What if you don't like nudist resorts

What If You Don’t Like Nudist Resorts

We just love nudist resorts. They’ve practically been our home for more than a year and a half now and even before our big journey, they were our favorite getaways. Personally, if we get the choice between a nudist place or a textile one, we’ll always pick the nudist resort. For the obvious reason that we can be naked without someone complaining (or having the police chase our naked behinds) but also because we like … Read more

Introduce a friend to nudism

Introduce A Friend To Nudism

Let’s start this blog post with a question we’ve asked many times before… Why do so many nudist resorts fail to attract new members? Especially younger members? For the resorts it’s a big frustration because much of their income and their future are based on that. But also their members like to see a new face now and then and would love their naturist club to regain the vitality it had decades ago when there … Read more

Volunteering at naturist campground Athena

Volunteering at your naturist club

Years ago, after we had set our first careful steps into naturism and when we were browsing the internet for a new naked place to visit we stumbled upon a mention “federation membership required”. What was that supposed to mean? Until then, a naturist campground to us was just like a textile one where you could show up, pay and setup your tent. Now, apparently, we were in need of some membership card. It only … Read more

INF World Congress in Lisbon 2018

That time at the INF World Congress

More than often we have been aiming our arrows towards the INF-FNI (International Naturist Federation), we complained about their inability to modernise and worried about whether one day it will all fall apart. Most of all we wondered what they are actually doing for the naturists or naturism in general. Over the years we’ve sent them several e-mails to which we never received a response and so we just criticised them a little more. As … Read more

Can naturist resorts be successful while maintaining its values?

Can a naturist resort be successful while maintaining its values?

More than often when we visit a nudist resort we are asked for our opinion about how they can attract more young people, or at least more people our age. We always try to give them some tips, but unfortunately we don’t carry all the wisdom either. If that would be the case, we would start our own perfect resort and become millionaires. But clearly we haven’t gotten to that point… yet. One thing we’ve … Read more

Hangin’ with Mr. President: Hector Martinez

If you’re following our travels regularly, you already know that our “Naked Wanderings on the road” project often becomes a real rollercoaster. No matter how hard we try to build up a stable itinerary, we tend to wander into one surprise after another and plans keep changing because of the opportunities that are thrown at us. And we LOVE it.   One day we’re skinny dipping in a magnificent lagoon in Greece, a couple of … Read more

Full Frontal Nudity

Guys, here’s a nice experiment for your next Friday evening in the bar: Suddenly shove a picture of a full frontal nude picture of a woman under the eyes of the guy next to you. Well, you don’t actually have to try it, we all know what’s going to happen. Some will tell you about how they’ll go through the Kamasutra with her, some will pretend they didn’t see it and others will start giggling … Read more

Why we think naturist federations should change their strategies

We like to see ourselves as revolutionary nudists. We try to spread the idea that naturism is not just something for a bunch of grannies who stopped caring about their body image ages ago but that it can be fun for anyone, no matter age, colour, shape or religion. As long as you’re willing to look outside the old “naturist box”. In several of our previous blog posts we’ve blamed the naturist federations for maintaining that … Read more

6 Other Reasons to go on a Nude Holiday

The idea of being naked among others can be very scary, in fact, it’s the subject of many nightmares. Then why should you do that for something that should be relaxing, for something that should be fun, for those couple of weeks a year when you’re supposed to release all stress, for your holiday? We’ll tell you why!   As a reader of this blog, you already know about the joys of feeling the sun … Read more