The Ultimate Nudist’s Bucket List

The time of new year’s resolutions is already behind us, resolutions we’ve managed to fail to achieve within the first week. Well, that’s how it goes every year.
Time to get back to what really matters: Getting naked!
If you check out other people’s  bucket lists (one Google search will give you about 28 million examples) it’s quite striking how many have added “visiting a nude beach” to their list. If everyone decides to do this in 2017, we urgently need more nude beaches!
It looks like people are not looking at nudism with aversion anymore, but rather with curiosity and excitement. It’s something of which they hope to one day have the guts to give it a try.
For us, nudists, a visit to the nude beach is not a real thrill anymore. That’s why we’ve built our own bucket list. An ultimate bucket list for the nudist!


1. Take a nude yoga class

Naked yoga is slowly becoming a favourite hobby for nudists, but also non-nudists seem to see the advantages. With not a single fiber restricting you, you feel free and focused on your body.
At the moment there are already quite a few yoga schools giving nude yoga classes. An example is Bold & Naked, the first one in New York.
If you can’t find a school in your neighbourhood, you could follow online classes from your own living room.


 The Ultimate Nudist's Bucket List

2. Go to a nude shopping event

Once in a while a clothing store gets the luminous idea to organise a nudie event, mostly because of the free publicity they get in return. The idea is that people arrive naked and leave clothed, receiving a nice discount on the clothes they were able to put on within a certain amount of time.
These events don’t occur very often, so be on the outlook!


3. Be in a Spencer Tunick photo

The name doesn’t immediately ring a bell? Spencer is that guy who photographs huge groups of naked people in public areas. Still nothing? Then please read all about him in our nudist’s movie list.
Spencer doesn’t work with paid models but instead he always tries to get a group together via the internet and social media. Everyone can participate.
You can now sign up for Spencer Tunick’s new project: Naked Pavement.


4. Be a nude model for a drawing class

Of course you don’t have to wait for an invitation from Spencer to become a subject in naked art. Why not get a naked photoshoot of yourself? Maybe with your partner or family.
Or why not become the subject of a painting? Many art classes are looking for nude models for their painting and drawing classes. If you’re lucky, someone might even make a statue of you. How cool is that?


5. Organise a group skinny dip

Yes, you read it correctly: organise.
We know that there are already quite some organised skinny dips. North East Skinny Dip and The Great British Skinny Dip to name two. But think about this: The world record Largest Skinny Dip is 786 participants. 786! We can beat that! Why not go for the gold?


New Cambium intext 3
 The Ultimate Nudist's Bucket List

6. Go to a World Naked Bike Ride

Certainly one of the coolest nude events on Earth. Literally, as you can join a naked bike ride in almost 150 cities all over the world.
What originally started as a protest ride against air pollution and for safety for cyclists has turned into a huge worldwide event. Still as a protest for the same reasons, but also promoting body-positivity, equality and public nudity.
All further information can be found on the WNBR website.


7. Play some nude golf

We were not actually planning to include any sports in this list. Nude swimming or table tennis is for many of us rather a weekly activity than a life goal.
But some sports seemed worth mentioning anyway. Golf for example. The clubs that allow golf in the buff are quite scarce at the moment, mostly they’re nudist resorts with an own golf course like La Jenny in France or Wai-Natur in New Zealand


8. Rough it up with nude rugby

If you like it a bit more rough, naked rugby might be something for you. Honestly we doubt that the flexibility you gain by being naked outweighs the risk of getting punched in all the wrong places, but if you want to give it a shot, please let us know how it went.
Some photos of the New Zealand Nude Rugby Team can be found HERE.


 The Ultimate Nudist's Bucket List

9. Run a nude 5k (or 10k or more k)

Nude running is gaining a lot of popularity among nudists. It’s a sport that can be practiced in any area (nude camp, nude beach,…), it’s for every age and the only thing you might need are shoes.
It gained so much popularity that several nudist organisations and resorts started to organise nude races. The most popular series of races in the USA is The Nude Run 5K, but many places have their own race.


10. Surf some waves in the nude

The internet told us that surfing is a sport that was meant to be practiced nude. There is some confusion about whether the first waves were ridden in Hawaii or Indonesia but on one thing all websites agree: There was no need for board shorts!
Many surfers still cherish their nudie past, so much that there’s even a Nude Surf Day.
In Hawaii on the deserted beaches you may still encounter a nude surfer, but at the moment the most nude surfing is done in Australia, where even nude surfing events are organized.


 The Ultimate Nudist's Bucket List

11. Nude diving

If you prefer to be below the water surface, this is a perfect solution.
Both diving and nudism give a huge sense of freedom… Imagine the two combined…
One important side note here is that the purpose of the diving suit is not uniquely to hide your privates. It’s also a protection against sun, rocks and mordacious animals. Just saying.
HedoDiver in Jamaica organises nude diving trips.


12. Nude beach olympics

Now that we’re talking about sports anyway, why not include them all?
Many nudist resorts organise yearly nude games in honour of the ancient Olympic Games where the participants were also naked.
A great example of these games was the Nude Olympics in Rio, organised only a couple of weeks after the “real Olympics”


13. Experience a nude sauna like the Finns

Saunas can be found everywhere these days, some people even have one at home. So why bother putting this on our bucket list?
Well, we’re talking about sauna the hard way, the rock ‘n roll way, the Finnish way.
You’ll be sweating like an animal in a small wood stove sauna in the woods of Finland. Outside temperature is about -20°C and there’s more than half a meter snow. When your time is up, you run out of the sauna and make a snow angel. Or you jump into a freshly dug hole with ice water. That’s sauna.


