Nudism on Venus

In many parts of the world it seems like the majority of the nudists are men. Or that’s what people kept telling us. To be honest, we had our doubts. Our naked adventures in the past were almost exclusively in Belgium (mostly saunas), in the Netherlands (mostly beaches) and in France (mostly campgrounds) and most of the time we never felt that there was a huge difference in gender. Men and women were almost everywhere we went equally divided. Actually, we started this blog because we rather noticed a difference in age, which that was the aspect we wanted to investigate.
As soon as we started Naked Wanderings, we also started receiving messages about issues with too many men (and as a result, issues about venues where single men got excluded). This was strange for us at first, until we noticed where those messages were coming from.


Apparently we can be very lucky in Western Europe that there appears to be a decent amount of women to be interested in naturism as well. But that’s not everywhere the case. In the UK there’s still quite a difference, in Ireland as well and also in what we used to call the “country where everything is possible”, the USA, female nudism still seems to get a lot more frowns than male nudism.

A fight for women’s rights
Men have always gotten away with things more easily than women and we don’t think that this is a sexist thing to say. It’s the truth. In the past, men could work, get a promotion, go to a bar and basically decide everything what ever happened in the family. Women.. They had to stay home and take care of the kids. Luckily, times have changed, but even now we can see a lot of differences. Some may call it “less important ” stuff, like the way that men can smoke in the streets without any problem but women who do so are often frowned upon. Men can get completely off the world drunk but from women such behaviour isn’t really appreciated either. And when one of those drunk men climbs up a table, calls the whole bar together with the announcement that he’ll show them something they’ve never seen before and then pulls down his pants… Imagine a woman doing so… Exactly.


New Cambium intext 1
But the feminist revolution only started in the beginning of the 20th century, after ages of women’s oppression. So they had (and still have) a lot of catching up to do.
We have traveled to parts of the world where women still have to cover everything in the neck-wrist-ankle triangle because those parts are not supposed to be shown, while their husbands walk next to them in shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops. World wide equality… we still have a long way to go.

Sluts, whores and a lot of other negativity…
In Europe and the USA, we’ve always felt a bit superior to other continents. At one point in history we’ve ruled all of the other countries and in a certain way we (or our government) often still do. But we try to show them the way, look at us, women don’t have to stay at home anymore, they get real (and sometimes even equally paid) jobs and they can become managers if they want to. Oh, the modern we are!
Sadly, this is only partially true. Is it historically? Is it still related to the whole hunter-berry picker thing? Men and women are not treated the same, not in the Middle East or Asia  or Africa, where the examples may be more abundant, but neither in Europe or the USA.


A guy who had sex with more than twenty women is often considered a hero. A women who has let herself loose a couple of times too often turns out to be a slut.
It doesn’t take much to be called a slut these days and girls, especially teenagers, have to watch their steps because the border between being “cool” and a “whore” is very very narrow. And we’re not talking about actual sex here, boys have always claimed to have the biggest one (by the way, according to, the average exaggeration is about 5.6%), but when a girl happens to be big breasted and proud of it, we’re all like “oh my god, what a whore”.

Who’s to blame?
Of course men take a lot of the blame, although we’re living in the 21st century, men often still think that they can possess a woman. We noticed this immensely while traveling in Muslim countries, where sometimes a bit of a naked ankle is enough to be a slut. But this happens everywhere, several men we know need to have their say about what their wife is wearing, how much skin she shows and which bathing suit or bikini she puts on. Let alone that they would allow her to be naked around others. They don’t have an issue with nudists, they would even consider going to a nude beach themselves, but they don’t want their wife to be seen naked by other men.


Although it’s easy to blame it all on men, they are certainly not the only factor. Women are often even worse. Slut-shaming happens very often among women as well and the link between sex and nudity, which unfortunately still exists, makes many women afraid to confess to their girlfriends or female colleagues that they enjoy nudism. Or even fear the reactions so heavily that they don’t dare to give it a try, although they would like to.


Maestra Banner
And then there’s the pressure from the media, from advertising, Hollywood and the porn industry. In the past, one had to go to a museum to see some female nudity, today, naked women are everywhere, in magazines, commercials, movies and of course abundantly on the internet. But these women are not your girl next door, they are actors and models whose actual job requirement is to have “perfect” shapes. Of course this puts a lot of pressure on your neighbour girl. How can she ever expose her naked body to others, to strangers, knowing that these strangers are seeing all those gorgeous naked women on a daily basis?
Body confidence workshops are a big thing these days because never before have so many women (men too, by the way, but less) have felt so insecure about how they look.
And then again, we know a great way to increase your body confidence… Nudism!


