Naked Wanderings does Europe (Again)

Today’s blog post will be slightly different than most others because our only purpose is to give you some great news about the future of Naked Wanderings.
Are you excited?
We certainly are!


So here goes: This summer we are going to…


Wait a minute, we need some drama here.
Because we can’t put any sound in our blog posts (well technically we could but it would be very annoying) we want you all to drum your fingers on something that makes sound, a table, your phone, your dog’s head, it doesn’t matter.


Okay, here goes again: This summer we are going to… (finger drum roll) Europe! Again!
Let’s tell all our friends!

Naked Wanderings does Europe: A nude trip around Europe's best naturist places

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Really? Is that the big news?

You’re not excited? You don’t think it was worth the energy in your fingers?
Maybe the cover image of this post already gave something away huh? Or the title? Or you’re subscribed to our newsletter and already got this info last week?
Or maybe the fact that during our “Naked Wanderings around the world” trip we have already passed by Europe twice could also have something to do with it?


We can totally understand.
So we’re happy to let you know that us going to hit the crown jewels of nude Europe (pun intended) is not the only thing we’re going to tell you here.
This part of our trip will be different than the others!

Naked Wanderings does Europe: A nude trip around Europe's best naturist places

Follow us live

More than ever we are going to aim for some kind of live presence. It bothers us that sometimes we get messages on our blog or social media with “Hey! We are at the same nude resort, where are you?”. While we are already some thousand kilometers further. Blog posts don’t write themselves and do take quite some time. And even Instagram pictures need to be scheduled so we don’t cause an overflow (and possibly get kicked out again). Therefor we are always a bit behind the actual adventures.


So we started looking for other options to give you more live data.
One new thing is that there will be a special page on Naked Wanderings with up to date info about our Euro-trip, with a map of places where we’re going, with our itinerary, with a calendar and who knows what else so you’ll always know exactly which great naturist place we’re currently enjoying.


We’re also going to post regular updates about any changes of plans or cool spots we found on our social media channels and you’ll get lots of instant updates in our Instagram story.


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Help us to get the best out of Europe

Another new thing we want to introduce are “reader tips”. We’re going to cover a lot of regions in Europe which we’ve never visited before and we’re looking for inside info about where the best nude beaches are, which awesome attractions we should not miss, where to get cheap wine, what’s the most scenic way from one naturist place to another, and so on.


We are going to ask you to send us all your best tips and then we’re going to explore them. Well, not maybe all of them, but now and then we’ll pick one out and report back on social media how we enjoyed it.

Naked Wanderings does Europe: A nude trip around Europe's best naturist places

So where are we going exactly?

Our itinerary is far from complete yet but here’s what we do already know:

✅ June: Borgo Corniola near Bologna, Italy
✅ June: Suncave Gardens near Rome, Italy
✅ June: Locanda di Terramare near Pisa, Italy
✅ June: Grottamiranda near Brindisi, Italy
✅ June: Sasso Corbo near Grosseto, Italy
✅ June: Le Clos Barrat in Nouvelle Aquitaine, France
✅ June: Therme d’Astor in Nouvelle Aquitaine, France
✅ July: Le Clapotis in Languedoc-Roussillon, France
✅ July: Le Sérignan in Languedoc-Roussillon, France
✅ July: Cap d’Agde in Languedoc-Roussillon, France
✅ July: La Sablière in Provence, France
✅ July: La Genèse in Provence, France
✅ July: Le Bélézy in Provence, France
✅ July: Le Vallon des Oiseaux in Provence, France
✅ July: La Fenouillère in Provence, France
✅ August: Camping Naturiste Verdon Provence in Provence, France
✅ August: Lavinia Naturist Resort near Alicante, Spain
✅ August: Vera Playa, Spain


More places will be added to the list soon!


Keep following us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when our special Europe-page will be online and follow us on our trip through the best naturist places of Europe.

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24 thoughts on “Naked Wanderings does Europe (Again)”

  1. You should come to Portugal!!! place of the best sun in Europe and some of the best naturist beaches around, try Praia da Ursa near Lisboa and Malhão in Alentejo 😉 my favorites
    To stay i recommend Quinta do Maral, i never been there but is a must-go, in Alentejo also but near Marvão.
    have fun 🙂

    • Yes, we do have our doubts…
      But how can we be the largest naturist travel blog in the world and not have a look around Cap d’Agde?

  2. Eager to hear your impressions of naturism in Italy. We’ve tried several places, including Locanda di Terramarre (which was our best experience for hospitality, but not so much for naturism and amenities – but the host Barbara is lovely!), but we’ve also had really bizarre experiences at the naturist camping near Turin (not on your list) and even more so at Pizzo Greco in the far south (also not on your list.) For the latter, we visited in September when they were in shut-down mode. The beach was absolutely stunning, but the bugs were overwhelming, and the place had a strange vibe overall. (“Hey!!! You’re getting near the restaurant! PUT ON YOUR CLOTHES!!!”)

    Italy has such a great climate for naturism! Just seems the options are quirky and few. Hey Italy! Go to the Sistine Chapel, look up, then get OVER the naked thing!

  3. Hey! I wish you a great trip guys! I recommend you to visit the camping El Templo del Sol (I’m not been paid or relationated in any way with them hahah). Between France and Alicante, in the south of Catalonia. Is a great camping, very very clean, charming stuff, an excelent choise for your trip.
    PD: If you can come to Lo Delta de l’Ebre, the southest place in Catalonia, you will enjoy of a lot of killometers of virgin nature, a very beautifull place with a lot of birds (flamingos for example), and a few but large naturist beaches (actually, you can strip off in every beach that you like). I totally recomment to, at least, take a look of what I’m talking about because we have a treasure here 🙂

    • Thanks a lot for the tip Sergi!
      We had already heard about Templo del Sol, but at the moment it’s a bit out of our way. Plans can change though 🙂

  4. You really should come to the UK. Visit Studland beach on a beautiful day to see the English nudies at play. And wander over to the other side of Studland Peninsula to the small beaches facing into Poole Harbour. They are beautiful, quiet and increasingly naked. If you have the nerve, just walk naked from one beach to the others. I’ve done so several times and raised few comments.

  5. You gotta get Euronat in there somewhere! Join me for tai chi on the beach as the sun warms your back and the Atlantic waves crash melodiously on the beach while the local equestrian centre takes a canter past. Friendliest people on the contin.

  6. Apologies, I’ve only newly discovered your blog – nice to see you met Tess, she’s an old friend. Very envious of your travels! Keep ‘em going. Kind regards.

  7. I’ve just realised this blog has more content than just a destination guide to Croatia, and the comments area is a place where questions can be asked (and answered).
    I can’t wait for July, when n&l go to Southwest France. i’m hoping to go there next year (within easy driving distance of Barcelona), so I’ll be asking questions closer to that time.
    I can’t wait for my first ever Newsletter, either, but I guess I’ll have to.


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