Dear Facebook, we thought we had friends

If you’ve ever tried to post nude photos on Facebook, you already know what we’re talking about. Social media censorship is a pain in the naked behind of all promotors of naturism because it became pretty much impossible to appear naked on Facebook. For us it’s not any different. Our hate-love relationship with Facebook is certainly not a secret… Well… love… Years ago we thought that Facebook was one of the best inventions after the wheel and wine but since we’ve started Naked Wanderings it has become more like a burden. More than once we asked ourselves if we shouldn’t just let it go. F*ck Facebook! But we can’t deny the fact that it’s still one of the world’s largest social media and although there are alternatives like MeWe, if we want to promote naturism to a large public we’ll have to keep using the medium. Whether we like it or not.


More than a year and a half ago we have written this open letter to Facebook to complain about the fact that we keep getting banned because we show humanity in its most natural form. Today, like a hundred of bans later, we have an other issue we feel that we need to discuss.
Time for another letter.


Dear Facebook,


New Cambium intext 3
Hi! It’s us again, Nick and Lins.
You probably may not remember us, we’ve sent you a message some time ago to complain about the fact that you clearly prefer male nipples over female ones and after months in your jail you have convinced us that butt cracks are also not something you really appreciate. A pity really, because we think that they are awesome, but okay, tastes and colours tend to differ and we’re not going to complain about that anymore. If we want to keep you as a friend we clearly have to follow your ideas, whether we like it or not.


And we can’t deny that you have been a source of many new friends. On our “Nick and Lins” account we currently have more than 4 000 of them from the most remote parts of the world. We can only thank you for that. Some have been an amazing source of information, some have told us about naturist places we had never heard about before, many of them keep supporting our cause (which you certainly don’t agree with but that’s okay, we have real life friends who don’t agree with it either) and some of them feel like we have a very intimate relationship…


Several of those new friends you’ve got us in touch with seem to find it a great idea to send us a picture of their penis. A little bit weird, don’t you think? Especially on a medium where even half of a butt seems to be a big no-no. And we don’t know how to respond to this, do you know? In the end they are your members… Are they afraid to have some kind of disease and do they want the professional opinion of a couple who have seen plenty of penises? Are they uncertain about their little friend and want us to tell them that it’s long/thick/well shaped enough? It can’t actually be that they want us to be impressed or shocked right? We are naturists… it’s not like we haven’t seen every possible kind…


You probably sensed some irony in previous paragraph and if you haven’t, please read it again. Apparently a part of the new friends you’ve brought us are just sad guys looking for a different response than our standard “okay, that’s a penis, we’ve seen fifty of those before breakfast”. We find it curious that while we are not allowed to show the world that the nude body is nothing to be ashamed of, you keep directing new “friends” towards us who don’t do anything else than sending us “dick pics”. For whatever reason.


Maestra Banner
So here’s our shoutout to you. You clearly have a huge team looking after what’s being posted online because whenever only a part of a nipple appears in one of our photos it doesn’t take more than a couple of hours to get us banned for another 30 days. It can’t be that hard to distinguish the rotten apples… We actually have friends who were a woman yesterday, are a man today and will probably be completely different woman tomorrow. We all know that sex reassignments are not working that fast (yet) and that face jobs certainly don’t.


Honestly, the number of penises we see when we wake up and turn on our phones in the morning doesn’t bother us anymore. It makes us sad to see that there are so many people in this world who have the wrong idea about sex and certain body parts but all we have to do is block them. It takes about five minutes of our time which we could otherwise spend naked in some swimming pool, but so be it. That became part of our job.
What does bother us is that your minimum age is 13. If a naturist thirteen year old kid receives these images they’re somehow shown to put focus on certain body parts while they have learned that their whole body, no matter how it looks, is special and unique. And we don’t want to think about what the non-naturist kid thinks when they receive such an image.
Stuff to think about…


Yours (we don’t want to say “truly” anymore)
Nick & Lins



Picture disclaimer: This is probably our first blog post without pictures… But what could we do? Put some dick pics between the text? We don’t think so!

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11 thoughts on “Dear Facebook, we thought we had friends”

  1. I’m currently serving 30 days in Facebook Jail for saying something non-PC a few months ago. Facebook is very bad and getting worse. I’ve moved mostly to me-we instead. Most of my friends are still on FB though.

