot further and of course, you could also consult our wonderful Naked Travels section.
If you don’t care about Uncle Danny, you’ll probably even find a place close by.

Try a nakation or nudist holiday

4. It’s not all about playing petanque

Google the words “nudist activities” and (next to an unfortunate load of porn) chances are that you’ll find pictures of a bunch of elderly men playing jeu de boule or volleyball or something else that doesn’t exactly look like your ideal way to spend your holidays.


Sports are still a favorite activity for nudists and many resorts and camps will still have a petanque court. That doesn’t mean that you have to engage in any of that, many places already figured out that in order to attract a younger crowd they’ll have to do something more appealing. So be prepared for naked boat rides, naked waterskiing, naked diving, naked hikes, naked runs, naked parties, naked whatever cool stuff.
When you come back in the evening, you buy a bottle of rum, a bottle of coke and you play a couple of rounds petanque. And you’ll enjoy it!


5. The membership card is long gone

This was the main reason that kept us from going to many nudist places, in the beginning, was one simple line on their website saying “INF card required”.
It’s not like you can go to the INF (International Naturist Federation) website and click a button saying “gimme a card”, oh no, you have to contact your local naturist federation, fill out some forms, send them back, fill out some more forms, maybe have an interview, pay a fee, subscribe to a magazine and if you’re lucky, you’ll get your card when the summer has long gone. It’s easier to get a visa for Pakistan than to join the INF, or so it seems. And all that hustle for spending two weeks with your naked ass in the sun? No thank you!


Maestra Banner
Fortunately, the INF card is not a requirement anymore in most places. Even if it’s still on their website, you can contact the resort and tell them you’re not a member and they’ll most likely not care. It’s a business after all. The only advantage of such a card is that you can get some discounts, in some places.

Try a nakation or nudist holiday

6. And of course, you can swim naked

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, there’s nothing like swimming nude!
Even if you’re already completely confident with your body, even if you can also relax in a place with loud people and even louder televisions, even if the feeling of the elements on your body means nothing to you, even if you don’t mind being packed like sardines on a beach, nobody can disagree that there’s nothing like skinny dipping. Period.


Next to the not having to walk around in wet bathing suits, you’ll get pretty of other practical advantages on your nude vacation. An equal tan for example. When you’re back home you can wear whatever dress or skirt or t-shirt and nobody will spot a line. And you’ll see them wonder, what is their secret? And then there are the communal showers, no more undressing in much too small shower cabins, no more clothes and towels falling on the wet floor, no more awkward moves while keeping your towel up and pulling your pants down. You get in naked, you get out naked and that’s that.
And oh yeah, did we tell you that you can swim naked?


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9 thoughts on “6 Other Reasons to go on a Nude Holiday”

  1. When younger there were several foods that I would not eat because I knew I wouldn’t like them. Eventually, I submitted to my parents challenges to, just try it and if you don’t like it, don’t eat it again. Once I tried them I found most of them to be enjoyable, some extremely so. No, I wouldn’t want a constant diet of them but soon I would be ready for more. Much like being naked. You have to try it to find out if you like it. And you probably will.
    I live on several acres in Arizona and if the weather is right I do most of my outside work naked. It is so comfortable I often forget I am naked. A great feeling that most people can’t understand. Until they try it.

  2. My family broke up when I was young, we never the ‘family vacation’ thing. When I got older and discovered a nude beach just a cple hrs drive away where folks would camp all season long. My best vacations as an adult has been those long weekends naked camping, swimming and hanging out!
    Then some religious zealot went on a campaign to get the beach closed : (

  3. Superb write up. It goes back to a common core reminder — being nude is fun, it’s exhilirating, its invigorating. It doesn’t have to be about labels, definitions, rules, and definitions. Most everyone, nudie or not, have had some nude experience that they did on a whim or a dare. If they’re honest about it, most tend to highlight how alive it made them feel, physically and emotionally. There wasn’t baggage, there wasn’t a big focus on what the term “nudist” entailed. They were just nude. And it was fun. Unfortunately, for many, even most, lots of factors get in the way of that joy.



    [email protected]

  4. Guys just want to compliment on the blog overall.
    Also a couple in the same age range, we feel the same way about most things mentionned here.

    Being a ‘part time nudist’ doesn’t mean we spend the entire year in the buff and, no we do not particularly enjoy when the older dude sits right next to us at the nude beach especially if he spreads legs and exposes his hidden gems (yes it can happen unfortunately when you go to a nude beach with 30 y/o woman and then again I always wonder : how can a guy think a pair of hanging balls could be of any appeal?)

    Most nudist federations (can you think of a lamer term?) are in the hands of post hippy oldies and it is about time younger crowds taks control

    Your digital experience and your cool pictures are such a great way to promote easygoing naturism.

    Thanks for making nudism great (and cool) again

    PS Love playing jeu de boules though… 🙂

  5. Adoramos nossos momentos na praia de nudismo aqui no Rio de Janeiro. Chamada de abricó. Quando vierem ao Brasil, por favor, entrem em contato que os apresentaremos a cidade e a praia. Há também em buzius. Realmente é uma experiência maravilhosa, indescritível e libertadora. Amamos o verão juntos. Nosso casamento melhorou muito. A vida ganhou outras tonalidades. Beijos

  6. People who do want to live naked within their own homes, when legally possible, should just do so. Get your visitors/guests/family to understand that being unclothed really is natural, its clean pure & wholesome. Possibly you could gain more converts to a wonderful & free lifestyle.


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