10 Biggest Fears of a Beginning Nudist and how to Overcome Them

Nudism is probably one of the easiest lifestyles to get started with. You don’t need any particular skills, there’s no minimum or maximum age and you don’t need to be in a particular shape. Neither does nudism come with a specific diet and it only takes as much of your time as you’re willing to spend. Becoming a nudist literally only takes seconds. The time needed to take off your clothes. SAY WHAT? Take off my clothes? Exactly. This simple act which we perform several times a day suddenly proves to be a hard nut to crack. A huge step to take. A reason for not giving nudism a try.


Okay, there’s one little aspect of nudism which we neglected to mention in this introduction: Nudism is a social thing. This is what makes nudism different from undressing for the shower and what causes the biggest fears of aspiring nudists. There will be other people. Naked people. Naked strangers. Or… naked people you know.


Fear 1: Running into someone you know

Strangers is something you can handle. They’ll see you naked, you’ll see them naked, maybe you’ll even have a short conversation but then it’s bye bye. To never see each other again. Your secrets are safe with strangers. But what if you run into someone you know? Do you really want the mailman to see you in your birthday suit? How about the butcher, the baker or that bartender you have a secret crush on? And it gets worse, what if one of your friends is there? What if you run into family? Do you really want your boss to see you naked?


To overcome this fear you have to make a click in your head. All the time you’re afraid about someone who will see you naked. But remember that the other person will be nude as well. You’ll both be vulnerable on equal levels. We have to admit, running into someone you know at a nudist place can be a bit of an awkward situation at first. But that goes away quickly. And another thing, what are really the odds that your boss also happens to be a nudist and will be at exactly the same spot as you are? Certainly not enough to not give nudism a try.

Fear 2: Everyone will look at me

It’s a very common nightmare: You have to give a presentation, get in front of the room facing your colleagues or class mates, you see smiles popping up on their faces and suddenly you realise that you don’t have any clothes on. Next thing you know you’re sitting on your bed in a puddle of sweat. How could you ever enjoy being naked in front of others?


There are two big differences between this bad dream and your first nudist experience. All the others will be just as nude as you are and there are no presentations to be given. Nobody will take the megaphone to shout “Look over here guys! It’s Lins and she’s naked!”. In fact, the others couldn’t care less about your nudity. They’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands of naked people before. No matter how you look, you will never stand out.


Fear 3: I will look at everyone

This is the other side of the medal. Maybe the others are used to nudity, but you are definitely not. Chances are that during your first visit to a nudist resort you’ll see more naked people than you’ve ever seen in your whole life. How will you handle all that nudity? What will you do with your eyes? Everywhere on the internet you read that it’s impolite to stare at nudists, but hey, you’ll be in a place full of naked people. How can you NOT have a look?


Honestly, there’s no way to prevent this. Luckily, there’s also no need to. Have a quick look around to see what’s hanging (pun intended). But don’t stare at other people, that’s just very annoying. If you feel the need to compliment others on their appearance, often it’s better to keep that for yourself. Especially sentences starting with “Wow that’s a large/small/thick/thin/cute/sexy/…” are often not really appreciated from a stranger.

Fear 4: Everyone will look better than me

The only times when you’ve ever seen a naked stranger before, that person was probably hired to be naked in the first place. Whether it’s a magazine model, a movie actor or a stripper, being naked is their job. And so is being at a certain age and in a certain shape to appear attractive to the most variety of people. No wonder that you think that all naked strangers will look hot and sexy. Well, we can tell you, they do not. Because that’s not the goal of a nudist resort at all.


We hate it when nudist resorts hire twenty-something nude models for their website pictures. Really, what are they trying to win with that? Unfortunately it still happens and even more unfortunately aspiring nudists might think that those looks are exactly what will be found at a nudist resort. We’ll tell you what will be found at nudist places. Everything. A mix of all different kinds of people. The best way to imagine this is to go to Walmart on a busy Saturday and picture everyone there naked. That’s what the population of a nudist resort looks like.


Fear 5: I will end up in an orgy

Non-nudists basically take off their clothes for two main reasons: To shower or to have sex. And since nudist resorts aren’t bath houses… It’s not difficult to make the link. Few people who have never tried nudism can understand that it’s even possible to be naked together with the opposite gender without this resulting in some hanky panky. Yet it’s just like that. Non-sexual nudity is plainly something that doesn’t really exist in the textile world. Except in maybe communal showers, which have the very specific purpose to get cleaned up.