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 The Ultimate Nudist's Bucket List

14. Go on a nude cruise

Finally there is a way to combine the comfort of traveling by cruise ship with the comfort of nudism. The nude cruise. Spend your days on the deck of a huge ship, having the occasional swim or margarita, completely naked. The only reason why you put on some clothes is for dinner or for an afternoon visit at Cartagena city.
Most nude cruises are available in the Caribbean and around French Polynesia. A famous organiser of nude cruises is Bare Necessities.


15. Get naked at Burning Man

Burning Man is a very famous festival in the desert of Nevada, USA. The main principle is a gift economy. Nothing is for sale, you share what you have. Another pillar on which this festival exists is self-expression. Be who you really are, no hiding, no shame. Therefor (and probably also because of the heat in the desert) many visitors chose to spend their time at the festival naked.


16. Roskilde Naked Run

In Europe there’s also a festival where nudity is allowed, at least for an hour: Roskilde in Denmark. It’s one of the most famous rock festivals in Europe, but what differentiates it from the rest is that they also organise a naked run. What started as a joke contest from local radio (the winning boy and girl receive a ticket for next year’s festival) has grown into an event with hundreds of participants. The organisers already had to organise qualifier events.


 The Ultimate Nudist's Bucket List

17. Have some top class naked dining

There has been a lot of fuss lately about the opening of the Bunyadi, the first nudie restaurant in London. But people seem to forget that this is not something new. Naked dining already existed in The Amrita in Tokyo and pop-up nudie restaurants have been spotted in Melbourne and New York.


18. Visit the naturist village Cap d’Agde

Visiting a nudist resort has been checked on this list a long time ago. But Cap d’Agde in France is something different. It’s the mother of all nudist resorts. It’s a nudist village.
The history of Cap d’Agde is mostly based on rumours and legends. Are there really 40 000 visitors in the resort at peak season? Can you really buy anything without having clothes on? And what about the public sex stories?
There’s only one way to find out.


19. Spend a long time in the nude

The problem with this one is the definition of “long”. What is long?
You can fill in whatever you think would be an accomplishment. 24 hours, a week, a month, forever?
In our case we would like to aim for a month. How great must it be to not having to wear any clothes for a whole month?


 The Ultimate Nudist's Bucket List

20. Jump naked from a plane

This takes the term “feeling the wind over your body” to a whole other level. How crazy must it be to jump naked out of an airplane, only carrying a backpack with your parachute. What an adrenaline rush must that be…
Although naked skydiving is still far from becoming the norm, there’s already an organisation called The Society for the Advancement of Naked Skydiving.


21. Become art at the World Bodypainting Festival

Many nudists have shown interest in bodypainting, and it’s beautiful. Instead of wearing clothes and expressing something capitalist and anonymous, you’re wearing art, which you saw being created on your body and which can’t be bought.
What’s a better way to get familiar with bodypainting than a real festival, right?
The Bodypainting Festival of 2017 will be this Summer in Austria.


22. Have/Join a nude wedding

How would we tell our family?
“Mom and Dad, about our wedding… don’t worry about the clothes”
But who knows, maybe one day on some deserted island where clothing really is the most abnormal choice. In any case, nude weddings are becoming more and more popular, they even have a WiKi page.

Tip: You could also convince a friend into having a nude wedding. This way you get all the fun and stay out of the spotlights…


Picture credit: The photos in this post are coming from Google and Twitter. If you find one of yourself and you don’t want it to be on our blog, let us know and we’ll remove it.

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17 thoughts on “The Ultimate Nudist’s Bucket List”

  1. We hope you get to experience these. We’ve done a number of them and now have a few more ideas, thanks.

    The WNBR events are great fun, especially in major cities where being nude at well-known tourist spots just had to be done by us, you can’t be nude there normally so we couldn’t pass up on the chance to be our nudist selves at them.

    Not sure about the nude rugby though, we’ve played nude football, volleyball and tennis and enjoyed them all the nudist way. We’ve never been on a cruise but are curious about the nude cruises. We love being with lots of other nudists so maybe we’ll try one sometime. We’re not big fans of Cap d’Agde but do like being able to stay naked for a couple of weeks at a time, we’d like to be able to afford a months stay at a nudist place too, two weeks continuous nudity is the most we’ve managed, getting dressed at the end doesn’t feel good so be warned in case you manage a whole month of nudity. On one visit to Cap d’Agde in July there were several tens of thousands there, to be with so many other nudists is a fantastic experience, wish it was possible in more places. You can just avoid any places where activities you might not want to be part of may occur and do other things like go to the bank nude, just because you can.

    We’ve never done the Finnish sauna thing, but sometimes have felt very comfortable nude outside on cold days after time in a sauna or steam room, so maybe we’ll take that one from your list. We’ve been to many festivals but never spent much time nude at them, Burning Man does appeal for that reason to us too.

  2. Cap d’Agde was a wonderful destination. We were there in the 90’s. But things have changed and it is definitely not a naturist experience anymore. Here’s a documentary that explains it better than I can: (starting about 27 minutes into it)

    For the large city-like naturist resort experience (complete with nude grocery stores and restaurants) there are other options like the CHM Montalivet.

  3. I wanne spend more in the naturism. Organize or attend on nude events. I have a lot of ideas i’m really excited about all that what I wanne have to do.
    Because my journey begins and the journey is the finish.

  4. hi dear, i have trip this summer to spain and crotia me and my wife , so can give me the best nudist beach in this 2 country. thx to reply


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