  2. Wow that was pretty good haha.
    But NL, Twitter Insta is also 13+ ,yet on twitter theres tons of porn ..its totaly the oposite of FB ,but its funny to me that no1 is being bothered by that? Hence, their rules even say that twitter is not intended for children, so any1 under the age of 13 is not allowed to have an acc ,so to them 13 is not a child anymore? but at same time they verify a 11yo for ex. ? .. confused as hell.. this is why i dont like the “well u have ur version i have mine” thing.. i mean its either this way or that way.
    Anyhow, i wrote about it b4, its sounds so hypocrite to me that that free the nipple page IS on Insta, and they have to censore the boobs, but they are still on there and even verified??
    I dunno who is more a hypocrite there, Instagram or that free the nipple page…
    Anyhow, i dunno why dont u use that Russian VKontakte? Its somewhere between FB and Twitter ,i think u would do good there and wouldnt be baned, unless… of course, like 90% of the Western ppl , u dont wanna have anything do to with it cause its Russian?
    As far as bans go .. dont worry , even Twitter will ban u if u call a “sex worker” a slut or a whore .. but nevermind all the freak BDSM free porn on it for all the 13yo “adults” to see ..

    • Teniu molta raó el tema xarxes socials el nudisme està molt mal vist hi també la gent compara nudisme en sexe i això és un error jo Facebook en van bloquejar 24 hores per mostrar una foto que ensenyava el cul apa salut i nuesa !!!

  3. Mooie en eerlijke samenvatting Nick & Lins,

    Zelf ben ik voor de 2de maal mijn 30 dagen (blokt) aan het uitzweten want informatie ivm naaktyogasessie en een blote kont zijn onverantwoorde publicaties dat weten we nu wel 🙂

    Dat FB mij blokkeerde gedurende deze periode maakt dat ik geen enkele actie kan uitvoerden op hun mediums ( FBpagina, Messenger) en hierdoor mijn sociale contacten zwaar worden verstoord, wetende dat veel communicatie via Messenger verloopt.

    Het maakt me verdrietig, bang, boos en strijdvaardiger met een grote bezorgdheid na het inperken van mijn vrije meningsuiting, sociale contacten, verdelen van (eerlijke) informatie, FB beslist hierdoor wat de wereld te zien krijgt en wat niet, kortweg CENSUUR!! FB is mijn inziens geen neutraal informatieplatform meer en daar moeten meer mensen zich van bewust worden (idd andere platformen,….).

    (Knipoog) Toen ik de woorden van Guy Verhofstadt (Guy VERHOFSTADT; Fractie Alliantie van Liberalen en Democraten voor Europa) hoorde of FB mee verantwoordelijk wilde zijn voor de afbraak aan een democratie (aanleiding bezoek M.S. Europees parlement), dacht ik … manman wat zeg je nu…… inmiddels weten wel beter!!

    Ook aan ons om nu en in de toekomst minderheden (atheïsme, kust, politiek, ideeën, naturisme, holebi’s, volkeren, enz… ) en informatie vrijheid te beschermen.

    • Ooit werd het internet aanzien als DE manier van vrije meningsuiting. Gedaan met de propaganda van de traditionele media! Nu gaan we eens echt horen hoe de vork aan de steel zit!
      Helaas was ook dit een utopie, enfin, toch als je niet perfect weet waar je moet gaan zoeken.

  4. Hello Nick and Lins
    Great, but in fact also sad article. It is still such a pity that there so many people (mainly man) who are convinced that a person’s personality is in their (so called) private parts. Once in a while if the time is right, and a guy is focusing only on these parts of a woman, I ask “so, your woman/girlfriend has chosen you, because of the size/shape of you penis”. Mostly they do not know how to respond. They start giggling at least. Still a thought however on the blocking. My way of thinking: “If you have them blocked, you were shocked” (I am even a bit proud of myself, coming up with this one-liner). Is it not the case that, because of the blocking, the sender seemed to be able to push you both towards a response and therewith a success for them. Even although this success is very small of course. My question: “is it not better to not respond?”. Perhaps, in case of no response, they start asking themselves what was the use of sending in case the other does not seems to bother. In the meanwhile enjoying the articles you both write and fully supporting the promoting of naturism and acceptance of the full body as is. A the moment enjoying an incredible warm October morning. Naked of course.

    • You’re completely right Harrie. Ignoring them is probably a better way than blocking because it doesn’t send any message. But we hope that if an account gets blocked by multiple users, maybe somewhere in the great Facebook dungeon a red light will start flickering and they might have a better look at what’s happening. But maybe that’s just wishful thinking…

  5. You are very well on the social networks issue, nudism is very badly seen, and people also compare nudity to sex, and this is a mistake. Facebook blocked them 24 hours to show a picture that showed their health and nakedness.


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