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56 thoughts on “Nudism on Venus”

    • Thanks Colin. We believe that the answer can be found in exactly what we are trying to do with Naked Wanderings (we hope that doesn’t sound too snobbish): Normalising nudity and desexualising nudism/naturism. It’s typically in the countries that have been embracing nudism for quite a while now (the Netherlands, Germany, …) that the number of female nudists is significantly higher than in countries where nudism is not accepted at all or very much frowned upon…
      So let’s keep spreading the word and let’s keep making steps forward, even though they are sometimes small ones.

  1. I just wished my wife didn’t get hit with the negative vibe that men give women. My wife seemed to have gotten the feeling of malice when I took her to one place. Compiled with all the time her own father told her she was fat and disgusting all of her life. She may never visit a nudist venue or even be nude at home unless it’s with me alone. I’m concerned this feeling will transfer to the kids as well.

    • This is a very sad story James and unfortunately it’s not a singularity. Body shaming is a huge problem and some men use this as a way to control women. Of course it will take a huge effort from your wife to tackle this and to start to feel comfortably naked among others. But on the other hand, we’ve heard about psychologists actually advising women with body issues to visit nudist places. Just because the way you look simply doesn’t matter there.
      Our advice: Don’t go to the big nudist venues, pick out small places, preferably clubs that have been existing for a long time. Those are really secure and social environments where it’s a lot easier to feel accepted. And tell your story, others will appreciate this and go out of their way to make sure that you and your wife have a good time.

  2. Its a valid concern, but reciting a lot of old tired feminist men bashing does not solve the problem. Men have traditionally had some things easier, but women have always had other things easier. For a long time a husband got sent to prison for his wife’s crime, for example. Men are still heavily discriminated against in criminal and civil law. So the old tired feminist dogma loses a lot of support for your argument.

    “Slut shaming?” The whole “Me Too” movement is a huge bashing of men that totally ignores similar activity done by women. In fact, much of these arguments are based on ignoring or looking the other way at female behavior.

    “Men have always gotten away with things more easily than women?” Do you mean like when husbands were sent to prison for a woman’s crime?

    The psychological desire to be naked may have roots in deep psychological cultural shaming. The male nudist has a deep psychological desire to be seen and accepted because he’s been shamed all his life starting as a very young child. The girl child did not get that kind of shaming, she was a “princess,” and so the woman has no similar need to push for body acceptance.

    There are many reasons why more nudists are men. We need to find solutions without the sexist feminist rhetoric.

    • Thanks a lot for your comments Bob & iceman.
      Of course this is a topic with a lot of different sides and we would have to write a book about it if we wanted to cover them all. And even then…
      For this article we picked a female angle, with which we don’t want to say that some things aren’t the same for men of course. For example if this article had been about female abuse, we would probably mention that 1 out of 4 women is physically abused by their partner. There are also 1 out of 7 men abused by their partner and we may not mention that because it would be an article about female abuse. Just like this one is about female nudism.

      About your comment about the “daughter being a princess”… Please read previous comment from James.

      And of course we’re not saying that men and women should be completely equal. Of course there will be more men working in the coal mines and more women be nail stylists. It all has to do with physical built. For example, in Cuba all the expensive hand rolled cigars are rolled by women because their fingers are slimmer. But we weren’t talking about physical things here. Should being a nudist be more accepted from men than women? We don’t believe so. And yet in many places this is still the case.

      • As far as it being more accepted ,as i said, its a matter of culture.. we are viewing thins from our side, to them , our side is the strange side, so why do we think that our side is the right one?
        In our culture its accepted for every1 to be a nudie, 2 5 12 30 77yo .. M or F.
        To some cultures maybe it might be odd to have kids as nudists.. and they will call such ppl as pervs cause of that so..
        What i wanna say is that why do we think that our side and view is the correct one when they are thinking the same thing for their view?
        I think the World is more interesting when we are different then when we are the same… imma compare this with companies .. its like, if id go(it will never happen lol.. ) to Aussie or .. Brazil or Mexico … i dont wanna drink coffee at Starbucks or eat at McDonalds!? I wanna try THEIR burgers or coffee or something totaly different that i cant find anywhere else but there.
        The world would be boring if every1 would be same, if everything would be same, if all the laws and cultures would be the same.

  3. @Bob ,that was so spot on.

    I personally think that ..o wait ,fist of all this is a great article as always by N&L ,and of course we dont always have to agree.
    But as i said ,i much agree with Bob here.

