How To Have the Best Nude Vacation Ever

The world counts more than 1000 different nudist vacation places. FKK campings, naturist B&B’s, nudist hotels, nude all-in resorts, bungalows, country houses, you name it. Never before has the choice for a nude vacation been so large as it is today. Hooray!
This is also the reason why we get so many messages from our readers asking for the perfect nudist place. Like “hey, what’s the best nudist place you’ve ever been to?”. Which happens to be a very difficult question to answer. We can tell you about our favorite nudist resorts, but that’s not a reference that you will like them equally as much.


Of course, we’ve been around in the nude world and we’ve tried out many different types of places in many different countries. We’ve also talked a lot with other nudists and learned about what they like or dislike at a place. Instead of telling you where in the world we prefer to get naked, we’ll give you some tips to find the perfect nude vacation spot for yourself.

Where do you want to go for your nude vacation?

Now don’t give us the obvious answer “to a place where I can be naked”. We already got the hint because you’re reading this blog post. But you must have a certain region in mind, don’t you? If you’re living in the UK and don’t want to spend more than 4 hours on an airplane, you can already cross out Thailand and Brazil. But hey, you’ll still be able to reach the large majority of the world’s nudist resorts!


Europe is the continent with the most naturist options, especially western Europe. If that’s your preferred destination, you’ll have to read the other paragraphs as well in order to make a better choice. On the other hand, if you’re planning to visit Asia for example, it’s not that hard to choose. With less than 10 naturist resorts in Thailand, one more in Bali and another one in the Philippines you could already start reading specific reviews or checking out their individual websites.
But you might also read a bit more of this post, there are some other good tips coming up.

Where do you want to sleep during your nude vacation?

As we mentioned in the introduction, the times when the only options for naturists were to bring their own tent to someplace deep in the woods where there’s no hot water, no electricity, and (oh the horror!) no wifi is long gone. In many countries the options for nude vacations are large. So this is really something to consider: What kind of accommodation do I want?


New Cambium intext 1
Let’s say you picked southern California as your preferred destination. If you want a cozy B&B with lots of privacy, Arroyo del Sol might be the perfect place for you. The same friendly and cozy atmosphere but with more facilities and more other nudists to socialize with can be found at The Terra Cotta. For those who want to focus on relaxing in a spa, there’s Living Waters. A nude vacation resort experience can be found at Desert Sun. Camping in the Woods? Lupin Lodge. Camping in the desert? The Olive Dell. In such a rather small region like southern California, there’s a variety of places that can fulfill the needs of every nude traveler. But you have to know what you’re looking for.

What do you want to do during your nude vacation?

Another oh so important question: What’s the purpose of your naked holiday? If it’s just to be naked, you can skip these paragraphs. Then you’ll fit in at every nude resort. But many people expect more from their nude vacation than just being nude. And they should! Because also here, there are many options.
Let’s fly to the south of France, the Nouvelle Aquitaine region to be specific, to check out what the nude vacation world has to offer you.


Okay, this region might not be completely representative because they have many more options than most other places in the world, but they work perfectly as an example.
Let’s say you’re an active person. You love to wake up at 6 in the morning for your run, then you like to be at the bakery around 8, play some tennis in the morning and take a surf class in the afternoon. In the late afternoon, a decent massage is a must to relax those muscles before heading for dinner. And most of all, you want to do all of this without having to wear any clothes. No problem at all (see, that’s why we picked Nouvelle Aquitaine). There are several resorts to choose from where you can do just that. Euronat and CHM Montalivet are the most known.
Yes, but a massage is not enough, you want a whole spa treatment and a hot tub and a steam room and the whole shabam. No problem, go to Arnaoutchot.
Yes, but your husband likes to play nude golf while you’re in the spa… No problem, go to La Jenny.


What if you don’t like all that commotion but you just want peace and quietness? Pick Le Colombier. But you want great views and be in an excellent wine region? Domaine Laborde. You don’t want to feel guilty for taking that long flight and do something back for nature? Creuse Nature is completely eco friendly.
We can go on and on like this but we guess you get the point. The options are there, make sure to keep them in mind.

Liberalists, swingers, lifestylers, what’s all that?

Basically those are all terms for people who prefer to enhance their sex lives by including others. In itself, it’s not a problem for us at all. Everyone does in their room what they want. Except that some of them are hiding behind the names “naturism” or “nudism” and that some don’t really keep it in their room either.
Many nudists may disagree with this, but we think it’s an advantage for us (the genuine nudists) that swinging gets more and more accepted. While they used to do their thing in naturist places they now often have their own spots. Although they sometimes keep using the terms naturism or nudism because they also allow public nudity.


Maestra Banner
The difficulty is to get used to the naming. While in Europe the term “swinger” is pretty common, in France this is often referred to as “naturisme liberal”. In the USA, people use the term “lifestyle” (we had no idea, you should have seen the look on people’s faces when we talked about our “naturist lifestyle”). In Brazil it’s also “liberal”, in Mexico these places are called “sensual resorts” and there are probably many other names which we are also not aware of.
If swapping partners is your thing, these are the places you want to look out for. If it isn’t, these are the places you want to avoid. Well, that’s not 100% true. We tried it out once (such a resort, not the swapping thing) and found that it was a nice place for genuine nudists as well. But we can’t vouch for every liberal/swinger/lifestyle/sensual/… resort of course.

Nude or clothing optional?

One last thing you might want to consider is whether you’re going for a “nude obligatory” resort or rather a “clothing optional” one. Both have their advantages.
If you have a partner or friends you like to travel with but who are not nudists, a clothing-optional place might be the perfect spot for you. You can be naked while the other(s) can remain clothed. Also if you or your partner or friends are new to nudism, at a clothing-optional resort you can remain clothed until you/they decide that the time is right to drop that underwear.
You may read negative things about clothing optional places, that they attract voyeurs for example, but that’s mostly on beaches. At private clothing-optional resorts this is much less common.


