How to Find Other Nudists

Nudism is a social thing. Although there definitely is a large group of home nudists, the large majority of nudists do enjoy social nudity. The most obvious choice for your first nudist friend is, of course, your partner. Next up are your kids. Just like so many things in life, also nudism is better if you can share it with your loved ones. But what if you don’t have a partner or a family or what if they don’t want to have anything to do with your nudist habits?


No need to worry, if you search the internet you will soon find a bunch of nudist websites that promise to help you find new nudist friends. Or even nudist dates. Just like that, they could be the key to a nudist partner for life… Doesn’t that almost sound too good to be true? Well, of course, that’s because it isn’t true. We’ve talked about these kinds of websites before, they’re all just pure nonsense. Crooks trying to get away with your money or at least your personal details. This is the first and most important website: Many nudist websites are not what they seem.


A great example of such a dubious website is Of course, you have to subscribe to get any results, but even without subscribing, you can get an indication. We searched for naturist women in Nauru (yes, that’s a country) that are 24 years old. The system promises us more than 300 profiles if we subscribe. Now you have to know that Nauru only has 11 000 inhabitants. The odds that there are in fact more than 300 women that are 24 years old in the country are low. Let alone that all of them would be nudists.
Luckily, there are some better ways to find other nudists.

Visit a nudist resort

This is definitely the most obvious choice. If I want to find a nudist near me, I just go to places where there are many nudists. Like a nudist resort. If you visit a resort near to your home, chances are that you’ll run into someone familiar, of whom you just didn’t know that he or she is a nudist as well.


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The main reason why you’re looking for a nudist friend might be because you don’t want to show up on your own at a nudist resort. Well, we can tell you that nudists, in general, are very friendly people and often think of strangers as friends they just haven’t met yet. So even if you go on your own and you’re a bit social, chances are high that you’ll meet a lot of fun other nudists.


A difficulty, especially for men, is that some resorts apply quota for singles. It’s sad but understandable, and it’s a discussion we’re not going to have now. What it comes down to is that men without female company might be refused in certain resorts. Luckily, there are other options.

Join a nudist club or federation

Personally, for a long time, we’ve never seen the advantage of joining a nudist club or federation. Being a couple and in our thirties was always enough to be allowed entrance to pretty much every nudist venue we wanted to visit. The time when a membership card was needed to have any nudist fun was long gone. We thought. But we’ve heard different stories, especially from singles. Often the nudist membership is seen as a kind of proof that you have never misbehaved at a nudist place. So having such a membership card does increase your chances to be allowed as a single.


But that’s not the only reason why joining a nudist club or federation is interesting. The purpose of a nudist resort is to provide a space where people can enjoy some time in the nude. Nudist clubs, on the other hand, try to create a community. They bring people together. Obviously, these are great places to meet other nudists.

Nudists on social media

It’s in the name, social media is social. There are definitely some pros and cons of social media, but in the end, we can’t deny that it does bring people together. Never before has it been so easy to get connected with people from all over the world. It doesn’t matter what you’re interested in, whether it’s climbing trees, cooking with celery, or nudism, there’s a social media community for that.


A quick search on Facebook will definitely help you find nudist groups in your country or who speak the same language as you do. Not only do you get the chance to meet like-minded souls, but you can also often engage in interesting discussions and get good tips about places to go.


Unfortunately, also this comes with a downside. Social media is a virtual thing and some of the participants don’t always have the best intentions. Or pretend to be someone else. Often they are very easy to spot. They have a profile picture of a supermodel, they immediately ask for nude pictures of yourself or they will start talking about sex. Especially for women on social media, these fake nudists can become a real pain in the ass. If you encounter them, the best thing you can do is to report their profile and ignore anything they say.

Online nudist communities

The problem with fake nudists online doesn’t limit itself to social media. Maybe that’s the reason why we were promised to find so many 24-year-old female nudists in Nauru. It’s not much different at the online naturist communities. The most famous of these is TrueNudists. The website is a bit infamous among nudists just for its amount of fake profiles, nevertheless, it does also have many genuine nudists among its members. Also here it’s just the trick to filter out the rotten apples.


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TrueNudists has it all. A chatbox, a forum, profile pages, a search engine, you name it. For finding nudist friends online it’s definitely one of the best resources. Another option is Naktiv. We don’t know how they do it, but apparently their number of fake profiles tends to be very low. The downside of Naktiv is that their website isn’t particularly very well designed. If you’re looking for new nudist friends online, both nudist websites are very worth a try. They’re free and you never know what could come out of it.


Maybe any of the above tips will help you find some new nudist friends or nudist groups, or maybe not. Unlike those fake nudist dating sites, we’re not going to promise you anything. But at least we do hope that we could be a helping hand.


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24 thoughts on “How to Find Other Nudists”

  1. Once again, you nailed the topic very nicely. The best advice to expand the numbers of naturist friends is to go to naturist beaches and, particularly, resorts. There, the main reason why people come is because they are naturists and love being naked. You’ll meet like-minded people and will rapidly expand the number of naturist friends. You’ll then be able to organize nude parties, nude hikes and many other nudist activities.

