When public nudity is not an option

We can consider ourselves very lucky living in a place where nudist facilities are quite common. But even here, there are still many people who can not enjoy public nudity because of shame or fear for the reaction of their partner, family or friends.
Others were born in a country where public nudity is forbidden by law or religion.
Can they also be naturists?
Of course they can!


WiKi gives quite a good definition of naturism, especially this piece:
“Naturism may take a number of forms. It may be practiced individually, within a family, socially or in public. Additionally, there is also militant naturism, including campaigning and extreme naturism is sometimes considered a separate category”


A general idea about naturists is that they are a bunch of people who spend their time together naked around a swimming pool. But naturism is so much more than that. It’s about the love of being naked, the feeling of freedom, the positive effect on your body awareness and the connection to nature and to yourself in the most primitive form.
And the best news is: It can be perfectly practiced alone.


Naked days
For many “closet naturists”, this is the only option and sometimes it feels like quite a hustle. They get home from work, take off their clothes, put them back on after an hour to go to the shop, take them back off again, then the door bell rings…
A great tip we can give you to plan naked days. This means that you pick a date where you don’t have any plans yet and reserve the whole day. Then you spend the whole day naked. From the moment you wake up until the moment you go back to bed. Naked. No shopping, no visitors, the whole day for yourself. You will see it feels amazing, it’s a nudist holiday at your own house.


During these naked days you can do whatever you want, but you could try to some things you’ve never done naked before. Ever cleaned the house naked? How about naked yoga? Some naked reading, naked gaming, naked dish washing, naked sunbathing in the garden (if that’s a possibility). Many many options.
But be careful with cooking though! Some things may spatter, which you don’t feel when clothed, but naked… oh boy.


New Cambium intext 1
Another tip: these naked days are also great to do the work you less enjoy. Because you’ll be focused a lot on your nakedness and your body, so you’ll think less about the work you’re doing.


If public nudity is forbidden in your country, you could opt for a “nakation”, which means a naked vacation. In many areas, but especially in the USA and Western Europe, there are lots of possibilities for a clothing optional holiday and from what we hear, Asia is catching up.
For more info about where public nudity is accepted please read our post about Cultural differences.


Some think that their only option for a nakation is a “nudist camp”. And with that term they think about what they saw in those alternative documentaries from the 80s. A bunch of hippies building a camp in the woods, without electricity or wifi, bathing in the river and dancing naked around the fire in the evening.
Could they be any more wrong?
Today the options for a nakation are huge, here are some examples:


Nudist campground: These are popular all over Europe and come in all different sizes. Ranging from the small campground with place for 5 campers and 10 tents to the mega campgrounds who host thousands of visitors and have a huge range of on site facilities (shops, swimming pools, restaurants, you name it).


Nudist B&B: Quite upcoming in Europe these days. It’s exactly the same like a “regular” B&B, except to the fact that you can be naked around the house. They often have facilities like a swimming pool or a sunny garden to enjoy your nudity better.


Nudist resort: Very popular in the USA and in several countries in Europe like France and Spain. You come to these places to really spend your whole holiday in the nude. Even though the resorts also differ in size, most of them have enough facilities to keep you busy all day.


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Meet your neighbour
Living in a place where nudism is not allowed or very much frowned upon, it can be very hard to meet likeminded people. You can’t really put a sign on your door saying “I’m a nudist, who wants to be my naked friend?”.


Luckily there’s the internet. There are several online communities where you can get in touch with other nudists in your area. Others who’re probably also aching as much as you do to spend some naked time together.
A couple of such websites are: truenudists.com , naktiv.net and Naturistcommunity.com


Virtual public nudity
Talking about the internet, many people seem to enjoy naked webcamming with each other via chat sites or Skype. Some will be positive about this, others are quite negative… We stay in the middle. It’s a totally different way of meeting people and we do imagine that it can get really awkward when you don’t feel a connection, don’t have anything to say anymore or have different expectations than the other.


