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For those of you who are reading our monthly newsletter, this is already old news, but please do keep reading because we’ll go a bit more into detail here about our plans.
For those of you who don’t read our newsletter: Shame on you! No, we’re kidding, we just want to announce some big news: Naked Wanderings went on the road!


What does this mean, on the road?
Technically, it means that we’re not in Belgium anymore and that we’re not planning to go back for a long time… Yes, you’ve read it right, we’ve engaged on a huge adventure, one that will probably take us around the world. And yes, it’s the whole shabam. We’ve stopped renting our house (so actually we’re kinda homeless at the moment, but the good kind of homeless and we’ve brought a tent), we’ve quit our jobs, we’ve double checked our bank accounts (and cried a little) and we’ve said goodbye to our friends and family (and cried a little more).


Doing such a thing is not a decision from one day to another, we’ve been preparing this project for several months and the 3rd of July, time had finally come to take the leap and we got on a one way flight to Croatia. Indeed, Croatia. It’s not exactly the end of the world and actually our friends were a bit disappointed about this. When they asked us for our first destination they were expecting some kind of tropical far away name like Mumbai, Tokyo or Lima and not Zagreb. But hey, we’ll get there and we had to start somewhere…

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Why would we do that?
Those of you who have been following us for some time already know that next to avid nudists we’re also travel addicts. And it’s not the first time we’ve done something like this. Back in 2012 – 2013 we had booked a one way flight to Buenos Aires to explore South America for a year, and wanderlust is a serious disease, but the best one there is. Ever since we got back from this trip, we knew that we wanted to do something like that again, some day.


And now that day has come, but we wanted it to be different. We wanted something new, certainly new places but also some additional experiences, something besides traveling, a new project. Meanwhile we were also running the Naked Wanderings website for quite some time and suddenly we said “wait, what if we could combine the two?”. What if we could take Naked Wanderings on the road? From one plan came another and now we’re in Croatia, our first leap of Naked Wanderings on the road.

Where are we going?
Ah that’s the difficult question… Because we don’t really know either. Only covering the popular nudist locations would become a bit boring after a while, not only for us, but certainly for you as well. So this project needed some more dimensions. Yes, we will cover some popular destinations (we’re in Croatia at the moment, remember?), but we’re also planning to go to destinations where nudism is booming at the moment, Australia and New Zealand for example. And we’re going to locations where nudism is just getting foot on the ground, or still struggling, like Thailand, Bali or the Philippines and we also want to go to places where nudism is still a no-no, like India for example, a country where nudism is forbidden by law but which has a huge underground nudist movement.
Through our Naturist Talks series we’ve gained a lot of insights about how nudism is practiced in many places around the world, but curious as we are, now we want to experience it for ourselves.


Our whole plan is far from complete at the moment, and we doubt it ever will be. We like to go where the wind takes us and we don’t like to make too many plans up front. But for the European lap of this trip we do have a rough idea. At the moment we’re staying at Campground Baldarin on Cres island in Croatia (which we can surely advise to everyone by the way). From here we’ll travel south towards Montenegro, Albania, Greece and Turkey. This will already bring us a nice variety because Croatia and Greece are very popular nudist destinations, Montenegro is a bit uncommon but still has some good opportunities and Albania and Turkey are at the moment probably as far from nudism as they’ll ever get… Exciting!
By the time we’ll reach Turkey, we’ll be seriously addicted to vitamin D, so from there we’re going where the sun goes!

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How can you help us?
“Aha, there you got it… now they’re going to ask us to give them money” we already hear some smart mouth say. But no, we are not. Over the years we’ve saved enough money to keep us going for some time and if we’re running low, we’re not too lazy to work a little here and there. Actually, we’re already planning to work as volunteers at nudist campground Full Monte in Montenegro at the second half of July, but that’s for the experience. How many times in your life do you get the opportunity to help out at a nudist camp, right?


So no need for financial help, but what we would like to receive is some guidance. Most of the countries we’ll be visiting we’ve never been before. So if we’re coming your way and you know some good places to visit, some tips, tricks, whatever, please let us know.
If you’re in the neighbourhood and want to share a beer, please get in touch!
If you know a beautiful nude beach, please get in touch!
If you’re running a nudist camp and like us to visit you, please get in touch!
If you/your wife/your husband/your mom makes the best spaghetti in the world, please get in touch!
For any other reason, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


How to get in touch? You could send a message directly from this site via the Contact form, you could send a mail to [email protected], send us a Twitter or Facebook message. Or you could get in touch via Instagram, where we’ll regularly post photos of where we are and what we’re doing. Just as if you’re there yourself!


Picture credit: The photos in this post are coming from Google and Twitter. If you find one of yourself and you don’t want it to be on our blog, let us know and we’ll remove it.

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5 thoughts on “Naked Wanderings on the road”

  1. Your so fortunate and have this great attitude. I wish you the best of luck and I sure will be following you.
    If your ever in the US and traveling through Montana please plan on staying here. I have plenty of room.

  2. What an awesome venture?
    Although the focus is on opportunities to be naked, it is
    hoped that some info will be given on the logistics of
    the travel.

    For example, getting visas could be difficult without plans!

    Comment on the formal/informal legal position in each
    country will be useful (eg India – as trailed).

    Thanks for the info re Montenegro. The references to
    thirty degrees have confirmed my decision not to visit
    in the summer. October was brilliant – but places close
    mid-month as a wind comes up from Greece.

    • Don’t get us started about visas… As Belgians we are lucky to be able to visit many countries without a visa and even for the USA we could normally get an ESTA (online visa). Normally…
      Unfortunately we’ve visited a country recently which is currently blacklisted by the USA so we actually had to get a “real” tourist visa. It took us about a month to figure out what we really needed and another month to get it fixed. Thanks a lot to the Bangkok US embassy by the way for helping us.

      What we’re trying to say… We’re not the best persons to enquire about visa regulations… 🙂


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