    Its is true ,that man basicly make more money ,and its true that still many think and in many places its like, the male does the work/money the female does the home work and kids.
    I personally dont really think anything bad of it, its a team work and it work pretty fine for so many years everywhere on the planet really.
    The fact its that males are males for a reason and females are females for a reason .. we cant, wont and do not need to be equal, cause if we wanna play rough lets say this.. why arent there any woman firefighters? or working in coal mines? or taking care of powelines when they freeze in like -20C and such ..hope u get the point.. we just cant be same.
    Mens football is way more popular then womens, it has more sponsors ,so of course male players will make more money then females.
    In some things there can be the same,like if u literally are doing the same job and have a fix paycheck, then of course it should be the same ammount regardless if ur a f or a m black or white ,bald or ZZ Top, fat or slim ..
    When u mentioned that man can get drunk, woman cant or man can smoke or flash drunk on tables.. well,..if thats so, i dont think that the right way is to allow females to do the same, but rather to “shame’ men that do that ,cause its for sure not a decent behaviour spec in the public.
    I do believe that woman have the same rights, only they are F and we are M , and we just cannot do same things the same way or at all… its just the way it is.
    I dont believe F are discriminated… for ex . if some dude has sex with a 13yo girl, hes a pedo..(wich hes not actually cause pedos are into preteens ,sorry i just hate when ppl call things the wrong way ,and it actually matters but thats a whole diff subject) , buuuut, when a woman has sex with a 13yo boy.. then oooooo lucy SOB, why didnt any 30yo wanna bang with me when i was 13.. and actually no1 calls her a pedo ,but they just say.. she he sex with a 13yo or with her student .. so there u go ,we can also as males say males are not treated the same way or the other way around..right?
    Ya its true about the Muslim countries, but i guess thats just how they roll .. their cluture, what bothers me mostly about Westeniers is that ppl from the West lets say EU USA .. think that the whole planet should act ,have laws, tradicions like its in the US or EU.. that is so wrong on every level..
    To them that is normal, to us this is normal, so basicly we are the ones deciding what is normal, there aint no normal as a default ,the default would be actually anarchy aka ,anything goes,kinda libertarian or something.. but then if its anything goes, then it should really be anything goes, but we all know that will never happen cause ppl will always find someone to shame or to call out for this or that reason.
    Its like, how come i have the right to lets say.. wanna be nude in public ,or have gay parades ,but i dont agree/want/like, seing trans ppl or dragqueens or sex in public.. i dunno how to explain, what gives me the right in that sence or any sence to decide what is normal and what is not?
    As for the man banging being heros and woman being sluts .. well thats been around for ages lol but for real.. i think ppl call women sluts more cause of their style,talking,action,getsures,… no offence but look at Kim Kardashian.. she just cannot wait to show her ass or boobs on Insta,and that has nothing to do with nudism, shes not nude there cause of nudeness,but cause she gets off on ppl seing her nude-halfnude,and whats even worse.. ppl are buying it…and cause of ppl like here and all the others, lil girls are doing the same thing cause hey .. ill be cool if i do that, boys and men will be crazy over me.. and ya ,they will be .. but then comes someone like that guy in the comments that said that hes wife is fat and she only gets nude around him .. so cause of ppl like Kim and all the others before her, that made the norm of a femal to look like them, ppl are bodyshamed.
    And again no offence .. but i see waaay more females out there showing asses and boobs then men do ,its like ,they have a bigger need to show it off then males, that might be also a reason why ppl call them sluts right away.. i think its more that then the nubmer of sex partners.
    If id knew a girl maybe i do .. but if she said she had sex with 20 guys so far, id say ok ..idgaf lol ,but if that same girl would be on Insta or Twitter showing her self nude or sexual, of course i would call her a slut,how else could i?
    As of right now there are 50.4% males on the planet ( ,so i dont think we can blame the males as its basicly a 50-50 thing. If it was like 80-20 ,then id agree that its males fault, if there are any faults,i just think that this is the way things are.
    Sorry for the long ass msg.

    • btw: “Mens football is way more popular then womens…”. ‘Twas not always thus. The FA banned women’s football on clubs’ grounds from 1921 to 1971. Prior to the ban, womens’ matches had been attracting crowds frequently exceeding those at the men’s matches.

  4. I read and converse on various naturist/nudist discussion groups, most I visit are diligently moderated, they immediately remove and ban posters who make inappropriate comments. But some I have visited are not so well controlled, and every time a woman appears several men start making suggestive comments, and she usually vanishes. Is that what it’s like in real life? men hitting on the women who appear to try out nudism, and chasing them back into hiding? If so it’s no wonder there are more men than women in a lot of places. It makes me disgusted to see it. I’d be chased into hiding too if that were done to me.
    I got into naturism for several reasons, it feels more comfortable in work, to rebel against porn, making nudity common will help cancel out the porn attraction. Exhibitionism isn’t there, I was extremely shy from early as I remember and would rather hide than be seen, but finally decided I needed to get over that and intentionally started going naked and making naturist friends to reprogram my mind to get rid of the unreasonable fear of being seen naked that I got loaded with early in life. Naturist gardener is my choice of work. Full time salad producer. Fertility experimenting to enhance nutrition and flavor.

