The Nudist’s Movie List

With winter kicking in quite hard, especially for us living in the northern hemisphere, the time has come to move our towels from the beach to the couch.
So why not dive into the wonderful world of nudist movies?
Before you get too comfortable, please know this: The list with the best nudist movies about nudist colonies, nude resorts, and the nudist family lifestyle is not huge. Actually, we could only find a handful of true nudist movies with nudism as a main topic and one or two more that have nudists in it.
Luckily we can also add some good documentaries to the list. Let’s check it out.


Act Naturally

This is probably the only movie about naturism that has made the big screen. The story is simple: Two half-sisters who don’t know each other get a message that their dad has passed away and that they have to come to someplace to receive their heritage. This heritage seems to be… A nudist camp. At first, the two women are really reserved, but then things happen and well… We’re not going to spoil the movie for you.


In our opinion it’s quite a good movie, it’s a comedy, maybe a bit brainless but ideally for a lazy Sunday afternoon. It gives quite a representative idea of what a nudist camp looks like and who nudists are. It gives some extra attention to the special bond between nudists, which we quite enjoyed.


There is a sequel coming up called “Act Super Naturally”, which should have been out quite some time ago but the production faced many problems. The latest news is that it’s finally finished and went into screening now.
We’re looking forward to seeing it.
By the way, the movie Act Naturally was filmed at the Olive Dell Ranch in California


Barefoot to the Neck

Original title:  Barfuß bis zum Hals

A German movie about a big domain, which contained a nudist camp, that was sold. The buyer and his daughter seemed to be quite a prude so when they decided to give their newly bought camp a visit, the camp board decided to hide the fact that they are nudists and act as if they’re a textile campground. Which of course results in several awkward situations and misunderstandings.


Actually we liked this movie more than the previous one. It’s also a quite easy comedy, but it sends a lot of messages to its viewers. There’s a lot of attention to the family life in and out of the camp, there’s a teen struggling with his nudist lifestyle (well mostly with one of his parents) because the kids at school make fun of him, a common topic in many nudist families. Then there’s much attention to how nudists stick together and also to how nudists enjoy their free life and don’t like to follow rules that go against their lifestyle.


La fonte des neiges

A French short movie. Even though we’re not such big fans of short movies, this one was quite alright. It’s about a woman and her teen-ish son who go to a nudist camp (notice that all movies seem to be about nudist camps… no beaches, no resorts but camps. Which spreads the idea that nudism is still strictly practiced in colonies…). The boy isn’t into nudism at all, but he gets to know a girl about his age who tears down his wall brick by brick.


The most beautiful thing about this short movie is the way the boy falls in love with the girl and how it has nothing sexual at all. In these times when nudism is becoming more and more accepted but nudism with kids is often still a taboo, this movie can be quite an eye-opener. It shows that nudist kids are not little perverts but genuinely follow their feelings with no focus on the body.


Naked States and Naked World

These two documentaries are a must-see for everyone!
Both are about the photographer Spencer Tunick. In Naked States he’s followed during a project to shoot a nude photo in every state of the USA and in Naked World he sees things bigger and wants to shoot one in all seven continents (yes, you read it correctly: 7. Including Antarctica).


Even if photography doesn’t interest you at all, you’ll probably enjoy these documentaries. They are  10% about Spencer, 10% about taking the photo, and 80% about the people he meets along the way, who may or may not participate, and the reasons for their choice.
It gives a very interesting view on the opinion of people these days about public nudity. We found it stunning how for example the French, whose country is very much known for the many nude beaches and resorts were still quite hesitant (we would even say prude) when it came to being photographed in the buff. And on the other hand, there were the Russians who appeared to be very open and welcoming even though public nudity is forbidden by law in their country.
Even in the US, we saw big differences between the different states.
It’s very interesting how different people see the same thing as very sexual or not sexual at all or how one thinks the photos are pure art and others consider them pure porn.
Anyway, very much recommended!


Maestra Banner

My Daughter The Teenage Nudist

If you’re interested in how the young nudist experiences nudism, you got to see this! Actually, it should be mandatory for every member of a board of a nudist/naturist organization to watch this documentary.
In the documentary several groups between the age of, let’s say 16 and 30 are followed on their way into public nudity. It gives an excellent insight into the mind of nudist teens (although they don’t seem to like the name) and brings up the problems they have with established naturist groups.
When we started this blog, we considered ourselves the only “young” nudists in town, but soon we noticed that others were not as reluctant as we thought they were. They just didn’t like naturism as it’s generally known. And that’s exactly what this documentary is about.
If we want to secure the future of nudism, we (and especially the established naturist organizations) will have to set sails to a different direction, one more attractive to a younger crowd.