If you’ve been reading up about the link between nudism and sex, you probably already figured out that one doesn’t have anything to do with the other. The main pillar of nudism is that it’s about non-sexual nudity. You can take your kids or your grandmother to a nudist resort being 100% sure that they won’t see anything even sexually related.

Fear 6: There will be creepy people around

Boy are we happy that we’ve tried nudism before we went online to learn more about our newly gained lifestyle. There are a lot of weird people online. If you, especially as a woman, dare to ask a question about nudism on social media or forums, it’s very likely that you’ll get an overflown inbox. For the next hour or so you’ll be browsing through dick pics, wedding proposals and weird grammar like “Me like naked too”. Suddenly the online world becomes a colony of uneducated perverted creeps. What if they would get the chance to see you naked in real life?


The difference between real life nudists and online “nudists” (note the quotes) is that 95 percent of all the creepy behaviour happens uniquely on the internet. The difference between a nudist chat room and the bar of a nudist resort couldn’t be any bigger. It’s like two different worlds. Unfortunately there’s that five percent left who tends to move from the online dimension into the real world. You may notice one of them peeking from behind the dunes or getting just that little bit too close at the beach. These cases are rare but do exist unfortunately. Especially on public places like nude beaches. If this is one of your fears, we highly recommend to pick a private nudist place, like a resort or an event, for your first experience.


Fear 7: I will get an erection

Ladies, feel free to move on to the next part, because obviously this is one for the men. But it shouldn’t be neglected because it’s probably the biggest fear of all beginning nudist men. What if suddenly things start to go up? There will be no way to hide it. Everyone will think that you’re just one of those creeps from the previous part. People will point at you yelling “Look! A pervert! Hang the villain!”. Or something like that.


Maestra Banner
First of all, we’ve seen many thousands of nudist men by now and can still pretty much count the number of erections on one hand. It’s really not that common as you would think. Because nudist places are non-sexual, it’s rare to get aroused by seeing just another nude body. But that doesn’t help you much over your fear, does it?


So here’s the thing. We’ve never heard about someone getting kicked out of a nudist place (or hanged) just for having an erection. It can happen and everyone knows this. If you’d be the unfortunate one to whom it does happen, just handle it discretely. Turn on your stomach, jump into the pool or wrap a towel around your waist and wait until your erection goes away. If you’re all like “Look what just happened to me people!”, you will be hanged. Just kidding, but chances are that you won’t be allowed to visit the place a second time.

Fear 8: I will do something embarrassing

It’s a fear that comes with many first time experiences. The first day at your new job, the first time you meet your boyfriend’s parents or the first time someone takes you to an expensive restaurant. What if I do something stupid? You try to read up on the etiquette and the habits but still anything can happen. You could trip, you could enthusiastically wave at someone who’s not who you thought she was or you could let one go much louder than you expected. Which startles you so much that you spill your Nutella. Imagine any/all of this happening when you’re butt naked.


What can we say, embarrassing things happen to people all the time. Also to nudists. Just keep in mind that for nudists it doesn’t really matter whether you’re naked or clothed. For us, nudity is just another (very comfortable) state of dress. So yes, whatever happens to you at the nudist resort might be embarrassing, but not more than when it would happen anywhere else.


Fear 9: I will feel uncomfortable nude

So you decided to take the step, you walked into that nudist resort, introduced yourself at the reception, got naked, wandered around and noticed that nudism is really nothing for you. Really. The only thing you can think about the whole time is the comfort of your clothes. What do you do now?


The good thing about nudism is that returning to being a non-nudist (or textile as we like to say) is just as easy as becoming a nudist. You just put your clothes back on, return to your car and drive home. And that will be the end of your nudist experience. But at least you’ve tried it. This being said, we have heard very few stories of people who tried nudism and hated it. Some found it “meh”, some found it an interesting one time experience, but the large majority was sold within fifteen minutes. So don’t worry too much about this one. Rather worry about how you’ll ever feel comfortable again with clothes.

Fear 10: How will I explain this to friends and family?

You’ve had a lot of fears to conquer already. There you were, expecting everyone to look at you and nobody gave you a glimpse. While you did check everyone else out. You found out that the others don’t really look much better than you and that they weren’t humping one another. There were no creeps, no erections and other than that spilled Nutella you actually had an amazing time. You love nudism. The only remaining question is: How are you going to explain all this to your girlfriend, mom, colleagues and mailman.