  5. @iceman. Well said.
    Does anyone watch Oscars or other celebrity affairs? Men are all covered from neck to feet. Women are all flaunting their flesh, leaving only selected bits covered. And that difference applies to everyone from The President and his wife to the family next door. Even at “clothed” beaches men and boys are covered from navel to knees while many women go around with little more than 3 tiny triangles.

    The psychological need to be seen and accepted becomes stronger for men as we are systematically criticized and hidden by the culture. Men are not displayed and are not praised for our beauty when or if we display. Women are.

    It creates a lot more psychological need for men to become nudists.

    • Very well said , and i forgot to say one more thing .. N&L mentioned the slut thing…
      The fact that females, eventho im pretty sure they like and want sex just as much as men do .. somewhere something went wrong,and they became conservative with being honest about it, and cause of that, many of them say NO when they actually mean YES, because they are afraid to say YES ,cause then they will be/come whores ,sluts … so in a way or mostly ,its their own fault.
      And ya thats ture too , whenever ones seez a halfnude male, they`ll call him gay or ewwwwwwww gtfo dude, i dont wanna see ur ass or such.. while when girls do it ,its oooyeahhh baby ,so it makes sence that many males use nude beaches as an i wanna have the same shot as females about the body thing.

  6. There are significant differences between the way male and female nudity is treated in society, as well as the natural differences between men and women’s thinking. So it’s not surprising that each gender has unique challenges when engaging in nudism.

    On the one hand, a nude woman has to deal with unwanted attention from the more sexually driven male gender, and it only takes bad behaviour from a small minority to make their experience unpleasant, especially for a single woman who may feel isolated. On the other hand, male nudity is naturally seen as disgusting, dangerous and even comical in comparison to female nudity and single men are often discriminated against or outright banned from clubs. As such I don’t agree with your assertion that ‘female nudism still seems to get a lot more frowns than male nudism’. In fact it’s the inverse within nude venues – which is where it matters. Getting nude in a non-nudist setting is a different matter but I think the same may be true, since it’s practically a guarantee of arrest for a man in most cases, which is about as ‘frowny’ as one can get!

    Most women won’t experience even a fraction of the negative reaction to the male body until they get old and/or fat. Men may not fully understand how uncomfortable a woman can be with unwanted attention. Having to deal with the large contingent of gay men who attend my local beach has been educational for me in this regard.

    With all this considered, women tend to be naturally more risk averse and more inclined towards social consensus. So it’s not surprising that more men have the ability to say ‘to hell with it’, break the social norms, risk ridicule or worse and jump into nudism.

    It’d be good to see more women embrace nudism, with the barriers to this removed, but the larger ratio of men on the beach is not itself a ‘problem’, if you’re there for the sun and the sand.

    As for the ‘slut-shaming’ thing – there’s good social reasons why sleeping around was discouraged for both men and women in the past and why it’s not a good idea that it’s becoming accepted now. I won’t re-iterate the talking points here, but the local nude beach/resort should be a haven from that taboo, if one thinks it’s a problem.

    Anyway, love the blog, please keep it up. 🙂

  7. I’m a Pagan and nudity is part of our culture. We do rituals nude. Part of our law is “to show that you are free, you shall be naked in your rites”. But it is about freedom, equality not sex.
    But even my group find it hard to let people know what we do to the outside world, because of the opinions you mentioned in your article. Please keep up the good work you do. Educating people is the answer. IMHO.

  8. I was planning a trip back to the UK last summer and thought it wold be nice to get some clothes free time. In the end not possible as the nearest venue does not allow body piercings, i have one, and the only other gathering was at a sauna and they had too many men so unless I had a partner with me I could not attend. Shame as when the sun shines the UK is a beautiful place. Happy to be living in Europe where there is not such a noticeable imbalance at nudist venues, that and the sauna experience is mixed and no clothing required in most venues unlike what seems to be the norm in the UK that clothing is required and there are special nudist only events with the gender balance issue

  9. Ironically all of the replies to the original blog post have been from Men. I am from the USA – East Coast – and have been a nudist for over 20 years now. Anecdotally at least I can say that the ratio of men to women on public access clothing optional sites is about 2 – 1. The “why’s” for that are probably as the article stated; societal acceptance of male nudism vs. female nudism, body image issues (while growing among men) are more profound for women and more likely to be parentally initiated.

  10. I agree with the main points of your article. I hope that more women will feel empowered enough to give social nudism a try. I don’t know what the answer is but I feel that we have turned a corner in our society. Thanks for another great thought provoking article.

  11. Also just something that came across my mind …
    If nudism isnt sexual .. why`s every1 asking that question.. why arent there more females that are nudists? Does it matter? Does it matter if there are more men or kids nudists them females?
    Do we ask our selfs why are there more guys at football games then girls? ..
    If it aint sexual then why does it matter/bother one if its lets say 90% nude guys on the beach? …

    • Ha! This is indeed an interesting point and one we actually want to tackle in one of our future articles.
      Male/female ratios are being applied at private nudist venues, to make couples and single women feel more comfortable. If nudism is non-sexual, why should the couples and the women care if there are more men?
      But also, there are many men only nudist venues as well, why don’t single men just go to those, where they surely will be allowed?

