The best websites to find naturist resorts and beaches

The Best Websites to Find Naturist Resorts and Nude Beaches

We are regularly asked for a complete overview of all the naturist places in a certain country or region, or even in the world. This is something that this website is indeed lacking. That’s not because we never thought about it, or because we are too lazy to create this, but rather because we don’t think this fits within the concept of Naked Wanderings. The core of our website is still a blog in which … Read more

The clothing policy at naturist resorts

The Clothing Policy at Naturist Resorts

We have recently been asked to do a short Q&A with a number of non-naturist content creators who were going to visit a naturist resort for the first time and report about their experience on their blogs, vlogs, and social media. As one of the reasons why we started this blog was to inform people about what’s really going on at a naturist resort, we happily said yes.   One of the questions that came … Read more

What do campsite stars mean in France

What do Campsite Stars mean in France?

This blog post has been made possible thanks to the sponsorship of France4Naturisme.   Over the years that we’ve been blogging about naturist destinations, some of you have asked us to put actual ratings in our blog posts. A scale from one to five or to ten. This would make it easier for you to pick out the best places in the world for your future naturist vacations. But the thing is, there’s never a … Read more

Naturist Camping with an Eye for Hygiene

Naturist Camping with an Eye for Hygiene

If you have been following our latest travels on our YouTube channel, you’ve seen us camping with a van in some purely magnificent places on the Canary Islands. We’ve been camping right on the beach every single night. When the people staying in their fancy expensive hotel rooms with ocean views looked outside their windows, the first thing they saw was… our camper.   Needless to say that camping comes with some unique perks. We … Read more

The things we often miss while glamping

The Things We Often Miss While Glamping

The summer in Europe has come to an end, many naturist campsites have either already closed their doors or will do so in the following weeks. Half a year ago, we didn’t dare to imagine how busy this summer would end up being. Then suddenly, the world started opening up again and we quickly started making plans to hit the road. Before we realized it, we had a busy itinerary ahead of us, one that … Read more

5 Tips for Planning Last Minute Naturist Vacations

5 Tips for Planning Last Minute Naturist Vacations

A couple of months ago, we were among the first tourists that were allowed to enter Italy again after the 3rd strong wave of the COVID pandemic. That was in early June, quite a popular travel period as the weather in Italy is not that hot yet as in the high season, but definitely already naturist-friendly. From our talks with the resort owners during the weeks that followed, we learned about the many cancelations.   … Read more

Why does the naturist get dressed for dinner?

Why Does the Naturist Get Dressed for Dinner?

During one of our first naturist camping experiences, we were invited for a communal dinner. This is pretty common at naturist resorts. Sometimes it’s a kind of potluck where everyone brings something, other times one of the guests or the staff cooks the meal and you just pay for it. In any case, it’s always a great opportunity to meet the other visitors of the resort and often a very social experience.   We didn’t … Read more

8 Fun Things That You can do at a Naturist Resort

8 Fun Things That You can do at a Naturist Resort

When we talk with people about being a naturist, we notice that a common misunderstanding is that naturism is pretty boring. We understand how they come to this conclusion. On the rare occasions that naturism is featured in the news or a mainstream documentary, you’re likely to see some naked people doing not much more than lazing around the pool, half asleep on the beach, or sitting together for a chat.   It’s also how … Read more

9 Tips for Planning a Naturist Vacation in 2021

9 Tips for Planning a Naturist Vacation in 2021

There was a time when we thought that COVID was so 2020. That with the beginning of the new year, the virus would magically disappear. Or at least that we would gain control over it, lock it in a little box and hide it in a dark dungeon. That the next time we’d hear about the virus would be in a couple of years in an Oliver Stone movie. But that didn’t happen.   For … Read more

The Different types of naturist accommodations

The Different Types of Naturist Accommodations

For a long time, naturism has invariably been connected to camping. It made perfect sense within the philosophy. Naturists wanted to spend most of their time outside, absorbing the sunshine and being as close as possible to nature. Personally, we love camping. For exactly those reasons. But along the way, we’ve learned that definitely not every naturist is interested in spending the weekends or holidays on a campsite. Or, let’s rephrase that, on “the idea … Read more