Clothing Optional Resorts in Mexico’s Riviera Maya

Whenever we think of the Caribbean, that famous Beach Boys song “Kokomo” comes to mind. In the course of the song, they pass through all these idyllic islands like Bermuda and Bahama (come on pretty mama) all the way to Martinique (that Montserrat Mystique). One place their cruise ship apparently didn’t set sail to was Mexico’s Riviera Maya. A long stretch of coastline that runs all the way from Cancun to the border of Belize.


If the Beach boys had written Kokomo today, we would be absolutely sure that at least Tulum, Isla Mujeres or Cozumel (you rhyme on caramel) would have gained a significant spot in the song. For several decades, the Rivièra Maya has become a Caribbean tourist hot spot. Emerald green waters, endless white beaches, an abundance of cocktails and all-inclusive resorts.


From the fact that we are telling you all this, you’ve probably rightfully concluded that there’s also something for the nude traveler. In fact, there is something for MOST nude travelers!

Clothing Optional Resorts in Mexico's Riviera Maya

All-inclusive nudist style: Hidden Beach Resort

Personally, now and then we can enjoy the difficulties of traveling. Having to find out how to get from one place to another. Arriving late at night and having to search for a restaurant. It’s part of our life as travelers. But it’s definitely not something for everybody. Hidden Beach Resort is the complete opposite of that. Whatever you might want or need, it will be served right at your feet. You don’t only have a large choice of food options, we’re pretty sure that someone will even put it in your mouth if that’s what you want.


The best way to describe Hidden Beach is as the typical high-class all-inclusive resort. The kind of place where you don’t have to worry about anything. Except that they take the concept one step further, at Hidden Beach Resort you don’t even have to worry about clothes.

Clothing Optional Resorts in Mexico's Riviera Maya

Other than Kokomo, a Nirvana song popped into our heads when we walked through the doors of Hidden Beach. “Here we are now, entertain us”. Our deluxe room with a private hot tub, the great restaurant and the swim-up bar were pretty entertaining on their own. The additional daily activities and evening shows proved to be the cherry on the cake.

Clothing Optional Resorts in Mexico's Riviera Maya

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When nude in nature becomes an understatement: Playa Sonrisa

If there’s one place in the whole wide world where we actually felt as if we were in Kokomo, it was at Playa Sonrisa. Imagine the end of the world as a lush tropical forest. Now keep walking in that direction until you find an open beachside spot. You’ll notice a group of pelicans flying by, a couple of bungalows, a bar and a fun couple playing their own version of what the rest of the world calls “petanque”.

Clothing Optional Resorts in Mexico's Riviera Maya

If you enjoyed reading the story of Robinson Crusoe and you’ve been longing for a similar setting but don’t feel much for having to filter your own water or trying to get a fish out of the sea, Playa Sonrisa is definitely your preferred next destination. The resort with its own nude beach is located in the midst of an endless forest. It’s like an island on the mainland. Their slogan is: “At Playa Sonrisa, you can do nothing, or less”. This is perfectly summarized what it’s all about. Relax, read a book, have some beers and let Murph and Cindy take care of all the rest.


If you want to learn the true meaning of “disconnect” but still want to make sure that there’s food on the table and tequila in your glass, we can only recommend one place: Playa Sonrisa.

Clothing Optional Resorts in Mexico's Riviera Maya

Your home away from home in the Rivièra’s Hotspot: Intima Resort

We wish that we had another song to introduce Intima Resort to you, but ever since someone told us the Mexican joke
Q: Do you know where the Pink Panther is from?
A: Tulum tulum, tulum, tulum tulum tulum, tulum tuluuuuuuuuuuum…
we’re kinda stuck with this song forever.


Tulum is currently the tourist hotspot of the Mexican Rivièra. Especially if you enjoy a somewhat active vacation, Tulum is where you want to be. Diving, jet skiing, caving, paragliding, adventuring and lots of other activities that may or may not end with “ing” can be found in Tulum. The town itself is rather busy and dusty and Intima Resort will be your perfect oasis in all this. Standing at the front door, you can never imagine the abundance of greenery inside. While Tulum is active, Intima is everything but.

Clothing Optional Resorts in Mexico's Riviera Maya

Intima Resort is a great choice if you want to be where everything happens but still have your own quiet secret hideaway. Within the resort, everything is as peaceful as it can be. You sunbathe, you read, you have some cocktails or a quick lunch or a dip in your private hot tub. As soon as you walk out, an abundance of restaurants, shops and parties is waiting for you.

Clothing Optional Resorts in Mexico's Riviera Maya

The kinky side of social nudity: Desire Resorts

We normally don’t visit lifestyle/swingers resorts, because that’s not really our thing. For Desire Resorts we made an exception. Our visit to both the Desire Rivièra Maya and the Desire RM Pearl came from the idea that we wanted to experiment whether the genuine naturist/nudist could feel comfortable at a resort that advertises itself as “sensual”.


Maestra Banner
The results of this little project can be read here, but shortly summarized: We kind of expected to have to run away from one orgy after the other, but that was not what happened. Instead, we found a bunch of friendly people, having the time of their lives. Yes, we did see other people have sex, but definitely not as many as we had expected. No, we didn’t go into the designated “playrooms” where things might be a bit different. And no, there wasn’t a single moment when we felt harassed or uncomfortable at the Desire Resorts.

Clothing Optional Resorts in Mexico's Riviera Maya

In fact, what we enjoyed most of these resorts was the spring-break-attitude, but for grown-ups. Cuba Libres straight after breakfast, a foam party with complimentary jello shots by eleven. Passing out around noon and waking up right in time for an excellent dinner followed by a party at the club. That’s the spring break part. The grown up side is that there weren’t any drunk teenage boys trying to kiss us or nobody “unintentionally” touched our butts. Although the Desires are not resorts that we would categorize as naturist, they do also have respect as their highest value. If Marvin Gaye was still around, he’d probably come here for his “sexual healing”.


Nude beaches at the Mexican Maya Rivièra

Of all previously mentioned resorts, Intima Resort is the only one that doesn’t have its own designated beach. Or should we say private beach? Technically, private beaches don’t exist in Mexico. All beaches are supposed to be public. But when a two-meter tall dude in a suit tells you that you can only enter if you’re a guest of the hotel, who are you gonna call? Ghostbusters?


Hidden Beach Resort and both Desire Resorts have their own beach. Why would you want to go anywhere else where you probably have to wear a bathing suit and don’t get complimentary cocktails? Playa Sonrisa, on the other hand, has the kind of pristine beach that you wish you never had to leave.


At Intima Resort, you have two main options. There is another resort in Tulum called Azulik and which for a while was focusing on the clothing-optional guest. Today, the resort isn’t clothing optional anymore but the beach still is. You can get a day pass to enjoy the beach at Azulik in the nude. But we have to warn you, since Azulik is focusing on a different market, it’s likely that you will be the only nude person on the beach.


The other option is the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. An endless stretch of beach which few people ever visit. Although the beaches are no official nude beaches, this area is known to attract nudists for a long time. Just stay a bit away from the other visitors (if there are any) and you can comfortably skinny dip in the Caribbean sea.




Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahama… it all sounds very nice when it comes out of the mouth of Brian Wilson. But take some advice from a naturist couple that has visited all the nude highlights in the Mexican Maya Rivièra: if you’re looking for a relaxed, tropical and nude holiday, this is the kind of place where you want to end up.


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  1. A correction is in order regarding Hidden Beach. The beach is gone, having been washed away by a hurricane back in 2009 or so. What is left isn’t safe, even with watershoes. The rocks and coral are very sharp, slippery and uneven.


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