First Time Nudist: A Complete Guide

First Time Nudist: A Complete Guide

The big survey about naturism we’ve done a while ago showed us that the large majority, more than 60% of our participants, have started with nudism out of curiosity. A huge number. And it made us wonder… these people were curious and actually made the step to give social nudity a try. How many others are out there who haven’t taken the step yet?   From the messages that we receive on Facebook, Instagram, and … Read more

9 Tips for First Time Naturist Women

Sorry guys, this is one for the naturist women. But that doesn’t particularly mean that you have to stop reading here, some of the tips we’ll be giving can certainly be applied to both genders. The reason why we decided to write this piece is because we do receive a lot of questions from our female readers who are curious about the nudist lifestyle but have several doubts about what to expect, how to take … Read more

Nudism on Venus

In many parts of the world it seems like the majority of the nudists are men. Or that’s what people kept telling us. To be honest, we had our doubts. Our naked adventures in the past were almost exclusively in Belgium (mostly saunas), in the Netherlands (mostly beaches) and in France (mostly campgrounds) and most of the time we never felt that there was a huge difference in gender. Men and women were almost everywhere … Read more