The Naked Dream becomes Reality

A few months ago, we introduced you to Remi and Sandra, who dreamt of creating a brand new naturist campground in Italy. Today, this dream is taking huge leaps towards becoming a reality. There is a name, there is a place, and most of all, there is a unique opportunity for everyone to become part of this. So we asked them for an update.




Ciao tutti!


A lot has happened since our last update back in December when we shared our dream of opening the 14th naturist/naked campsite in Italy in this blog. Fast forward four months, and we’re excited to bring you up to speed on our progress. In this blog post, we’re not just sharing our journey; we’re also offering you a unique opportunity to become co-owners of a naturist campsite in the beautiful region of Tuscany. We believe that there’s a shortage of high-quality naturist locations, and a charming new site on the Tuscan coast, equipped with large camping spots, luxurious glamping tents and cosy cottages, would be a delightful addition.

INSIEME - A Naked Dream becomes Reality

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Campeggio Naturista INSIEME

And the first important update is that we have a name! “INSIEME” translates to “together” in Italian, and that’s precisely how we’re embarking on this exciting adventure—collectively. For us, the concept of togetherness isn’t just a name; it embodies the merging of the land with the sea, the fusion of invigorating activities with tranquil relaxation, and the vibrant Italian culture with the serene whispers of nature.


And more than that, this isn’t a journey we can undertake alone, which is why we’re teaming up with an incredible crew including a lawyer, a surveyor, and an architect—just to name a few of the brilliant minds helping to bring this vision to life. We are working INSIEME More than just building a campsite, we’re weaving a community fabric, financing it together with fellow naturists. This project is by naturists, for naturists. And you can be a part of this groundbreaking venture!

INSIEME - A Naked Dream becomes Reality

The campground we want to buy and transform

In our last blog post, we shared exciting details about the stunning piece of paradise we’re planning to transform into your next favourite getaway. Picture this: nine hectares of scenic land perched on a hill, half campsite and half forest, with sweeping views of the sea, easily accessible from Pisa Airport. This isn’t just a prime spot for exploring the delights of Tuscany and the enchanting Cinque Terre; Rome is also just a 3-hour train ride away from nearby Livorno.


But the magic doesn’t stop at the location’s convenience or its proximity to famous Italian landmarks. Right here on our hill, you’ll find charming little restaurants tucked away, perfect for savouring local flavours after a day of mountain biking or relaxing at the (to be built) swimming pool. Fancy some water sports? The sea offers superb options for stand-up paddleboarding and sailing. And let’s not forget the quaint village of Quercianella, where cosy cafes, beach bars, and an outstanding pizzeria create a vibrant local scene. But you don’t have to leave the campground to enjoy La Dolce Vita (Italian for ‘the sweet life’). On the campground, we will offer a large swimming pool, a delightful terrace for the Italian aperitivo, and activities suitable for all ages.


However, the beautiful terrain we want to buy needs a bit of tender loving care. It’s been somewhat neglected over the years, and there’s plenty to do to bring it back to its former glory. We’re excited to roll up our sleeves and breathe new life into this fantastic location, turning it into a haven not just for us, but for all of you as well.

INSIEME - A Naked Dream becomes Reality

A place for everyone

We’re on a mission to create a place where everyone feels right at home, no matter if you’re from Europe or another continent, singles or families, seasoned naturists or newcomers. As they say here in Italy, “Tutti sono benvenuti”—everyone is welcome! We have big dreams for the site, but we’re well aware that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Our approach is to start simple and expand gradually each year.


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A portion of the funds we’re raising will be used to purchase the property. Additionally, we’ll be undertaking necessary renovations—our main building needs refurbishing, and we plan to completely overhaul the toilet facilities. Looking ahead, we envision adding a large swimming pool, a new playground, a volleyball court, a pétanque (jeux de boules) lane, and a terrace that offers a stunning view of nearly 80 km of coastline.


Additionally, alongside traditional camping spots, we plan to introduce several glamping tents and luxurious chalets, ensuring a variety of options for every guest on our site. These fixed accommodations will allow visitors who might not have their own camping gear—particularly those coming from overseas—to fully enjoy the Tuscan sun and the freedom of naturism. Our goal is to blend a fresh, modern naturist experience with traditional Italian charm. Join us on this exciting journey to create a slice of paradise in Tuscany!

INSIEME - A Naked Dream becomes Reality

Investing in INSIEME (together)

As we wrap up this update, we extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join us in a truly collaborative venture. By investing in Campeggio Naturista INSIEME, you’re not just supporting the creation of a new naturist destination; you’re becoming an integral part of it. We have established a foundation specifically to purchase and manage the property collectively. This setup allows us to share the ownership and joys of this beautiful Tuscan retreat with you, our future guests and co-owners.


But there’s more to it than just ownership. As a co-owner, you’ll also enjoy an attractive return on your investment, making it not only a fulfilling but also a financially rewarding experience. We are offering a 5% annual ‘rent’ to our investors as well as an annual growth in your share of 2%. For our future guests we make it even more interesting by offering 3% in food/drinks/activities that you can enjoy on the campsite.


“Tutti sono benvenuti” at INSIEME, embodies the spirit of ‘together’ not just in our interactions but in our very structure. Join us on this exciting journey to build not just a campsite but a community where every member plays a pivotal role in creating a slice of paradise in Tuscany. Invest with us, and let’s turn this dream into our shared reality, with the added benefit of a rewarding return on your investment.


For more information on how to buy a piece of Tuscany from €1.000 onwards and become a co-owner, visit


INSIEME - A Naked Dream becomes Reality

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