Naturism in Thailand – The Ultimate Guide 2019

During the last decade Thailand has gained the status of one of the most visited countries in the world. Tourists from all over the globe are choosing this Southeast Asian country for their holidays and relax on its stunning white sand beaches, visit its magnificent temples and sample its tasty food. Also the naked travelers have found their way to the several naturist resorts in Thailand thanks to the popular Thai Naturist Federation. This is one of the few places where you can still be comfortably naked at a pretty low price and be pretty sure that you’ll go home with a nice equal tan.




IMPORTANT! This is the 2019 guide.
Find the updated version for 2020 here!

Naturism in Thailand - The Ultimate Guide 2020


Best time to visit

Thailand has a hot and tropical climate so you’ll be pleased to be able to take off your clothes during your visit. The dry months from November to February are particularly cooler in the evenings while from June to August you’ll probably be spending most of your time in a pool.


The rain seasons from April to June and September to October give you the chance to see a much greener Thailand and often it doesn’t rain more than a couple of heavy showers a day. The weather does vary on either sides of the peninsula, so often it’s enough to move from the Gulf to the Andaman coast or vice versa to escape a bad forecast.
Peak season is from November to March with December and January as the busiest months.

Naturism in Thailand - The Ultimate Guide 2019

Where to go


The most vibrant city of Asia has a big love it or hate it kind of feel. For first time visitors to Southeast Asia Bangkok is often the first plunge and can be pretty overwhelming. Take some time to absorb the city, or better, let Bangkok absorb you and chances are much higher that you’ll start to appreciate the place. Make sure to explore the Chatuchak Market, have some drinks at Khao San road, visit some of the magnificent temples and go on a bicycle tour.
Fun activities in Bangkok:


Naturism in Thailand - Barefeet Naturist ResortBarefeet Naturist Resort
Located on the outskirts of this bustling city you can find a small oasis to relax in the nude. The resort has the style of a B&B, the rooms are basic but decent and have TV, air conditioning and a fan. Two outdoor swimming pools, a hot tub, massage service and a bar/restaurant make the image complete. Free wifi is available. Day visits are allowed as well.
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This southern peninsula is high on the list of many visitors to Thailand. From backpackers to honeymooners to party people, they all flock together in Phuket. Think of stunning white beaches, trendy bars and restaurants, amazing nightlife and a huge range of adventure activities. Boat trips to the surrounding islands of which one is actually called “James Bond island” will have you return with those wonderful pictures you see in travel magazines about Thailand. Several reefs in the Andaman sea especially near the Similan islands also attract divers and snorklers from around the world.
Fun activities in Phuket:


Peace Blue Naiharn Naturist Resort PhuketPeace Blue Naiharn Naturist Resort

Patty and Golf have earned their credits in the naturist business by successfully running the Lemon Tree Resort and now time had come to start their very own one: Peace Blue Naiharn which has opened in November 2018. Spacious rooms with flat screen cable TV, a microwave and a fridge. There’s a large outdoor swimming pool, free wifi and the nearest beach is only a 10 minute drive away.
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Lemon Tree Naturist PhuketLemon Tree Naturist Phuket

Lemon Tree Naturist Phuket is a well known name in the Asian naturist scene and received brand new management in 2019. They provide several types of pool view rooms with wifi, IPTV and private bathroom. Top of the bill is their Private Pool villa in typical Thai style which comes with a private garden and swimming pool. If the villa is not rented out it’s also possible to rent the rooms of the villa separately.
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Oriental Beach Village PhuketOriental Beach Village

Brand new since 2019 is the Oriental Beach Village in Ko Kho Khao, Thailand’s first and only naturist beach resort. The resort provides several luxurious types of accommodations, a large pool, a spa, sauna and restaurant. All rooms come with free wifi and cable TV.
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Over the years Pattaya has become a bit infamous because of its nightlife. It’s often called the “hottest” place in Thailand and that name has little to do with its climate. But the city has much more to offer: get indulged in the local spirituality in one of the temples, taste authentic Thai delicacies, go shopping in one of the many malls, explore the floating markets or watch the sunset on one of the wonderful white beaches surrounding the city. Several waterparks will get you soaked in the most spectacular ways and in the evening a traditional Thai foot massage will get you back on your feet again.
Fun activities in Pattaya:


