So what about nudism?

When we started considering ourselves naturists, we kinda wondered what the other terms actually meant. In the beginning, we thought nudism was actually a negative synonym for naturism. Like when you’re in favour of it, you call it naturism, if you’re against you call it nudism. Just like that. But then we noticed other terms: social nudity, nude recreation,… What about that?   We decided to do some research, which we would like to share … Read more

And then we took it one step further

This post is kind of a follow up on the previous one: It all started with a coupon If you want to know the whole story it’s better to read that one first. If you don’t feel like much reading, here’s a short summary: We went to a public nude sauna We were scared as hell We totally loved it We kept going back every year   At the time we didn’t consider ourselves naturists … Read more

It all started with a coupon

We love new experiences. That’s probably the main reason why we like to travel so much. We love the adrenaline of doing something we’ve never done before, to be lost in translation in far away countries, to have a cold shower at minus 25 in the Andes mountains, to discover that we’ve been eating cow stomagh while we thought it was some kind of vegetable, to jump in rivers, swim in oceans and sleep in … Read more

What’s this all about?

We have been wondering how to start this blog… Should there be an introduction or should we dive right in? On one hand, the last thing we wanted was some “Hello World” post saying “Hi! Welcome to our blog! We’re not sure where this going yet so We’re writing this lame message“. On the other hand, We think some explanation could be interesting. Just to give you an idea about what you will find here, why … Read more