      We believe that it’s all about making a connection. We have started this blog because at a lot of nudist places we visited, we were the youngest. Often was the difference between our age and the average age counted in decades rather than in years. The older people didn’t make us feel uncomfortable and it certainly didn’t have anything sexually, but when we had the choice, we would rather go to a place with more people our own age. Just because we connect better.
      The same things go up with gender.
      Ask yourself the question, given that you’re not a nudist. As a couple, would you rather go to a textile beach with only or let’s say 80% men, or to one where you know it will be mixed?

      And there are several other reasons as well, which we’re not going to discuss in this comment 😉

      • Haaa so once i again , a non nudists has a good point hihihihi 🙂 j/k

        But ya this is a REAL good point, just makes one think…

        I personally feel more uncomfy around younger ppl in general, cause being middle aged makes u feel more connected to someone whos 70 rather then to someone whos 7 or 12 or 17 or 22…
        Well as for ur question im single , so hard to answer that, but tbh , i wouldnt care .. id go to a beach cause of a reason ,not cause of someone(s).
        Its like, when i go to a football game, im not there cause i wanna see how the stadium looks or if its pretty or communist looking like ours..or if there will be 500 or 5000 spectators .. im there cause of football.(my team)

        As for this “And there are several other reasons as well, which we’re not going to discuss in this comment ?” ,im not sure i understood this part ,unless u wanna write about it in a new blog so u wanna save it for that.

        • Indeed, there’s so much to tell about this topic that we’ll write about it another time.
          As for the football game, of course you go to watch the game, that’s the main purpose. Just like at a nude beach the main purpose is being able to be naked. No matter who else is there.
          But suppose that your football team would play exactly the same game twice an evening (pure hypothetical of course 🙂 ). The first game is just as you know it now and at the second game about 90% of the other spectators are 12-15 year olds.
          If you couldn’t make it to the first game, you’d probably still go to the second. But when you have the choice…

          • OMG what kinda of question is that? AHahahah of course its hypotetical and thereofore i cannot give a sain answer to that quesiton.
            Theres is no way there ever will be a football game where 90% of the spectators are 12yos, unless they players are U12, but in that case, why would i watch that?
            So my point was kinda that u dont have a choice, things are the way they are natrually.
            Do u know what i read today actually?
            In Sweden .. someone found them selfs butthurt cause 90% of ppl that are making Wikipedia articles are males … like wtf?
            Any1 can make an article/news on Wiki,whos stoping girls from doing it’? No1…
            So some/most things are just the way they are ,natrually ,nobody did anything to make these things be the way they are, they just are the way they are.

    • I guess the reason people bother is the same for any social gathering, in that it is usually a richer experience when a variety of people take part be they young, old, male, female, naked or clothed. If the gathering is dominated by any particular faction (e.g. people talking about only football 🙂 ) then like it or not, others may feel excluded or not wish to join in.
      So welcome more females, young people, Christians (… and footballers) even if you don’t want to get naked – just enjoy!

    • Iceman asked: “If nudism isnt sexual .. why`s every1 asking that question”

      Nudism may not be sexual, but it is absolutely social. Humans are arguably the most social species.

  12. I’ve attempted to join naturist clubs as a single male and been declined and was accepted when with a lady… I think that’s unfair as your either naturist or not regardless of male or female. I shall try again in West Sussex this year…

  13. Mooi verhaal, er is nog een lange weg te gaan. Ik zei gisteren nog tegen mijn vriendin en kinderen, het is belachelijk, mannen kunnen gewoon hun tepels op sociale media laten zien, maar bij vrouwen is dat verboden!?! Heel bijzonder.
    Bedankt voor jullie mooie foto’s, blogs en positieve reacties!

  14. Some very good points. I think the reason female nudism hasn’t taken off in the USA is bigger than that.
    I’ve lived in textile neighborhoods all my life. From a young age girls are told they can’t go topless like the boys because of the future private parts that will develop on their chest. If you go your whole life being told it’s not OK, then it’s going to be difficult to develop that desire later in life.

    The U.S. being founded on Christian values and following the Victorians lifestyle have made nudism taboo for both males and females – which is why our nudism spots are in the middle of nowhere.

    I think there is inequalities for males too. Males are open to date females that are nudists than females wanting to date male nudists. Male nudists can sometimes be looked at as perverts. I think some women can’t separate nudism and sex.