  2. I’ve just got to this site and have been very impressed by the candour regrading this topic, as it is exceedingly refreshing. I am an at home nudist, literally, I don’t know what to do about getting to know like minded people. I now have some better idea, thank you.
    If there are any further hints and pointers for me to follow up I would very much like your assistance. Any information about myself as being a genuine nudist that you might to know, please do not hesitate to ask.
    It has been mentioned about places to go this time of year, cold and wet, to visit as it would be so nice to meet like-minded people about now when numbers might be easier to take in and be comfortable with.
    Thank you reading my waffling, but I have been looking to period of my life for a long time.

    • I set up a “Non Sexual Nudity” meetup group here in my city and only got 6 members in about 6 months. Wondering what was wrong, I asked another friend of mine to search for “Nudity” and “Non-Sexual” on MeetUp in my city where the group was based. We were never able to see the listing for my group, even when entering the exact words that are in the title of my group! I emailed the Help desk at MeetUp and they got more and more rude and insisted that they “already answered your questions” when they did not answer anything. However, entering “Nudity” does suggest “Bisexual” groups, “Transgender” groups and “Gay Men” groups in my city with no problem. I have nothing against those groups but I DO want to be treated with the same respect as those groups are.

      • That’s weird because meetup is quite often used by naturist groups… If you actually organize events, you could also try Eventbrite…

        • I am absolutely mystified! I even joined a regional “non landed” club via meetup and it works perfectly. I found them by searching through meetup also!

  3. Hi Nik & Lins,
    Yes you are correct, being a single male has thrown up some problems at different clubs, but having a membership card of British Naturism which I have now had for a very good lengthn of time has been a help.
    But my local beach in Croatia where I go is free so I don’t worry ha ha. Oh by the way that Naktiv site has closed down.
    All the best to you both, enjoy your warm hideaway

  4. Hello.
    Thank you for this timely article.
    One of the websites does so much promotion on twitter that I almost gave up and signed up.
    I keep your advice: go to the center or club and watch trueNudists or Naktiv.
    Thank you both, you are true ambassadors of naturism and your happiness is an asset for our way of life.
    JCM from France

  5. I believe what you typed made a ton of sense. However, consider this, what if you were to create a killer headline? I am not suggesting your content isn’t good, but what if you added a post title that makes people want more? I mean How to Find Other Nudists in your Area? is a little vanilla. You might glance at Yahoo’s home page and watch how they write article headlines to grab viewers to open the links. You might add a related video or a related picture or two to get readers excited about everything’ve written. In my opinion, it might bring your posts a little livelier.

  6. I’ll politely comment that “joining a club in your area” and/or “going to a clothing optional / nudist beach in your area” sounds nice, until you research it over and over and learn that there are no clubs in your area, and that the closest clothing optional / nude beach is many hours away (if covid hasn’t shut them all down already). Big heavy ***sigh***.
    I also tried to contact both of the local “non landed” clubs near here, and neither one has responded, not even a “sorry, but we’re closed” generic message in over a year of trying.
    I created a MeetUp group, but their silly rules made it impossible to accidentally stumble across our “Non Sexual Nudity” group, and even entering the words “Nudity” and “Non-Sexual” in our city’s SEARCH box returned “No Results Found”. MeetUp was rude and they did not help at all, so I just cancelled the group entirely. (However, they freely suggested all sorts of LBTQ, Gay Men, and Transsexual Meetup groups without my even trying to find them…).
    It’s TOUGH out there to find other like-minded nudists! We’re active on one of the “other” social media platforms, but nearly everyone that we’ve talked to there is either extremely cautious and they don’t even want to meet for dinner, with clothes ON, and many of the others that I’ve tried to chat with immediately start propositioning you for sex or photos of my wife or me…
    We did go to Cypress Cove in October, but it was a 10 hour drive each way. Well worth it in our opinion, and we’ll GLADLY go back, but it’s quite far from where we live and the chances of us making longer term friends or even just dinner companions in our home town is admittedly quite slim.
    I’m the eternal optimist, and I usually don’t give up that easily (as you can see by my post above) but this is getting frustrating!!!

    • We’ve heard a lot that in the USA it’s really dependent from place to place. Southern California, for example, has several nudist groups (SCNA, Camping Bares, NiTOC,…), we also hear that there are quite some great groups in Oregon and Florida. But at other places nudism just doesn’t seem to lift off as well.

      The main problem is that most of these groups are completely volunteer-based and receive little to no support from large organizations. This means that a few people have to put a lot of their time and some of their own money into organizing events and gatherings. That only works if you have very dedicated people, and then still the question is for how long…

      Have you tried contacting your local AANR division or TNS to ask whether they have any contacts?

      • Great idea, thank you! My wife and I joined AANR this past summer hoping to find more places and/or clubs in our area and only saw the 2 non-landed clubs that are apparently “on hold” for a while. But – I can always form another one myself, right? Thanks again!


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