While “nude obligatory” does sound a bit harsh, it’s not really like that. The thing is that you will be expected to be nude most of the time. In other words, at moments when you might otherwise wear a bathing suit, you should be naked instead. If it gets colder in the evening it’s perfectly normal to put some clothes on. If you’re planning to pitch your tent right next to ours and you have to bend over a lot while we’re having lunch, please keep your pants on too.
Just kidding of course but it’s certainly normal to remain clothed until you’re completely installed.


One last thing we’d like to mention about clothing-optional places is that it might feel awkward to be naked while others are clothed. We also needed some time to adjust to that. When you’re nude, clothes somehow disturb a certain balance. If you’re not confident about this, also pick a place where clothes are not done.

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10 thoughts on “How To Have the Best Nude Vacation Ever”

  1. Always great to read your posts. You’ve demonstrated the existence of many types of naturists. Actually, there are as many types of naturists as there are types of textiles. It’s just a matter of taste, of what people like and dislike. In the end, planning a nudist holiday is like planning any other holidays: do some research, talk to people who’ve been there (reddit, naktiv, …) and come to a conclusion. Keep up the great naturist evangelism!

    • Exactly. The times when a “nudist colony” was the only option is way behind us. More and more naturists are requiring the same facilities as textiles and the gaps in the market are being filled.

      • But … haha..
        I dunno, i think i asked this once b4 ,but i either didnt get a reply or i forgot what any1 said about it..

        And thats the being different ..”thing” .. so will it feel so special if it would be an everyday normal thing everywhere?
        Like, i think u know what i mean .. u know, when something is different,not common,forbidden, it has a certan something to it that makes it just a lil more special?
        Tbh i find it way more cooler to have place like Cap lets say ,where u have that trailer camp house park and stuff around, it looks special, different, it gives a person a drive ..dunno, thats the way i am with things whatever they may be.

        • We don’t doubt that some naturists enjoy the fact that they’re doing something different/forbidden. But we would say that the majority doesn’t think like that.
          Honestly, we barely go to textile beaches anymore. Even though we’re in Brazil now, which is known to have the most wonderful beaches in the world… We just can’t appreciate them that much if we can’t be naked. So we would love it if all beaches became nude beaches.

          When it comes to facilities and different accommodations, there’s not much that can beat Cap. Then again, they have to cater for about 40 000 visitors per day in high season. But many other places have different kinds of accommodations as well. Or some are really specific for a certain range of visitors (like the expensive ones we visited in Mexico).
          We know you follow our blog and have already seen that we’ve been to many very different places 🙂

          • I don’t think it’s the forbidden nature that heightens my enjoyment, but it’s certainly the infrequent opportunity that does. When I’ve been going to work, having to wear work clothes all week, the spending my weekend shopping or doing the other typical things around town, when the opportunity arises to be naked I think I enjoy it all the more because I haven’t had the chance in a while and I probably won’t have the chance again for a while so I make the most of it when I can. If it was a more every day occurrence I think that heightened sense of enjoyment would diminish, but would be more that adequately made up for in terms of duration. So while the equisite height might be diminished I’d still rather I was able to go nude much more often in more places and circumstances.

          • Stephen says:
            March 31, 2019 at 2:20 pm
            I don’t think it’s the forbidden nature that heightens my enjoyment, but it’s certainly the infrequent opportunity that does.

            O well, this is maybe the best way to describe what i wanted to say.
            Basicly, if it becomes an everyday thing, it wont be special.
            Does any1 feel special or whatever cause they have to dress up and go to school or shop work..? i doubt it. Thats the point i was refering to.
            But again , u said ud love if all beaches were nude ones .. yet even u guys say that u dont feel most times confy when non nudes are around a place/beach/camp where u…
            As far as Cap goes, i kinda ment the whole complex and stuff .. it has that kinda retro look, and i totaly love that,makes it stand out ,its not fancy ,nor its trash, i like it.
            Id for sure go there if id ever get the chance .. not sure id be nude id be kicked out pretty fast i guess lol.
            Also seen some clips , i like that wooded caravan and mobile home park ,i love simplicity and ordinary, that place reminded me alots of some places here where i live, like the look and feel of it, not the nude thing.

          • We don’t think we’ve ever said that we feel uncomfortable most of the times when there are non nudes around… We may have said that many nudists do, but for us it makes little difference.
            We’ve been promoting clothing optional a lot on Naked Wanderings because we do see a lot of advantages of the mix of nude/clothed. Now and then we notice a disadvantage (like when most people are clothed and the nudists are pushed away to a corner) but most of the time we’ve seen it works great.

          • I dunno, i my self think that all beaches CO is not a good thing, cause ull always have nudies that dont want textiles around and ull have always textiles that dont want naked ppl around.

          • That’s certainly true. But how about this: Let’s make 15% of all beaches nude only and another 15% clothed only. And the other 70% clothing optional.
            Give it about 20 years and most of the textiles will be used to seeing nude people and most of the nude people will be used to have textiles around. And then we can switch to 100% clothing optional 😉

          • That would be called indoctrination.
            Ppl often love to use that word when then wanna describe something bad, at same time they do it for something “good” only if that is good to them.
            Look at it anyway u wish, but that idea would be for sure indoctrination.
            And if that is not a bad thing ,then why does the word have a negative context?
            Another human hypocrisy when a sertan therm is used based on the feeling/wish of one/majority wanting to describe something in a negative way but at same time ppl will do other things, also indoctrination, but will refer to it as a good positive thing.

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