    • This post makes sence too , but you know, in one way , it reminds me of that ever popular 18+ thing ..
      Ppl are sexulaizing everything, from music,looks,celebs that become famouse just for showing asses and boobs,clotes,idolizing Playboy and Hefner,fashion,even teenvogue is sexualizing teenagers and talking more about sex then fashion.. but then again , when was fashion ever about fashion .. , sex adds on buses that take elementary kids to school in Australia,young 8 10 12yo models that have pic as if they will be on the cover of Playboy .. yet when it comes to sexy things or movies or similar, ppl are like NONONO thats not for kids! Yet they are shoving it up their faces 24/7 ,telling them that it is awesome ..
      Being a hypocrite is what todays society is all about.
      Same goes for this what u wrote.

  15. We’re all silly types, nudists are a minority, if we become the majority———–everything will change. We clearly don’t have the same spirit the gay community had with the PINK POUND, and until we do something of like kind, we’ll not get anywhere. How about a PINK (Sunpink) of our own?

    • I think there is a basic difference with nudists in that I can wake up in the morning and choose to wear clothes (or not). There are occasions where it is entirely appropriate or necessary to wear clothes, however I would struggle to think of a situation where it would be appropriate (or inappropriate) to be gay. Maybe a more apt parallel would be religion where this is more a matter of personal choice (although some cultures deny the possibility of renouncing one’s religion).
      Whilst I do push the boundaries from time to time, I think a more subtle approach to show nudity is normal, is more effective, and I’ve certainly never been in a situation where my nakedness in a public place has met with dissent or violence.

      • Our opinions and perspectives differ on what is appropriate and inappropriate. We are a tropical species so there are weather conditions, but not situations, where human bodies need protection from cold. I can’t think of any situation in clement conditions where a human body is inappropriate. Getting arrested and sent to prison is violence, and the culture arrests people for being naked in many places. The culture needs strong push back against its violence.

        • You make some good points…. I was thinking about protection from hazards e.g. a building site, or when recently cutting back brambles, pretty much every exposed part of me was shredded. I felt it appropriate to wear something but I accept others may disagree.
          My experience has been of acceptance (generally) of public nudity or at worst passive objection such as an occasional negative (overheard) comment. In such situations I choose to voice my own opinions rather than initiate any aggression. I also attempt to respect others opinions in other aspects too, but I have never been arrested or imprisoned – if I had, then I would probably be more forceful in retaliation.

          • There is a THREAT of arrest and imprisonment present in daily life. The THREAT (a form of violence) prevents me from being naked in public places. Stephen Gough spent the better half of 10 years in prison for no crime other than being naked in a country that doesn’t even have a law prohibiting nudity. The violence is there.

  16. Still discussing these things!!!! This isn’t how I want to spend my time. If we can’t relax naked, put clothes on. I want to know where to go and enjoy similar company, talking about anything endlessly is boring and doesn’t get anyone anywhere.

  17. I agree with most of what everybody has said . Around conditioning women can also be their own enemy :
    Why do women still accept Miss or Mrs
    I often cross this out and write Ms
    What business is it of anybody’s to know wether I am married or not ?
    Another irritation are the women who say they are fat when they are not .
    I have known a few women that struggle to get out of the victim role despite being shown a new road .
    I have a couple of very good looking friends who are early fifties looking mid to late thirties . Some of the best looking women seem to have the biggest insecurities. I was lucky I had a strong mother and an open minded father .
    I threw my clothes off around nudity faster than my husband ; I can imagine being a single male in a nudist place can be difficult . During my sixteen years of being exposed to nudity I have come across only a few annoying males and this is normal in society anyway . It always stands out in a naked environment because the level of approach might be slightly different .
    Nudity excepts more respect and diversity so it’s more of a shock when inappropriate behaviour happens .
    Once a female aged about 45 told my 14 year old daughter to take her clothes off in a clothing optional place ; the 45 year old lady never took her clothes off !
    Cheers from Karin who lives in Australia

