Nudism and Naturism around the World: The Americas

Nudism and Naturism around the World: The Americas

Our virtual tour around the nudist world continues. Previously in this “Nudism and Naturism around the World” blog post series, we talked about naturism in Europe and now we’re moving our naked butts across the Atlantic ocean. We’re going to check out where to find nudism in the Americas and who the American nudists really are.   American nudists, Mexican nudists, and Canadian naturists In the part about naturism in Europe, we already discussed a … Read more

Nudism in Brazil: A Complete Overview

Nudism in Brazil: A Complete Overview

Everybody seems to have an opinion about Brazil and it’s not always about football. When it comes to nudism in this enormous South American country, the ideas tend to differ a lot. On one side are those who believe that every step, every move, or every whatever the Brazilian makes has a sexual undertone. That it’s a country which just breathes sex and where non-sexual nudity could never happen. On the other hand are those … Read more

Naked In the Amazon

Naked In the Amazon

If this doesn’t sound like an amazing nudist bucket list item, we don’t know what does. The Amazon Rainforest speaks to the imagination of many. It’s called the lung of the earth and accounts for more than half of the world’s remaining rainforest. There are over 40 000 different plants and 2.5 million insect species (okay the latter might not sound that attractive to some but you have to admit that it’s an impressive number). … Read more

EcoParque da Mata and EcoVilla da Mata in Massarandupió, Brazil

Review: EcoParque da Mata in Massarandupió, Brazil

Naturism and nudism mean different things to different people. We’ve been through this subject maybe a hundred times before. It’s a lifestyle which attracts people for many different reasons which are all completely fine. Naturism does contain the word “nature” and is therefore the preferred term for whom the link between nudity and nature is important. If we look at it from that point of view, there will be few naturist places that deserve the … Read more

Review: Rincão Clube Naturista near Sao Paulo, Brazil

Review: Rincão Clube Naturista near Sao Paulo, Brazil

One of the big advantages of being full-time naturist travel bloggers is that we get the opportunity to visit some of the most famous nudist resorts in the world. Bare Oaks in Canada, CHM Monta in France, Hidden Beach in Mexico, or Oriental Village in Thailand, only to name a few. And all of that in little more than a year. But what we like equally as much (if not more) is when we can … Read more

Praia do Pinho nude beach and naturist camping near Florianopolis, Brazil

Review: Praia do Pinho near Florianopolis, Brazil

Praia do Pinho in Brazil’s Santa Catarina state at somewhat 80 kilometers north of Florianópolis is a huge milestone for naturism in Brazil. It’s often considered Brazil’s first naturist beach (although opinions tend to differ), where social nudity was practiced before it was even legal in the country. The first naturists were spotted at Praia do Pinho in the early eighties.   By 1986 a local naturist association AAPP (Friends of Praia do Pinho) was … Read more

Colina do Sol naturist and nudist resort near Porto Alegre in Brazil

Review: Colina Do Sol near Porto Alegre, Brazil

The opinions about whether or not naturism can flourish in Brazil tend to differ. One side claims that due to the fact that Brazilians are already known to wear as little as possible at the beach it should be easy for them to also leave those last square centimeters of fabric behind. The other side will tell you that it’s just those little patches that make the step so difficult. When you’re only cherishing little, … Read more

Naturist Hotel El Refugio at Playa Chihuahua beach near Punta del Este, Uruguay

Review: El Refugio at Playa Chihuahua, Uruguay

We had very little idea about what we were going to find in Uruguay. When we traveled extensively through South America about 6 years ago, we somehow had forgotten about this little country. Lonely Planet doesn’t mention many world-class highlights and at the time we just followed the main sights of Argentina, only to notice that we had skipped Uruguay when we were already enjoying the Brazilian coast.   This time we had some nude … Read more

Getting naked in Argentina: A guide for naturism and nudism in Argentina

Getting naked in Argentina

Buenos Aires may well be considered one of the most European cities outside of Europe. The Porteños (inhabitants of BA) lovingly call their city the Paris of South America. But there’s one thing which is still not that very European… The lack of naturist options. Things started out pretty well though when lots of German immigrants arrived in the 20th century some of them imported the naked lifestyle which was quite booming at the time … Read more

Yatan Rumi near Cordoba, Argentina

Review: Yatan Rumi near Cordoba, Argentina

Where can you find the largest naturist resort in the world? YES! You’re right! In Argentina. How did you know this? You didn’t, did you? No worries, we had no clue either until we started researching naturist places in Argentina and stumbled upon a 1200ha (this is not a typo) naturist resort called Yatan Rumi. Naturism in Argentina is not exactly a huge thing (yet), but still, they have the largest place in the world, … Read more