And then there’s more

No, that’s not the title of a movie, we just want to say that there are other movies worth mentioning.
The Blue Lagoon for example, for which we created a separate blog post, gives some good insights into the perception of nudity.


Then there’s Atomised, where the two main characters are ditched by their mom because she wanted to join a nudist colony. Well “nudist colony”… The colony in this movie is everything that nudism is not about and contains all the misconceptions. It’s nothing more than a free love/free sex commune. If you want your friends to get an idea of what nudism is all about, don’t show them this movie!


Wanderlust is a Hollywood comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd who get lost in the woods and end up in a hippy commune which also has one nudist. Again, very stereotypical about nudism and free love.


Dawn Gets Naked is a series freely available on Youtube where the show hosts try to convince people to go naked and examine the different pros and cons. Body acceptance comes a lot in the picture here. It’s quite superficial but nevertheless it’s fun to watch.


And the last one we’d like to mention is The Workshop, a documentary about guru Paul Lowe who’s giving mental healing workshops and uses nudity to make the participants more open and accessible. But he uses sex and orgies too so the question is what this actually says about nudity itself…

Have you seen any good nudie movies? Feel free to share!

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79 thoughts on “The Nudist’s Movie List”

  1. There also the “nudesploitation” movies from the 1960s. These were various movies set in nudist environments just so the producers could show some skin. However, some of them give a nice view of nudism back in those days, and the film codes of the days kept them from getting raunchy. Some titles that are available as free downloads at various places on the web are:

    “Nude on the Moon”
    “Diary of a Nudist”
    “Hideout in the Sun”
    “The Naked Venus”
    “Nudist Land”

  2. “The Garden of Eden”, 1954, young woman (30s) with a six-year-old daughter, ends up getting a flat, gets picked up by a man who it turns out is a member of a nudist “colony” (resort). She has to adapt to her surroundings while her daughter and the man she met attempts to convince her about non-sexual nudism. With full-frontal nudity of children, adult men and women, it even had court cases against it for “obscenity” but the Court of Appeal decided it was neither indecent or obscene.

    “The Nudist Story / For Members Only” Young woman inherits a “Sun Club” and decides to sell it; members ask her to reconsider and the movie focuses on her experiences and her transition into the world of social nudism.

    • “Forgiving the Franklins” is a charming indie production about a family of prudish evangelical Christians who are in a car accident and have a near-death experience. Afterward, 3/4 of them are nudist (and other things that are shocking to their neighbors) and they have to fight to defend their new worldview.

  3. Confetti
    A satire on reality shows where the winner gets a free wedding. One of the couples is nude the entire time, as are their guests.
    Very tongue in cheek

  4. “Educating Julie,” in which she does a college research project on nudism and is gradually persuaded to join them…which causes her boyfriend some anguish.

    Rather dated and British, but I enjoyed it.

    Available online.

  5. There is a nice Australian comedy, “Maslin Beach”, with several stories that happen in that nude beach. Maybe not the best film in history, but it has a few funny moments, and I like the natural and positive image of nudism.

    “El nudista” is a Spanish short film where we can see through the eyes of a child the relationship between nudism and freedom.

    Also “Summer Lovers”. Not really focused on nudism, it is the story of a young American couple on holidays in a Greek island where they visit some nude beaches. Difficult for them at the beginnig, then sunbathing naked becomes normal.

  6. Thanks to you both as well as other contributors for some new nudist films and documentaries to us. We’ll try to watch a few over the next weeks holiday period. As you say its good to catch up with nudist films during the colder weather, we’re too busy being nude outside here and visiting other nude places when its warm enough to do so.

    Another British TV nudist documentary from a while back is Let’s Go Naked, its about a group of UK nudists, a trainee teacher and friends as they travel to Cap D’Agde. –

    There were a number of UK nudist films made in the 60’s and 70’s mainly that sort of showed the slightly glamourised side of nudism, i.e. showcasing attractive naked females as the lead characters, they’re quite fun to look back on today.
    I’ll look for some links to share here soon.

  7. There’s this other french one, kind of a drama, Les Textiles, about a family that suddenly find themselves in a Nudist island for vacations, note that it touch nudism also from the “adult-oriented” side, to call it somehow.

  8. Wonderful post, watched the movies and appreciated the comments. This is a very good contribution to everything naturism

  9. I saw “Act Naturally,” and was a bit disappointed. Perhaps it was an homage to the nudist exploitation films, but their phallophobia, especially when one character carefully folded his laptop into a loincloth, while getting out of his chair, thereby avoiding the “pickle” hazard. This would have been a good opportunity to normalize genetalia, rather than draw attention to them by ostentatiously hiding them.