Naturism in Thailand - Chan ResortChan Resort
Officially the first naturist resort in the country and still a well known name among the naked travelers to Thailand. Chan Resort is right in the city center, has 11 rooms in different price categories depending on the view, a large swimming pool and a good restaurant. The perfect place to relax between two party nights.
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Naturism in Thailand - Phuan Naturist VillagePhuan Naturist Village
Just outside of Pattaya town is this spacious naturist resort run by three Thai sisters. Accommodations come in the form of bungalows, rooms or villas, all with cable TV and private bathroom. Free wifi is available on the property and the swimming pool is the largest naturist pool in the country. Perfect for couples and families.
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Naturism in Thailand - Baan Souy Gay ResortBaan Souy Gay Resort
Exotic apartments and suites right between the beach and the city with Walking Street and Gay Boyz Town only minutes away. A large swimming pool and an overall nice atmosphere. Note that this is a gay only resort and that only the rooftop sundeck is clothing optional.


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TIP: Every last Sunday of the month the Naturist Association Thailand organises a day trip to an island near Pattaya where nudity is possible on the beach. Contact the federation for more details and prices.



Way off the Thai tourist trail is this sleepy province overflown with temples, palaces and authentic teak teal houses. The locals in this area tend to be more friendly than in the more touristy places and friendly smiles and waving kids are everywhere. The Wat Mahathat temple is one of the top sights but Wat Ko, Wat Yai Suwannaram and Wat Yai are certainly well worth your visit as well. Make sure to have a day trip to the Khao Luang cave, one of Thailand’s most impressive cave shrines.


Naturism in Thailand - NF CampNF Camp
Currently the only clothing optional accommodation in Thailand which is right on the beach. It’s something between a campground and a resort with basic wooden cabins to spend your nights in. The cabins do come with flatscreen TV and free wifi. Breakfast is available.


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Chiang Mai

This ancient walled city in northern Thailand will offer you insights in the authentic Thai life. This area is completely different than the rest of Thailand. More relaxed, magnificent highland nature and lots of adventure activities ranging from rafting to jungle trekking.
Top places to visit are the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep temple, the night markets, the Bai Orchid and Butterfly farm and watching an authentic Muay Thai fight.
TIP: We know that a selfie with you feeding an elephant or petting a tiger is pretty cool, but keep in mind that these animals have often been tortured and mistreated so they could become a tourist trap. Same thing for the Burmese long neck ladies by the way.
Fun activities in Chiang Mai:


Naturism in Thailand - The Oriental VillageThe Oriental Village
A couple of kilometers outside of Chiang Mai lays what might well be the most beautiful naturist resort in the country. Large bungalows and the silence of the country side will make sure that you’ll have an amazing night’s rest. The Oriental Village has a great restaurant, a swimming pool, a fitnes area, a ping pong table and a petanque court lots wooden pagodas to relax and watch the sunset.
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Naturism in Thailand - The Ultimate Guide 2019


Every year the Naturist Association Thailand organises a 3 day gathering which attracts naturists and naturist leaders from Europe, the USA, several Asian countries, Australia and New Zealand. This is the largest naturist gathering in Asia and this year will already be the 8th edition.


NATCON is not the typical naturist conference, with a combination of workshops, activities and time to socialise this event can be enjoyed by both those who want to learn more about naturism and help in its organisation as those who are just looking for a fun weekend away with lots of like minded naturists from all over the world.
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Where to eat

Thailand is a paradise for food lovers and you can be sure that the fresh green papaya salads and the spicy coconut milk curries will be a serious attack on your taste buds. A positive one though!
In every major Thai city there’s an abundance of street food to be found and unlike in the neighboring countries it’s actually pretty safe here. Bowls of hot noodles and stir fried rice dishes are some of the examples of what you will find right next door at a ridiculously low price.