The easy solution: Just don’t tell them. It’s none of anyone’s business if you prefer to spend your free time at a nudist resort. We’ve met lots of nudists who never told their friends, colleagues or even children. But when nudism starts to become more than an occasional thing, you might want to consider telling some of your loved ones. So at least they know where to call when they’ve put the kitchen on fire. Expect from them the same misconceptions which we called “fears” in this blog post. Be prepared to answer all their questions. And most important, don’t act like you’re doing something wrong. Because you’re not. You’re living a wonderful natural lifestyle which is based on peace, harmony and respect. So what about THEIR lifestyle?


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38 thoughts on “10 Biggest Fears of a Beginning Nudist and how to Overcome Them”

  1. When it comes to meeting someone you know at a nudist place I’ve often read the comment that “they’ll be nude too so no worries”, but what if that’s not the case, which can happen easily at a nude beach. I had a near experience of this type in Gran Canaria at Maspalomas. I was walking along the beach heading from Maspalomas towards the nudist part of the beach, but as I was still on the part typically used by textiles before the sign I was wearing swimming trunks when I met a couple I know coming the other way. It’s fairly common in that area for textile tourists to walk the length of the beach including the nudist section, and to get there they will have walked along that section. If I had been making my way along just a little earlier I may well have been on the nudist section and hence nude when I bumped into them. Now I probably would have been laying back on my towel and they probably wouldn’t have been looking up the beach towards the nude sunbathers, but it’s not impossible that they might have seen me. I wonder what the views are on a situation like that and how you might reassure newbies about that risk (personally it wouldn’t have bothered me. While I don’t go publicising my liking for nudism it’s not something I’m trying to hide either)

    • haha what are the odds! But indeed, such a thing could actually happen. But if they would be walking clothed on the nude beach, they probably won’t have a problem with nudism. So it could be a good way to tell someone about your newfound lifestyle.

  2. Bonjour
    Je lis , avec plaisir vos articles, toutefois je note que vous êtes satisfaits du fait que les centres et les logements naturistes s orientent vers le haut de gamme, pensez aux naturistes qui ont des moyens modestes et pour qui le camping et la seule façon de pouvoir passer des vacances.

    • Bonjour,
      Merci beaucoup pour votre message, mais nous pensons que nous couvrons des endroits pour tous les budgets. Nous avons visité de nombreux campings cet été en France et au Portugal (à venir). Nous avons également écrit sur les rencontres que nous avons eues avec des groupes locaux en Colombie, par exemple.
      Dans Naked Wanderings, nous essayons de montrer au monde entier les possibilités offertes par le naturisme, pour tous les budgets.

  3. There are times when people at a resort decide to wear clothes for whatever reason. It could be their first time and if they meet you, they may decide that seeing you naked is fine for them, but they may change their mind about removing their clothes. That’s even less likely, of course.

    About creeps: no one likes to admit this, but I’ve seen plenty of guys who do a poor job of hiding the fact that they’re looking at women. The plus is that they’re nude as well and they do have to at least try to conform to polite etiquette. The problem is resorts that allow cell phones use. It would be very easy for a creep to be taking pictures while there and anyone who doesn’t want their pictures taken may be nervous about that. Justifiably so.

    • The cell phones are indeed still often an issue at nudist resorts. Although we do believe that the amount of people worrying about having a photo of them taken is much larger than the amount of photos that are actually taken. You have to keep in mind that voyeur photos/videos are a niche market of the porn industry and that also this is often faked. A photo of two 19 year old women who happened to have fallen asleep on the nude beach with their legs wide open… What are the odds… Don’t believe everything you see.

      Personally, we’ve basically spent the last two years at nudist resorts and nude beaches around the world and we also spend lots of time doing research about the subject online. If candid cameras were as common at nudist places as some like to say, we would think that at least we would have encountered a couple of photos of ourselves. But we haven’t yet.

      Whether we like it or not, phones have become an important part of our lives and it will be harder and harder to ban them from places.