  18. First off my wife is a slut and a whore, and I LOVE IT! Who are we all kidding, the only reason that any guy is ever wanting to put a Ring on any girls finger, is only due to having the best and hottest porno sex with her, that you have ever had. But every guy will soon find out, that the hot porno sex will come to a grinding halt, after the first year or two.
    Sex is what sells.
    Sex is used in every commercial that you will ever see.
    Sex sells in Hollywood, either to sell movies or to get the part in that movie ( Hence Harvey’s casting couch).
    Look at every nudist site or look at the advertising for any nudist resort, look at the pictures being used for this article.
    They use and you use only pictures of hot and sexy looking females.
    Gee, why would that be?
    You all keep saying, that it is perfectly OK, to be a big fat slob, who has no frigging idea how to put that fork down!
    Yet, you and every nudist site and every nudist resort are so frigging hypocritical , by only using pictures of hot looking skinny or stacked sexy looking babes!
    How come you fat slob flag waving supporters and fat slob supporting nudist, don’t use pictures of some big old fat slob of a wife, in all of your advertising???
    You all say, that being a big fat slob should not matter.
    You keep saying that you all accept big fat slobs into the nudist lifestyle.
    You keep saying, that big fat slobs are welcome at every nudist resort or at every nudist beach, while you continue to use only pictures of fit younger and hotter ladies in all of your advertising?
    Then you wonder, why there are 10 times as many males to every one fat slob female who say, that they are nudists?
    Men don’t give a damn what any of them look like.
    Every guy thinks that he is a Stud, and they all think that they look like Arnold, when they look into the mirror.
    Where as most women, are a lot more realistic when they look into that same mirror.
    The women see that cellulite, the women see their sagging flabby tits, they look down and wonder why they can’t see their pussy any longer, they look in the mirror and wonder where that Beer Gut came from, and they don’t even drink beer?
    Once that Ring goes on the Finger, the Sex Stops, and their effort to look sexy or to even try to look good and to keep in shape, just suddenly stops, for the simple reason that they have Trapped a male into marrying them.
    Women see the real image in the mirrors, as to what their giving up has created, where as their husbands don’t have the same issues, and if they do, most guys don’t see it any ways.
    The “Metoo” movement is Laughable at best.
    They all Bash Men, but if they need to sleep with someone to get a part in a Movie, they will do so in a New York second ( I’d sleep with Harvey for a part in a Move, and I am a GUY! LOL) every woman is a Whore and a Slut until that Ring goes on the finger, and all of you women know that it is TRUE.
    Sex captures and traps their male of choice.
    Once caught though, they no longer feel the need to look sexy or hot any more.
    This is why, the wife is no longer wanting to be seen Nude, even by her own eyes.
    Nudity is only for people that are in decent Shape.
    Nudity is not for fat slobs, who think that it is perfectly Ok to be seen by others in a public setting.
    Have some decency people, put your PC – BS away, and say it like it is.
    No one is wanting to see any fat slob naked, No One is ever wanting to see that.
    You are full of S%IT if you say any differently.
    When was the last time, that you saw any old or young far slobs being used in any of the ads for a nude site or a nude resort or a nude beach?
    How about Never!
    There are 10 times more guys who like to be naked in public, because men are just perverts who are all looking for a cheap thrill, for the most part.
    Men, require some form of on going sexual thrill, due to the fact, that they no longer get that any longer at home.
    The women have no interest in being nude or in being seen nude as they have all turned into big fat slobs, once they got that Ring, True fact.
    The sad thing is, that none of the younger people are wanting to get into nudity, due to the fact, that when they go to any nude resort all that they see are…..old fat people every where, who are all lusting after them.
    Youth, and fit people that actually put an effort into their own looks and take some pride in the way that they look, are the only ones that should ever be seen naked in public.
    We are so thankful, that all of these fat slobs have no desire at all, to join their perverted husbands, in their own perverted fun.
    Don’t you think, that the nude resorts and the nudist sites should all be using nothing but pictures of big fat slobs in all of their advertising, and being a lot more Honest, while promoting the nudist lifestyle?
    Have a look at your own hypocritical site. Have a look at any other nudist site.
    Have a look at any of the nude resorts.
    They use only pictures of attractive sexy looking fit younger women, in order to SELL their product.
    Why is this?
    It’s because, you can deny it all that you want, but SEX Sells.
    SEX is why we married our slut wives.
    I say that with pride, as my wife is a slut and she is a whore and she is a nymphomaniac, and we both admit, that we both love her being that way.
    The problem with nudists is, that they all bend over backwards to deny it.
    Everyone loves to see a hot sexy body, whether it is on a female or a male ( all the ladies love to see a hot looking guy ) , yet the nudist all pretend to be blind to the fact, that they are sexually attracted to other sexy looking couples, and there is nothing wrong with that.
    Nudist try so hard to distance themselves from sex, and that is where they are frigging hypocrites.
    Everyone loves SEX , everyone is into Sex, everyone is here right now, due to their Dad and their slutty Mom lol having SEX.
    When we start to see nothing but big fat slobs being used on your nudist sites, that is when you can start to sell the idea, that being a big fat slob does not matter.
    Till then, all the nude resorts and all the nude sites just like this one, are so full of shit.
    Lets see you start to use pictures of all the big fat old slobs out there, or just give this body acceptance BS a rest.
    Regardless of what these nudist males have to say, they are nudists just in order to either show off and enjoy their exhibitionist addiction, or they are nudist who are just wanting to be voyeurs and enjoy the sites, that their own wives no longer provide for them at home.
    We have no issues with a single male wanting to be a nudist for what ever thrill he gets out of it.
    We do have some big issues with any married male, doing the nudist thing on his own, without his wife joining in with him.
    That is just creepy and wrong, in any married relationship.
    Looking forward to seeing Nakewanderings and all the other hypocritical nudist sites / resorts using only pictures of all the big fat slobs out there.
    Each and everyone of you, all Talk the Talk – But not even one of you – Walk the Walk.
    Lets see you hypocritical nudist sites and hypocritical resorts actually accept every body shape and size in your ads and posts , while you show off all the big fat slobs who love to be naked in public, for all to see.
    SEX sells and the body beautiful is what we all love to see.
    If not, lets see you prove us all wrong.
    Lets see you start to use pictures, of what the Lifestyle really looks like. lol
    It certainly is not full of hot younger in shape sexy looking hard bodies.
    Nudist are so full of it.
    Sex sells.
    And everyone is into Sex, everyone.
    Just our take on the topic of why there are more male nudists than there are female nudists.
    Vic and Cindy
    ps. Cindy totally agrees with what I just wrote.