The atmosphere at the street stalls is something to experience but we do understand if you prefer to have a decent seat and relax while you’re exploring the local delicacies. Check out one of the shophouse restaurants and treat yourself to a Thai curry or a tom yum goong.
For the real Thai taste we believe that these shophouses are your best bet, but if you really want to go fancy you’ll certainly find (especially in Bangkok) a number of high class restaurants which will make you believe that you’re in Paris rather than in Thailand.

Naturism in Thailand - The Ultimate Guide 2019

Getting there and around

Most visitors will fly into the country and arrive in either Bangkok, Phuket or Chiang Mai.
Bangkok has two major airports of which Suvarnabhumi Airport is the one with the most international flights. After arrival you can either take the Airport Rail Link (45THB) and afterwards connect to the Skytrain to get downtown. If you’re staying at Barefeet you’ll want to take a taxi from the airport (about 300 THB).
When you’re arriving at Don Mueang you also want to take the taxi towards Barefeet (also about 200 THB).


Phuket has its own international airport which connects to destinations all over the world. Travelers who only want to spend their time in Thailand in this region will often opt to fly directly into Phuket. The airport is at the very north of the peninsula. Whether you’re going to Peach Naiharm or any other place in southern Phuket, expect to pay 800 – 1000 THB for the ride. Another option would be to take the bus to Phuket town and take a taxi from there, but the drivers are notorious for ripping off tourists and you’re very likely to pay the same as if you came directly from the airport. And it saves you a lot of hustle.
Make sure to have the directions to your hotel or preferably even the address in Thai. You can often find these instructions on the hotel’s website.


Chiang Mai has also many international flights connecting the northern capital directly with the world – no need to transit in Bangkok. To go downtown, a taxi with a meter will cost about 100-120 Baht, but there is an additional airport service charge of 50 Baht. If you go to Oriental Village, we recommend using their pick up service from either the Chiang Mai Airport or the train station. Airport transfer costs 700THB (up to 3 persons).


After arrival it’s easy to rent a car to get from one place to another. Except in the larger cities the trafic is often pretty decent. Do keep in mind though that the Thai drive on the left side of the road. Most travelers prefer to move around either via the bus system or via domestic flights.
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Naturism in Thailand - The Ultimate Guide 2019

Visa regulations

Visitors from the EU, the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia among certain other countries can travel visa free into the country for a maximum of 30 days. The requirement is that your passport is at least valid for another 6 months and that you have an empty page left.
Visitors from India, Taiwan, China and several others can apply for a visa on arrival directly at the airport which is valid for 60 days.
Our advice is to check the visa policy of Thailand before entering the country.



Stay safe

Thailand has recently been gaining a lot of medical tourists because most medicines are available in all major cities and islands and antibiotics, birth control pills and pain killers are available without prescription.
The biggest health risk for the average visitor to Thailand is probably traveller’s diarrhea and food poisoning. Two diseases you’ll just have to sit through, just make sure to drink a lot of water. There is a risk of Dengue Fever, especially in the cities, so do wear mosquito repellent especially around sunset. The risk for malaria is that low that it’s really not worth to face the side effects of anti-malaria pills. The best tip: in case you feel a fever or you have diarrhea for several days, make sure to consult a doctor.


Although Thailand is a pretty safe country in every sense, we do advise you to get a travel insurance just in case. World Nomads is a popular choice among travelers, enter your information below to get a FREE quote!



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Naturism in Thailand: The Ultimate Guide 2019


Sex tourism

Thailand is infamous for its sex tourism and you’ll find lots of it in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Do know that there’s very little regulation and that because of the corruption many unforunate women are being exploited. The sight of an old foreign man with a teenage Asian girl on his side can be a moral conflict for many. You may want to do something but reporting these cases will probably end up with the girl being in much more trouble than the pedophile foreigner.
Try to be part of the solution and avoid bars where women are hired for sex because many will only receive a fraction (if anything at all) of what’s being turned in this multi-million dollar industry.


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