    • Yes, you have to remember that it’s a Hollywood movie, so they apply certain prudish rules to make sure that the main public isn’t shocked too much… It’s a pity, but at least they present a good image of nudists to the people.

      • We have to distinguish between “Hollywood” and independent films. Yes, “Act Naturally” got mainstream distribution but it wasn’t a big studio film. It didn’t make “the big screen” outside of film festivals.

        Naturist filmmaking depends on indie filmmakers like J.P Riley, and unless more filmmakers get support from the naturist community, we will be saddled with garbage like “Wanderlust.”

        Why is it that after being in existence sine 1927, modern audiences are shocked that children attend our events? Or that there are African American and Asian American nudists? Or that young adult nudists exist. Don’t blame Hollywood. We all have to take responsibility.

        • Very good point!
          And what we’d like to add: According to “unofficial statistics”, about 5-10% of the world is nudist. Which would technically mean that about at least one in twenty movies should involve a nudist environment…
          Just sayin’

          • mmmm…

            That argument would make that no movie on aliens should exist.

            25% of the movies should happen among Chinese or Indian people

            US -centered films should not be nor 5% of the total

  10. Although not necessary considered a nudist movie, check out ‘Nude Trails – Redwood Forest with Madison Page by Scenic Workouts’. Not going to say the name of the site but it starts with a A but after searching the title, if you look toward the bottom there is a section entitled ‘Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought’ and it will list over 80 or so more ‘nude’ DVD’s.

  11. Good list, some I knew, others I don’t.
    Similar to “La fonte des neiges” is a film called “The Spy Who Caught A Cold” about a young girl and her mum going to a camp by a beach. It was shown on UK tv many years ago as part of a nudity season on Channel 4.

  12. I once saw a movie (I think its french) about a couple who rent a place and find out it was with some young nudist … did someone know the title ? Thank you!

  13. I made a film called “Micky’s Summer Resort.” It’s pretty decent considering we didn’t shoot in a real nudist resort, but recreated one pretty well.

    An earlier effort called, “American Nudist” is not worth getting but includes clips of my naturist films. I was pressured to doing an arthouse film.

    Look for it very soon.

  14. My film “Micky’s Summer Resort” is about a teenage boy with superpowers, hired to work at the fictional Willow Tree Naturist Resort. It just won a Semi-Finalist Title at CineFest next year, and there may be more to come.

    Don’t bother with the film I acted in, “American Nudist.” I was forced to do it, and the director didn’t care about the subject matter. I will post news about my film as I get it.

  15. Good list, of which I have seen several of them.
    I would like add another one to your list called “Goldie locks and the 3 bares”.
    It’s about a blond actress who disappears each weekend to the disparate of a male singer who likes her . So he try to find out where she hides each weekend.
    The story is set in USA during the 50’s is very well done. IMHO

    • I just looked it up. I guess even a nudie cutie can have redeeming qualities but keep in mind around this time, the first African American couple was admitted to an established nudist resort after much debate. No one was telling their story.

  16. I can’t suggest any other films as the ones already listed pretty much covers the list of naturist films.

    That said, however, I wish mainstream movies and TV shows would depict nudity in a casual manner as if the characters were wearing clothes. Any of these things could be done without the use of clothes —

    talking to others
    lounging around
    watching TV
    etc., etc., etc.

    Why don’t films and TV shows depict things like that? Why is it nudity is usually hidden or implied…or, when it is shown, depicted as comical, sexual, or degrading? Nudity is our natural state and should be depicted as such.

    I appreciate the very few films that show it the right way, but the keywords are “very few”. If it was more widespread and more casual, it might become more accepted on a larger scale and no longer be so taboo.

    Food for thought.

  17. there is also another French movie called ” LES TEXTILES” (can be found via IMBD) as well as there is one episode of the French series “Fais pas çi, fais ça” where the family members land in a naturist centre beyond their own control ! Finally, check the polish movie “GOLASY”,showing daily life in aoffice, with the only difference that all (non-professional) actors are nude !!

  18. There’s a Brazilian film called LUZ DEL FUEGO – a biopic of Dora Vivacqua AKA Luz del Fuego, one of the pioneers of Brazilian naturism.

    She was a burlesque dancer back in the forties and fifties with many progressive viewpoints for that time. At some point she started living in a small island called Ilha do Sol (Sun Island) where nudity was allowed.
    Unfortunately the film gets some things wrong about her life (specially her death) but anyways it is interesting. Another selling point is that it does not shy away from featuring nudity (male and female).

    Full link (without subtitles):

  19. Stranger by the Lake (L’inconnu du lac)
    A 2013 French drama-thriller film, not really a naturist film but it takes place in a nudist beach used for gay cruising.