  4. Interesting, and a little different variation of similar blogs you already made.
    Me being me, i`ll be mocked again , but im used to it, but i cannot hold back and say that i see a big hypocrisy is too strong of a word, but something similar ,between the intro and 1. on one side , and 5. on the other.
    Again , as 99% of the time, im not connecting this to just nudism, but in general.
    Why do we find it ok to see a stranger naked, or be seen, but its WTF if its done by a friend, or family? It is like that but why? Whats the real difference? Why do ppl have that shame?
    I agree on that, we ask the same question, but then comes 5.
    Why is it normal , well i dont mean like that ppl go to beaches to watch others have orgies, but everyone, EVERYONE, you , me, your parents, your grandmother, hes grandmother,and spec now in 21th cent, basicly everyone that prolly isnt even in double digits in age , has seen sex(on medias at least) , so what if they see that? Like whats the big deal?
    I understand the “rules” of nudism but as i said, 99% of what i post isnt just nudism related but general topic, and this 5. directly is the same thing as the intro and 1. ,only with a different subject, so in that sence ,how come we question the first as whats the big deal , and present the second as a horrible unsafe bad thing?
    There is literally no person on this planet that can give a reasonable answer to that, the only “reasonable” one , is that thats “our culture”, you grow up with clothes, and think nudies are wierdos, you grow up as a nudie, you think nudies are totaly fine and normal, you grow up seing your parents,their friends, older siblings, celebs , smoke, drink,again you think its totaly normal.. getting the pattern? But evenso if that is the pattern and everyone is aware of it, and most will prolly agree , then why is there still a holdback?
    Its like, most ppl are textiles right? So seing ppl naked on the streets ,shops, stadiums isnt really conisdered normal to say the least right?
    So a nudie, wants it to BE conisdered as normal, cause a nudie will say, well, what i already wrote, just because ur a textile and grew up that way and accepted that as normal doesnt mean those that wanna be nude or grew up nude arent.. you should eccept the way we wanna live and be,something like that right? and you dont understand why ppl find it such a big deal to accept that, but at the same time , your are mocking something else,so you are basicly doing the same thing to the “being more free in public” to put in nicely lol ppl ,as the textiles are doing to the nudies..
    I mean, at the end of the day, i couldnt care less about literally any of these things, but ..its just not right to me ,to have things like a,b,c,d,e,f .. and the majority is the a, and ur the b, so you ur telling the a that theres nothing wrong with being the b, but at same time theres the c saying the same thing to a and the b ..cause both a and b are againts c , of course the f has all before them as “enemies”.

    Also for the 6. , i understand the point, but not the way its presented .. just cause someone isnt that good in english ,dont mean they are uneducated, and even if they are, why does that matter? “uneducated” ppl can-be/are also nudists ..no?

    I dont know,i know there are different kind of nudies, some want just beaches, some want more, mixed, and some want total nudeness all over and everywhere publicly , im not sure ,i prolly missed it, but im not sure where u are in these 3 cathegories ,but what i wrote is basicly aimed the the 3rd option of ppl and partly at the 2nd one.

    • We’re not going much into detail about number 5 because we’ve had this discussion many times before. And also, it has nothing to do with the subject. It’s nothing more or less than this: Some textiles think that orgies are happening at nudist resorts and we say that it’s not like that. Period.

      About number 1, keep in mind that we’re talking about beginning nudists. Not all nudists. Personally, we couldn’t care less if we would run into someone we know today. But we would have cared during our first times. When you’re doing something that’s not really comfortable at first, it’s just easier among strangers.

      And then number 6, it’s basically a joke among nudists. 90% of the sexual comments we receive online happen to be in bad English. Which doesn’t want to say that everyone who doesn’t speak English well is a pervert.

      • Okok thats true, i lost the fact the it was about the beginner nudies here, my bad.

        “When you’re doing something that’s not really comfortable at first, it’s just easier among strangers.”
        Ya but thats my point, why? i mean why are humans like that? thats my real question. Its odd.

        • I don’t think that’s so strange. If only strangers see you, if you decide it’s not for you after your first experience you can never go back again, chalk it up as an experience and never have to think about it again. But if someone you know saw you, you remember it every time you see them, maybe you imagine them remembering you nude. If it’s just some stranger that you’ll never see again you never think about them again.

  5. Visited a nude beach for the first time and really enjoyed. Will be back. But #2 is not that correct they did look at me. Not to admire my fit body I suppose but liked to get another fellow.

  6. Having read your comments here I would have to agree with every point but one. The nudist community wants to explicitly stress the non sexual nature of social nudity. In a way, I disagree. Natural attraction is innate in our species. I’m sure some folks are naturally attracted to other folks weather clothed or naked. Yet, being naked in a social setting seems to lesson that inclination or eliminate it entirely. As a nudist since the seventies I have been in nude social setting many times with no sexual urges. Somehow, when we are all naked the whole thing becomes so liberating and natural as to minimalize the sexual part. Maybe it is because being naked I feel as if I have shed the conventions of society and am bearing my soul rather than my body. I think that most women feel the same. There is something natural and comfortable about being clothes free together. And there seems to be more respect for each other than in the textile world. Perhaps it is because it takes a certain amount of courage to engage in social nudism. Funny thing, when I mention social nudism to my textile lady friends they give me that deer in the headlights stare. Somehow social nudism hasn’t penetrated the social barriers harbored in women who would love to try nudism but are afraid or inculcated in certain social beliefs that say it is wrong or immoral. I don’t know how we, as social nudists, can get the word out that it is a lifestyle that is liberating, fun, and open to all and should be enjoyed by all that would choose it.