  19. this is another example of the noticeably increasing anti-male propaganda clinging to renewed but outdated feminist ideals – as a ‘male’ nudist i have to say its a load of rubbish.
    why are there less female nudists? simple – women are more self-conscious, in fact as my partner found when she started the lifestyle with me theyre a bunch of prudes. so many of her friends and work colleagues while mocking horror when they found out secretly said to her later that they wishes they had the cumption to do it themselves – and what is stopping them? fear of being looked at. of course theyre going to be looked at – everyone looks at everyone else and thats that

    • It’s pretty harsh to say that the lack of women in nudism is purely caused by prudery… Women do have more social and cultural luggage to carry when it comes to social nudity and often this has been pushed upon them by men. Women are also more likely to be harassed too, by men of course.
      And this goes further… In Europe women used to sunbathe topless all the time, but currently less and less like to do so. One of the major reasons seems to be phones with camera function and the internet. They don’t care being looked at on the beach, but they don’t want to appear half naked on the internet. Which gender takes the majority of those sneaky pictures? Exactly.
      Talking about pictures, if you search nudist pictures online you’ll find an abundance of young naked women, where in reality these are the ones that seem to be a minority? What does that teach us? And we probably don’t have to ask who’s putting those pictures there…

      • @Nick&Lins says: “Women do have more social and cultural luggage to carry when it comes to social nudity and often this has been pushed upon them by men. ”

        Blaming men for the behavior of women is misandrist and offensive. Its also weak. Claiming women’s own responsibility is where power lies.

        @Nick&Lins says: “And we probably don’t have to ask who’s putting those pictures there…”

        There was a court case in Denver in which a photographer was charged with over 800 counts of pornography. He put a small ad in a local paper for women who were willing to be photographed naked, and over 800 women showed up, many with their mothers for escort. The court had more sense and dismissed all the charges. What we really don’t need to ask is, who is willingly modeling for all those naked porn photos. Even Melania Trump has been there, done that.

        • Saying that it’s the fault of the women themselves that they have been oppressed and objectified for ages, is pretty hard. It’s like saying that it was the African-American’s own fault that they have been slaves in the past. If only they had stood up for themselves… It doesn’t work like that.

          About the photographs, indeed, there are two different cases.
          On one hand there are many voyeur pictures which are clearly taken without approval from the persons in the picture.
          And on the other hand there are the ones with models.
          In both cases, we don’t think that the audience for these pictures are merely female…

          • I don’t think it’s the same. Black communities have been and continue to be systematically held back (in the US at least) so most start out disadvantaged and have to work harder to catch up.

            This is not the case for women. The only thing keeping women from pursuing their desires is fear.

  20. Hold on a minute. The only real observation must be that anyone can enjoy being totally naked, in any situation and at any time. Being a social nudist is not the same thing, and we should be aware that our delights are the same as anyone else’s and does not depend, or require comments about any aspect of appearance or comparisons on any other basis. If I’m making this too simple, talk to anyone else who’s totally nude and keep your eyes closed, we exist by character not appearance.

  21. I can also state that I don’t accept anyone telling me what my rights are. I’m expected to fulfil my proper obligations and responsibilities on my own and in my own ways. Should we all be left to do this for ourselves, we are better able to know of and deal with intruding and frequently hostile behaviour from all quarters. If anyone finds fault with me being totally naked, they can talk to me about it, with eyes shut if needed, and we’ll sort something out. I was in the shade of the only tree on one beautiful beach when a couple with children arrived and it was no trouble to move a little so they could share the shade. They felt no urge to go naked and it didn’t bother them at all that I and my two children were oiled up and tanning during the following few hours of interesting conversation and us all joining in for games of all sorts. Perfect day at the seaside for everyone.

  22. Great article, the first time I took my wife to a nude beach didn’t turn out to be the best experience for her as there was a perv taking photos on a mobile.
    We were made aware by another lady who told him to get off the beach . We have been back since and had a much better time talking to other people but most were men (probably 70 percent) although they were friendly to talk to. I think this is why females are reserved about going as fear of this type of person.


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