    Steam of Life (Miesten vuoro)
    This is a Finnish documentary film about saunas. It was selected as the Finnish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 83rd Academy Awards, but it didn’t make the final shortlist. Finnish men in sauna, speaking straight from the heart.

  20. There is an Aussie film, “Walkabout”. Girl and a boy end up in the outback under tragic conditions. They are rescued by a native boy on his walkabout. Lots of nudity as the native boy is from a culture where it doesn’t matter and the lost girl and boy begin not to care either. The deeper story is about racism and failure to communicate but it is pretty obvious clothes stop mattering at some point.

  21. I don’t believe anyone has mentioned the 1987 major studio release “”Castaway”, starring Oliver Reed and Amanda Donohue. It’s rated 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. A woman replies to a man’s ad to live on a deserted island together. Upon arriving on the island, they immediately (and sensibily) ditch their clothes, and remain nude from then on.

  22. I also recommend an European film called “Suntan”, which is available on iTunes. Although it is not a nudist film as such, there is a lot of incidental nudity on the beaches in it. It is the story of a middle aged menopausal doctor from Croatia landing a job as a doctor at a holiday village. He meets a young lady called Anna who comes to him for treatment on her leg after an accident, and he falls head over heels in love with her and she introduces him to her other friends in her age group. I won’t spoil the rest of the film for you, but it becomes quite harrowing and shows the consequences of what lusting after people rather than loving them and letting the sex follow can do.

  23. NT&T (Naturist Tour and Travel Africa) says as our slogan states, Feel Nature – Stay Nude.
    With daily sunny days, our winter is fast moving back and summer is rolling in, we can start take off the clothes and ‘stay nude’.
    Nude Regards from NT&T.

  24. I would recommend “Summer Lovers” a movie from the 1980’s . Not necessarily a naturist film but filmed in Greece in some nice naturist beaches. The film is more about a threesome of young people that fall in love, but there’s quite a few beautiful scenes in the beach. As far as other films where naturism and nudity are explored Sirens With Elle McPherson, Hugh Grant, and Sam Neil.

  25. Here’s an interesting anime, “Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan”
    Another good anime is, “Kill la Kill
    Both are Japanese animation that deal with nudist themes. Just do a Google search.

  26. “The Durrells in Korfu” is a BBC series that was shown on Masterpiece Theater. Henry Miller, the famous author, is with the Durrels as a nudist for a few episodes.

  27. Hi, I am trying to find the french documentary reporting on naturist resorts in France. The documentary offers a historical perspective, talks to naturists and has plenty of focus on Cap d’adge near the end.
    i cannot seem to remember the name but I do know it is probably the most comprehensive reporting of the naturist movement in France I have ever seen.


    • the documentary you are looking for , is called “A la recherche du paradis perdu” – it can be found via the imbd channel – I do not know if it can be downloaded via youtube,but can be ordered via Amazon.

  28. You can add the Dutch spoken “de Patrick”. About loss and grief. The main character lost his father. A deep story, with the lost hammer as a metaphor. In a nudist colony. A movie, not about nudism, but a sad drama, in a naturist setting.

  29. What about the Dutch spoken Belgian film “de Patrick”. About loss and grief. Drama. Not an easy film. The setting is a naturist campsite. No mockery, parody or anything of that sort. The main character lost his father. With top rated Belgian actors…

    • A shame we never met, Amanda. I, too, live in Wallasey but never had the nerve to sunbathe naked -much as I wanted too – although I did so topless a few times. I was 18 years old in 1979 – perhaps if we’d had a “girls together” discussion I would have been encouraged, and we could have lay in the sun “au naturelle” with each other. If feel as though I’ve missed a genuine opportunity.

      • which I had never heard of before. But it always irks me that naturist movies seem to feature young nubile women. A kind of male fantasy, not really naturist.

        • Well, we could say that that’s the movie business. In most mainstream movies, the featured women are often also not the “girl next door”.
          An interesting exception is the Belgian naturist movie “De Patrick”. Not only is the cast very varied in age and shape, but the main character is one of Belgium’s most popular actors and had to gain 20 kilograms for the role.

  30. O’ Marbella! A movie centered around a nudist vacation spot in Spain and the various people that come. Some meet new people. Some, quite unexpectedly, their boss. Even goat tossing — well, no, the goat’s OK and never got tossed. You just have to see the movie. Light hearted mostly a comedy but some a more serious, too. They do push the false image to the edge but never quite go over it. The worst thing is it is hard to find to stream. I’ve seen it to buy but if anyone can find a legit streaming site I’d like to know.


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