    • You’re definitely right about nudist places having a non-sexual feel. We believe that on one hand this is because we all put ourselves in an equally vulnerable position and on the other hand because there’s no way to “dress to impress”. At a textile beach, bathing suits are carefully chosen to accentuate certain body parts. None of this is possible at the nude beach. Or nudist resort.
      As a friend of ours once said: “When you walk into a sex shop, what do you see? Clothes.”

      The difficulty with social nudity is indeed that there are still so many social barriers. For ages we have been told that nudity is something shameful, not proper, pervert, non-religious, etc. For many it’s still hard to break through. And nudism is something you have to experience before you can understand what it’s all about.

    • Well that the thing Earl.. u dont need to get the word out that nudism is liberating (i dont buy that ,liberation is just a mindset ,it doesnt exist in reality) ,any1 that wants to do it ,will, or will try.

      • We got following message the other day:
        “I kept my nudity to myself until I read about nudism on the internet. I didn’t know this lifestyle was a thing. Now I make sure to be vocal about my preference for clothes-free living, so that other people, whatever they think about it, will at least know that it’s an option”
        So it is important to get the word out 😉

  7. Don’t listen to their false teaching. God doesn’t want you to be nudists. It’s very clear in His Word. Majority of the references link nudity with sin, shame and refer to it as degrading. The exceptions are before sin entered the world and martial relations between spouses.

    Our unclothed bodies shouldn’t be on display for everyone. They should only be reserved for our spouses, or if it’s necessary for a doctor, or in a public shower setting.

    Do not be deceived by Nick and Lins. Turn away from them, unfollow them and turn towards Jesus Christ. God’s plan is not for you to live nude. His purpose is much greater.

    • So technically, in a world before sin and shame, let’s call it a perfect world, nudism was not a problem. It’s only in this imperfect world. Right?
      Then we prefer to strive for a perfect world instead.

      • That won’t happen until Christ’s glorious appearing. Christian naturists are twisting the scriptures. The Bible makes it very clear that exposing your naked body is immoral. You need to turn away from this lifestyle and turn to Jesus Christ before it’s too late.

        • Andrew, you don’t give any evidence that non-sexual nudity is immoral in the Bible. The Bible is very clear that nudity is good : “God created mankind in his own image” (Gen 1.27) and “God saw al that he had made and it was very good” (Gen 1.31). At that time man and women were naked. Only after the Fall man and women started covering themselves (Gen 3.7), and when God discovered what they had done He was angry at them.

          • Jo,
            You have to realize that is before sin entered the world. In Genesis 3:7 Adam and Eve’s immediate reaction to realizing they were naked was to cover up. Genesis 3:10 Adam tells God he hid because he was naked. Genesis 3:21 God provides Adam and Eve with more suitable coverings.

            Here the words used to describe nakedness in other parts of the Bible
            Genesis 9:21 Noah’s two sons walked into his tent backwards to cover him to avoid seeing him naked.

            Exodus 20:26 Says your nakedness will be exposed.

            Isaiah 47:3 your nakedness will be exposed and your shame uncovered.

            Ezekiel 16:35-36, 38-39 Therefore, you prostitute hear the word of the Lord. This is what the Sovereign Lord says because you poured out your lust and exposed your naked body in promiscuity with your lovers … I will sentence you to the punishment of women who commit adultery and shed blood; I will bring on you the blood vengeance of my wrath and jealous anger. Then I will deliver you into the hands of your lovers and they will tear down your mounds and destroy your lofty shrines … They will bring a mob against you, who will stone you and hack you to pieces with their swords.

            Luke 8:27 When Jesus stepped ashore, he was met by a demon-possessed man from the town. For a long time this man had not worn clothes or lived in a house but had lived in the tombs.

            Revelation 3:17-18 You say I am rich, I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire, so you can become rich; and white clothes to wear so you can cover your shameful nakedness.

            Revelation 16:15 Look, I come like a thief! Blessed is the one who stays awake and remains clothed, so as not to go naked and be shamefully exposed.