A couple of precautions are also in place here. Some people will contact you with the wrong intentions. Some could be swingers hoping that you’re a swinger too (these people are generally nice and understanding when you say you’re not a swinger) but others could try to engage you into sexual activities. Unfortunately the nudist chatrooms are often a playground for perverts.
A golden rule here: If it doesn’t feel right, tell the other party. If they don’t listen, close your cam.


Another thing that should be considered is that webcams can be recorded. We’re not saying that anyone will record you, just that it’s possible. So the same rule here, if it doesn’t feel right, quit it.


How do you experience private nudism?


Picture credit: The photos in this post are coming from Google and Twitter. If you find one of yourself and you don’t want it to be on our blog, let us know and we’ll remove it.

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12 thoughts on “When public nudity is not an option”

  1. I’m one of those who firstly do not have a supporting wife to engage in social events. At least I’m allowed to enjoy my time at home in the nude. And if it will ever be allowed to have a nakation I’m looking at almost 700 mile drive to the closest resort. There are no official clothing optional beaches yet, hopefully we will hear later on this year the official status of Mpenjati Beach, which will become South Africa’s first Clothing Optional Beach.

  2. Fortunately in Kansas nudity is legal and there are some exemptions. They are by city ordinances. Yet there is a phobia about male nudity. Maybe we push the envelope, too much. It appears female nudity is more acceptable . It may just be a voyeur males making the rules and females who have a phobia.

  3. I’ve experienced both ends of the spectrum on this one. I’ve lived where outdoor nudity was impossible to where it is quite permissible. The key is, make the most of what you’ve got. I very much like the idea of “naked days”. I like to plan naked time, taking the day off on a nice weather day to enjoy time nude, even if it’s just at home.

    When I’ve lived in less nude permissive environments, I’ve looked for naturist opportunities when on vacation/holiday. Perhaps a nude hike, finding a safe spot for some nude sunning, etc…

    It’s all about making the most of the situation you find yourself in.

  4. Public nudity is legal under 43 state statutes in the US according to an impromptu investigation I did in 2015. In some states, such as Maine, Maryland and New York, state law preempts municipal ordinances that are more stringent against public nudity.

    In five states, the law is ambiguous (these states are Alaska, New Mexico, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Missouri).

    Public nudity is banned outright in only two states: Indiana and Utah. In portions of some states, there are ordinances that not only outlaw nudity, but also outlaw breastfeeding and attire that is deemed indecent (such as bikinis in Orem, Utah).

    • It depends on how you define public nudity, Jovan. While exposure of the breasts is technically or even expressly legal in many states, exposure of the genitals usually is not.

  5. I live naked, normal. For me its no question. In holland my neighbour knew. In Greece i lived naked in the place i rented. Everybody knew. For decency i dressed when they entered the property. On remote beaches i was nude. When people came and yelled i had to dressed, i yelled back that they could undress or leave. Simple. Now i live in portugal. Beaches to be nude are all around , even at the lakes. I live nude completly now. My wife sometimes. If our grandchild comes she does not even wonder. The children, do not care. Neighbour? Curious but they dont come so often. Its just how you do it yourself. Behave natural….. internet, its all fake. I went on a page, nudism, and then a few complain about me (man) bring frontal nude, while they put likes at every female spreading…fakers. i love my life

  6. While it might be legal to be naked in public, it’s down to the person ‘reporting’ and then ‘interpretation’ by the police should the worst happen. Everyone needs to be reminded that it is legal and healthy by actively taking part, that’s right step outside naked into the wild and help clear up the many misunderstandings people *still* have!

    • That’s often the gray zone. You’re allowed to be nude, but you’re not allowed to offend anyone. But it’s impossible to define “offensive”.
      We often advise people in countries where public nudity is not against the law (UK, Spain, Portugal,…) to not get naked in crowded places but instead stick to rather secluded spots.

  7. The main picture is from Greece, but it is not a common sight. Fortunately we have some many islands and beaches that we can enjoy nudism all year round without such problems 😉

  8. I had a naked weekend last year and it was awesome 30+ hours naked. At home.

    I have had naked days or time at home naked wish I could have more time.


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