            Revelation 17:16 The beast and the ten horns you saw will hate the prostitute. They will bring her to ruin and leave her naked; they will eat her flesh and burn her with fire.

            Multiple times The Word uses words exposed, cover, looking away, shame, prostitute, demon-possessed, bring to ruin, cannibalism, burn. That is very different from the message that Nick and Lins are deceiving you with. There are multiple times in the New Testament it mentions clothing the naked.

            Stop listening to Nick and Lins false teaching, leave your life of sin and turn to Jesus Christ before it’s too late.

            People carried on with life and laughed at Noah until they were drowning in the flood he warned them about. People are giving into their desires now but will be filled with regret when the Son of Man returns and they are left behind to face the wrath of God. Again I urge you to abandon nudism and save yourselves by following Jesus Christ.

        • Andrew takes a lot of scripture out of context, and should read a few more verses before and after the googled search results. And should realize the Law has been fulfilled by Jesus, He didn’t come to judge, but will the next time, Andrew please keep Mathew 7 in mind.
          Adam and Eve’s shame was not because of their nudity but their disobedience of God’s command, and the betrayal of His love and grace. And nakedness is used as an alliteration of the transparency of our sin in the eyes of God.
          Social nudity has nothing to do with a lustful heart, sexual immorality, or the social norms of pre-Jacob peoples of God of thousands years ago that separated God’s people from the Gentiles in a time where representing the lineage of the coming Messiah was important for the recorded history.

          • As a life long Christian myself, I also questioned “Is this the right thing for a Christian to do?” when my wife and I really ramped up our naturism/nudism earlier this year. But upon deeper research, I carefully read Genesis and realized that the second (documented) question that God asked Adam was “Who told you that you were naked?” (And God probably might have followed with “And WHY did you LISTEN?”). It was Satan who told Eve and Adam that God’s creation was shameful and it needed to be covered up. This was also an analogy to show how an animal’s blood was used to cover up man’s sin until Jesus Christ became the sacrifice to wash away our sins forever. I feel so very close to God and his creation when we’re naked outside, and it has made my wife and I enjoy the home that we were blessed with, and each other’s company, even more when we’re outside in our very private back yard with nothing between us, God, and His creation.
            To lighten the mood, I’ll jokingly add “If God wanted us to be naked, we’d be born that way!”.

          • Lots has already been written about whether naturism and Christianity go hand in hand or not (the answer completely depends on who you ask). In the end, naturism is an inclusive way of living, and we believe that religions, in general, are meant to be this way as well.

  8. Meeting some I know ! Have no fear it has happened to me twice . Two couples from my church waking on the beach nude I was nude standing at waters edge when the came by . I looked up as they did ! We laughed and said nice to see you ! Small talk didn’t know u came here ! I didn’t know them well but do interact with them
    At church ! They said hope to see and meet with you this next year back in October . Nothing said but saw Bob fishing last year !

  9. The erection response has always puzzled me a bit. When I first started reading about nudism and saw this question, I expected the response to be something like, “It’s not a big deal. We know it’s a part of life and happens sometimes. No need to be embarrassed, it will go away.” The idea that you have to immediately roll over on your stomach, jump in the pool, or wrap a towel around you implies you should feel embarrassed. Doesn’t it look funny if you suddenly run to the pool? I get that you want it to be a safe environment, don’t want to send the wrong message or make anyone uncomfortable, but an erection can happen for non-sexual reasons. Those are usually semi-erections that disappear quickly anyway. If you say, “no big deal,” I would be relieved that I didn’t have to worry about. If you say, “roll on your stomach, jump in the pool, or wrap a towel around it, now I feel self-conscious about it and start feeling anxious about it which then causes an erection.

    Imagine making your first visit to a nudist resort. You are nervous. You start to feel an erection coming on so you cover up. You know the people there know immediaetly why you are covering up. They probably won’t say anything but you might be so embarrassed that you never come back.

    • As always, there is quite a gray zone. It all depends on your attitude and the attitude of the people around you. Let’s say that you’re talking in a group of guys and you get a semi-erection, you probably won’t need to turn around and run to the pool but you can just let it go away. If you’re talking to a group of children, it’s a completely different story.

      It’s all common sense. Keep in mind that people might be offended by your erection and act accordingly. If you’re at a textile beach and wearing a speedo, you probably won’t walk around proudly either if you had an erection.

  10. I would be thrilled to run into someone I know. It would not only make me feel like I have a nudist friend, it would make me feel like its accepted and normal to be a nudist.


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